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Unique Graduation Gifts for College Graduates

It’s that time of year again, graduation season. This time of year, we see commencement ceremonies at colleges all over the country. While other types of graduations don’t always precipitate the need for gifts, a college graduation is an exception. Close family, friends and relatives will almost always want to give a gift to mark a loved one’s successful graduation from college. Unlike graduation from high school, elementary or middle school, college graduation is typically considered a real milestone in a person’s life, this is why you should always spend a little extra time and money to give a gift that will mark this once in a lifetime occasion. Here are some ideas for unique graduation gifts that will certainly impress your loved one or friend.

Personalized Pens

While this gift may seem mundane, it is actually one of the most popular types of gifts to give at graduation. This is because pens will almost certainly be used by the graduate, whether they will be continuing their education even further or if they are heading to their first job. A pen or a pen and pencil set can be an immensely useful gift. Even better, choose to have the pen engraved with their name. Engraved pen sets are available in many styles, including chrome, brass, bamboo, pewter, maple wood and rosewood. You can choose to have their full name engraved on the side or just their initials. You can also opt to have their business title engraved underneath their name. Unlike many graduation gifts, pens and pencil sets can be given to males and females.

Personalized Picture Frames

Another unique gift idea is a personalized picture frame. You can have a stylish frame made of wood or metal engraved with their name and graduation date. Alternately, you can have meaningful wording such as an inspirational or motivational quote engraved. A great way to enhance this gift further is to place a picture of the graduate in the frame. Ideally, the picture should be of the graduate on their graduation day in their graduation attire, including the hat and tassel. Another option would be to insert the graduation invitation into the frame instead, which is also quite thoughtful.

Business Card Holder

For the graduate that is heading into the corporate or business world, then a business card holder is a must have. While these days with the widespread use of smartphones and contact applications, business cards may seem passé or old fashioned, they are still commonly used in the corporate world. No business person’s desk is complete without a business card holder featuring their business cards. Even entry level employees who work in a cubicle will find a use for a business card holder. You can choose from a business card holder that holds the cards you collect and allows you to carry them around in your purse or pocket. Alternately, you can give a business card holder that is made to be placed on a person’s desk. Then when a co-worker or customer comes to the person’s desk, they can take the graduate’s business card.

Personalized Desk Name Bar

Another great gift idea for a graduate that is heading into the corporate world is a personalized desk name bar. These bars are typically made of solid wood, plastic or metal. They might feature an engraved company logo and/or a name. They will sit on top of a person’s desk. This is an especially helpful gift for people who will be at a desk instead of in their own office. A desk name bar that has been handsomely engraved with the graduate’s name will surely impress their clients and give off an air of confidence and professionalism.

Engraved Cufflinks

This gift is ideal for male graduates who will be wearing a suit to work. Cufflinks are a gift that can last a lifetime, especially if you decide to have the cufflinks engraved with their initials and choose a sturdy material like silver, brushed metal or stainless steel. A pair of cufflinks with their initials engraved is a graduation gift that anyone would surely appreciate. Even better, pair the cufflink set with a matching tie bar that has also been engraved.

Personalized Money Clip

College graduation often serves as the point when people are finally considered adults and able to handle their own money. A symbolic gift for this would be a money clip. This is a gift that would mainly be appropriate for male graduates. A money clip allows the user to organize their cash in their pocket without having to worry about carrying a bulky wallet. Many men prefer money clips to wallets, especially those in certain industries or jobs that handle and work with cash frequently. A money clip can be personalized with a name or initials and comes in leather, stainless steel and even sterling silver.

Personalized Pocket Watch

Another gift for the male graduate, a personalized pocket watch serves to mark the occasion of graduation with a gift of time. A pocket watch with a high polish has plenty of room on it for engraving. You can have the outside engraved or the inside. On the outside, choose initials or a name. On the inside, which will only be seen when the graduate opens his watch, you can have a more personal message engraved. Pocket watches are a timeless yet handy gift, especially for men who wear suits which will feature coat pockets or a vest.

Personalized Travel Mug

Here’s a great gift that is practical and affordable to give any graduate. Give a personalized travel mug. While some people work from home, the vast majority of people still venture out each day and commute to their place of work. For these people, a travel mug is critical. It can hold your hot coffee or tea without needing to worry about spilling it, due to the tight fitting, spill-proof top. A good travel mug will also be insulated to keep your drink hot or cold throughout the commute. Choose to have a travel mug engraved with initials of the graduates first, middle and last name.

14th Apr 2024

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