Graduation Gifts – From Practical to Extravagant

14th Apr 2024

With graduation season coming soon, if you have any students in your family or friend circle that are graduating, it might be time to start thinking about graduation gifts. Whether its for elementary, grade school, junior high, high school, trade school, college or grad school, it’s important to give a gift that shows you care and are proud of their accomplishments. For distant family, relatives or acquaintances, you might have a smaller budget, but for close family and friends, you might be able to splurge a bit. Regardless of your budget, there are many different types of graduation gifts that can fit any budget, large or small and are appropriate for different ages and types of schooling. Here are some ideas for great graduation gifts that can be either practical or extravagant.

Practical Graduation Gifts

When we talk about practical graduation gifts, we are referring to gifts that have a real use for the graduate. For example, if a student is graduating from trade school for carpentry, then a practical graduation gift would be a tool, set of tools or even personalized tools. These are items that he or she will be able to put to use in their trade and it might even help them get a job. Another example is for someone graduation from computer programming school, an appropriate and practical gift would be computer accessories if your budget is small. Practical gifts if the student is graduating from business school might be a business card holder, business card case, personalized pens or pencils or a set of cufflinks engraved with their initials. All of these items are practical gifts that would help them in their career and also usually come in a nice presentation box. Personalization is also an easy way to make the gift unique but still keep it affordable. With personalization, you are giving a one-of-a-kind gift that would make them feel extra special.

Extravagant Graduation Gift Ideas

When we think of extravagant gifts, we are talking about gifts that have a high budget, quite expensive gifts. If you are a parent of a student who is having a momentous moment, perhaps they are the valedictorian of their class, were accepted to an Ivy League school or have won a full ride scholarship for academics or sports, then you might have a higher budget and want to spend more to give them something that will be treasured in their adult life. For example, if they are graduating with their MBA, then an extravagant gift might be an engraved antique watch, a computer, a car or a trip. Jewelry can also be quite extravagant, with jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings and cufflinks in gold or sterling silver being popular graduation gift choices. With extravagant gifts, you might not even have any particular limit on your budget.

Personalized Graduation Gifts

There are many different types of graduation gifts available, but there are none more unique and special than a gift that has been personalized in some way just for them. A personalized gift has simply been engraved, carved or printed on with a name, initials or other wording. For graduation, one particular personalized gift comes to mind, and that is a set of personalized pens and pencils. This is a great gift for most ages of graduates, and incredibly useful too. There are also many different styles of pen sets available to be personalized, from shiny stainless steel to gold color metal to rubber and plastic styles. They also come in an array of different price ranges. Personalization with this particular gift is easy too, just have it engraved with their first name or full name, depending on their age. For younger graduates, their first name would be most appropriate, for older grads, their full name, complete with any middle initials would work best. Another personalized graduation gift to consider for guys, is a set of personalized cufflinks. This is an especially appropriate gift if they are heading off to join the corporate world where they will be wearing a suit every day. Choose a fancy cufflinks style in sterling silver and have them engraved with his initials to set that three piece suit off perfectly. He will feel more confident and give off a confident and professional vibe to co-workers and employers. Another great example of a personalized graduation gift is a money clip. You can have a money clip engraved with his or her initials. This is an especially nice gift for any graduate who will be handling money directly. A money clip will help him or her keep their paper bills neat and organized to carry with them more easily and safely. Another great idea for a personalized graduation gift is a business card holder or case. This item is perfect for just about any professional or even tradesman who will be handing out their business cards or for someone who will have a desk and could use a nice holder for their business cards to display on their desk for customers to take. Have it personalized with their name and the logo of the company they work for, to give off that ultra professional look.

Graduation Gifts for Younger Kids

Nowadays, many children have graduation ceremonies for when they graduate from kindergarten, grade school, elementary school and even junior high. These are often just simple ceremonies or might just be a party at the end of the school year, but they still might mean something to the child. For graduation gifts for younger children, think of fun and practical personalized gifts like personalized toys, such as wood blocks. A gift basket is also a fun gift for younger kids, as they are likely heading off for a summer vacation after they graduate. The parents would also appreciate this type of gift. A gift basket can contain some small age appropriate toys, coloring books, art supplies and even snacks. Or give a fun balloon arrangement congratulating them on their accomplishment.

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