Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

22nd Jan 2019

There are loads of gifts you can give your valentine when valentine’s day comes around. In fact, you can take the easy route and go to your local drug store or department store and get a box of chocolates or some balloons, flowers or stuffed animals and many people will be happy with that, certainly, as the gift came from you. However, if you want to go that extra step and get your valentine something that is actually unique and out of the ordinary from gifts that you usually get at a typical store, then read on to find out some of the best and most unique valentine’s day gift ideas around.

Personalized Bracelets

Bracelets are a great gift for any time of the year, but especially for valentine’s day. Bracelets are great since you don’t have to worry about sizing, most bracelets are adjustable or one size fits all. There are also many styles of bracelets to choose from and in many materials. If your budget is small, go for cute bracelets made of beads, textile or silicone. Or go for something fancier like stainless steel, sterling silver or something gold plated.

Bracelets can always be made unique as they have plenty of room for personalization, often on the outside and/or inside of the bracelet. You can even personalize a leather bracelet by braiding it yourself. If you want to know the steps for braiding a leather bracelet, then you can follow your blog. It's a great, unique, and cheap Valentine's Day gift idea for anyone.

Personalized Necklaces

A necklace is a great gift for valentine’s day, as it is a classically romantic gift. Yet, like bracelets, you don’t need to worry about getting the size just right as they are typically one size fits all. Similar to bracelets, there are thousands of styles of necklaces to choose from and they can all be engraved or customized in some way to make them unique.

Personalized Barware

As a couple, do you enjoy drinking? Or maybe your man has a great love for beer? Or maybe you have a home bar where you serve hard liquor to guests? Regardless, for anyone who enjoys drinking, there are many unique gift ideas available that can also be great to give on valentine’s day. Consider a personalized shot glass with their name engraved on the side. Or for the beer lover, get them their own personalized beer mug with their name beautifully engraved on the side. Another very unique gift idea for valentine’s day is a flask. A flask is simply a container which is flat in shape but is meant to hold hard liquors like bourbon, scotch and vodka. A flask makes these drinks portable. Flasks are available in many styles and they can be engraved on the side or case with their name. Many flasks come with accessories like a small set of shot glasses so they can share their liquor with friends. Flasks aren’t just gifts for men either, there are flask styles that are perfect for ladies, including with a feminine theme or with a cute pink case.

Personalized Wine Accessories

If you love wine as a couple, wine tools and accessories can be a great gift. Popular wine accessories which can be engraved include a corkscrew, pourer, bottle stopper, foil cutter and wine box. Wine is a naturally romantic drink that is popular to have with valentine’s day dinner as well. Why not also throw in a wine of the month subscription so they receive a selection of new wines each month of the year?

Personalized Coffee Accessories

Does your loved one love coffee? If they are one of the millions of coffee lovers around the world, consider a coffee related gift that can be personalized. Consider a personalized coffee mug. You can get a coffee mug printed with their name or other wording on the side. Or have a coffee mug printed with a treasured photo. You can also opt for a personalized travel mug. These are available in many colors and can be engraved with their first name on the side. Why not throw in a subscription to a coffee of the month club so they receive a new gourmet coffee each month throughout the year?

Personalized Pocket Tools

Pocket tools are handy little gadgets that can fit in your pocket, purse, glove compartment or toolbox. They can include small tools like saws, rulers, scissors, screwdrivers, knives and other handy elements. A pocket tool can be engraved with their name on the side. Also, this is a good cheap Valentine's Day gift idea for him.

Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is a great gift for valentine’s day since there are heart shaped jewelry boxes available, making it perfect for the theme. Also, with a jewelry box, you have plenty of room for engraving on the outside or inside of the box. You can choose a heart shaped jewelry box and have the outside engraved with their initials, then on the inside have a special romantic message, quote or poem from you. Women can also give their men jewelry boxes for valentine’s day. There are more masculine shaped jewelry boxes just for men which can hold his rings, watches and other jewelry. Jewelry boxes aren’t just for women! Don’t forget to add some jewelry inside the box to make sure they don’t open an empty box!

Trips & Travel

Who doesn’t love to travel? Here is a very unique gift idea for your valentine. Get them a romantic trip for two to a favorite or even a dream destination. Maybe they always dreamt of spending valentine’s day atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or maybe they’ve always wanted to stay at a certain hotel in Las Vegas? Or maybe they’ve always wanted to travel to the country of their ancestors? You can make their dreams come true if you can afford it. When getting a travel gift like this, always make sure to let a professional do the booking so you can take advantage of their expertise rather than planning something yourself. Also, you’ll want to invest in a little travel insurance just in case your loved one has other plans that you don’t know about. That way, you can change the dates of your trip or get a refund if needed.

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