Engraving FAQ

This document will answer most of your engraving questions. However, if something isn't covered here and you still have a question, please contact us Thanks!

How long does engraving take?

Engraving can add 1 to 3 working days additional processing time.

Can you engrave a logo or artwork?

We can engrave almost any artwork. However, cannot engrave photographs. Please contact us and we can review artwork and provide you with a proposal.

Are there any minimum order requirements?

No, there are no minimum order requirements.

Are there any artwork or setup fees?

We do not charge a setup fee, and most artwork will not have an artwork fee applied. However, if the artwork requires significant editing or converting we will provide you with the artwork fee in advance. Artwork fees are minimal and are only intended to recover the cost of editing. And, upon request, converted artwork can be provided to the customer.

How do I enter engraving details for multiple orders of the same item with different engraving details.

The best way to add engraving detailsl for multiple orders of the same item is to do it one by one by adding to the cart each order after adding engraving details.

 How is the engraving formatted?

Engraving will be centered horizontally and vertically, and the font size will be adjusted to the largest available font size to fill as much space as possible. If you have a custom request please enter your request in the order comments when you complete your order. We can accommodate most special requests concerning engraving placement and format.

Can you engrave a different font that you don’t have listed?

We can engrave a different font as long as you can provide the font to us. There may be a custom artwork fee applied to this request.

Can you engrave more characters or more lines than listed?

We may be able to accommodate your request, but you will have to contact us in advance to ensure we can accommodate your request. There may be a custom artwork fee applied to this request.

Does "characters" include spaces?

Yes spaces do count as characters

Can you engrave special characters or symbols?

We can engrave most special characters or symbols, depending on the limitations of specific font styles. The most common symbol we engrave are hearts - the symbol to use when placing your order is '

How do I add heart or infinity symbol on the engraving details?

For Heart symbol turn off the num lock-keypad press and hold 'Alt' key type 3 and release 'Alt' key 

Infinity symbol make sure you turn on num-lock keypad and press and hold 'Alt' key type 236 on the num-lock keypad and Release 'Alt' key 

What is the cost for engraving?

The cost for engraving varies from item to item. Some items may not have a fee for engraving, some items may have a flat fee for engraving, and other items may have fees per line. The engraving fees are clearly stated for each item on the product detail page. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Can you overnight my order?

We can usually accommodate rush requests, but please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What kind of engraving machine do you use?

We use the most advanced and sophisticated Laser and rotary engraving machines available in the world. Our machines was built and assembled in the United States by skilled American workers, and it provides results that are superior to our competitors.

Can you engrave a photo?

Yes, we do offer photo engraving on some items.

Do you offer discounts for multiple items?

If you are ordering a large quantity of the same exact item we may be able to offer a bulk discount. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What items can you engrave?

We can engrave all of the items we sell, including Zippo windproof lighters, Jewelry, and Wood items.

 What is the correct etiquette to personalize with Monogram fonts ?

With a Traditional Monogram, the middle letter (the last name of the person) is LARGER and in the center.  It is flanked by two smaller letters representing the first name on the left and either the middle or maiden name on the right.  Traditioanl Monograms are usually used for women or couples. However, you can use this for a male – we would just suggest using a more masculine font. 



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