Mother’s Day Gifts for Special Moms

14th Apr 2024

Mother’s Day is that one day of the year that we make sure to acknowledge our Mothers and show them just how special they are to us. While every Mom is special, perhaps you think your Mom is extra special. She might be, especially if she’s going through something difficult, like grief, illness or some kind of trauma. Or perhaps she’s getting older and you’re thinking you might not have too many more Mother’s Days to show her just how much you care. Regardless of why you think she’s special, there are many gifts available that will ensure that she knows how you feel. Here are some ideas for extra special gifts for those special Moms.

Personalized Gifts

Here’s a niche of gifts that are special by design, as they are completely unique and customized just for her. Sure, you can go to a department store and pick out a perfectly nice gift, but it won’t be unique. If you go the extra step and choose an item that can be personalized in some way, then you are making that gift a true one-of-a-kind gift. You’ll have the added bonus that you won’t need to worry about someone else getting her the same gift. That could be embarrassing. Instead, choose a personalized gift. These are gifts that are monogrammed, engraved, carved, etched or printed on with her name, initials or some other wording that would mean something to your Mom.

Here’s a slew of unique and personalized gifts that your special Mom will love:


A necklace is always a nice gift, but if you personalize it, you make it truly special. There are many thousands of styles and designs to choose from when it comes to necklaces, you’ll have no trouble finding a necklace that she will love. Consider a name necklace which features a pendant with her name either engraved or that is actually in the shape of her name in cursive writing. You can also choose different types of name bar necklaces, where you have a smooth bar, usually stainless steel or sterling silver, and her first name is engraved on the bar. Or go for something simpler like “World’s Best Mom” or “#1 Mom”, but usually having it engraved with her name is a better choice than something as generic as these.


A locket is such a wonderful gift for any Mom. A locket is simply a pendant that hangs on a chain. The pendant is a flat pendant that opens up to reveal something engraved and a small picture. Usually, the type of picture that is included in a locket is very small, so it will only typically include one person. It can even include an animal, such as a favorite pet. If Mom has recently lost someone close to her, this would be an ideal gift of remembrance and would surely be treasured for many years. A locket is also nice since it is very symbolic, as it lays close to her heart.


A bracelet is a great gift for any woman, and especially a Mom. There are thousands of styles to choose from that would fit your Moms personality. Consider a bracelet which features a semi-precious stone that features a charm attached. The charm can have engraving. You can also choose a bracelet that features a plate which can be engraved upon. Popular styles include textile, silicone, stainless steel and sterling silver. Many different colors of bracelets are available, including pink, which would make a nice Mother’s Day gift. No matter the style of bracelet you decide on, you can rest assured that it will fit, since most bracelets are one size fits all or are adjustable.

Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. However, when you choose to go the extra mile and get that jewelry box personalized, you are lifting that gift into the stratosphere of truly special. There are many styles and shapes to choose from when it comes to jewelry boxes. If you are choosing a personalized jewelry box though, typically it will be made of stainless steel, chrome or sterling silver. This is so it can be more easily engraved. There can be rectangle, square and circle shapes, but you can also go with ovals or even a classic heart shaped jewelry box. Giving Mom a heart shaped jewelry box on Mother’s Day is truly a next level gift, especially with her initials, name or a wonderful message from you engraved on the outside and/or inside of the box.

Christian Jewelry

If your Mom is a devoted Christian, then consider jewelry that exemplifies her faith, yet is also personalized for her. This would make an ideal gift for any Christian Mom. There are necklaces, bracelets, keychains, pendants, rings and more. Christian jewelry typically features a cross, fish or dove design. Remember that if you can’t find a style of Christian jewelry that you think she would like, that you can always choose to have her favorite scripture engraved on another piece of jewelry that doesn’t feature a cross, fish or dove. Many pieces will have room to fit a full sentence or phrase, but you can always choose to have her favorite number of chapter and verse engraved if there isn’t much room, like “John 7:13” for example.

Medical ID Jewelry

Last but certainly not least, here is a very unique type of jewelry that you might consider for Mother’s Day. This is medical ID jewelry and comes with the possibility of increasing her peace of mind, and yours, and it might even save her life one day. This is an especially great gift if Mom is a senior or has any medical issues. Medical ID jewelry is simply a piece of jewelry, usually a bracelet or pendant which a person wears all the time. This piece of jewelry features important medical information such as age, blood type, allergies, conditions and other information that would be pertinent to medical personnel. Having this information could help them treat your Mom faster should anything happen to her when she’s out and about. A gift that could save her life, what a gift that would be!

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