8 Fascinating Easter Gift Ideas for Kids: Cute & Adorable Gifts

14th Apr 2024

Easter is a fun holiday for many children. It is celebrated by many millions of families around the world. Though, it’s important to remember that Easter is, at its heart, a holiday with deep religious roots. Easter is a holiday whose purpose is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

In the Christian Bible’s New Testament, this day falls three days after Christ’s crucifixion at Calvary. Though for many children, like Christmas, they may only understand it as the day the Easter bunny comes and leaves you a basket full of candy, treats and toys. 

Whether your family celebrates it as a religious holiday or a fun holiday, gift giving for children is quite typical. If you need ideas for gifts for the kids this Easter, check out some recommendations below.

Easter Basket

First, we have the obvious option, an Easter basket. You can go to your local grocery store, drug store or department store and find ready-made baskets filled with candy, treats and toys that are ready to give. Or you can make it extra special and put a basket together yourself. You can purchase different types of Easter candy, maybe a plush Easter bunny and some Easter themed books or coloring books. 

Make sure to pick up some pastel colored ribbons or bows and baskets to place everything in. You can even make a gift basket from Easter candy that you purchase. You can find instructions online for making cute little Easter baskets out of certain types of Easter candy. 

In particular, you can use packages of flat chocolate covered marshmallow eggs or peanut butter filled eggs. You can use double stick tape to tape them together to form a square. Then place a few on the bottom to make a floor for the basket. Then affix the basket with a bow as the handle.

An Easter basket is a nice gift for any child. Do note that many children might already be receiving Easter baskets from their parents, so whether this is an appropriate gift coming from you should be considered according to your family relation to the child. Some parents may not want their child receiving extra baskets. An Easter basket is a great gift for both boys and girls.

Pendant or Locket

A pendant or locket can make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for any girl, for any holiday. For Easter, you might have the pendant engraved with some appropriate scripture or a special message to the recipient. A locket can include a picture inside as well as some engraving. A piece of jewelry like a pendant or locket to wear around their neck is a nice, small gift for children who aren’t your own.



A bracelet makes a wonderful gift for girls, but can also be appropriate for boys. Consider giving an engraved bracelet with their name. There are options in stainless steel, sterling silver, gold plated, rubber, silicone or even leather. The variety of materials available makes it easy to find a nice bracelet for your budget. A bracelet can be engraved with their name, the date, scripture, inspirational quote or just a message from you.

Jewelry Box

For older girls, a jewelry box would be a perfect gift. A jewelry box can be engraved with their name, some scripture or a quote. Since jewelry is a popular gift for girls of all ages on Easter, a jewelry box is a safe bet for a gift that they probably won’t receive from anyone else.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is a nice gift for children of any age. The frame can include a picture of your family from the previous Easter or a picture of you and them celebrating a special holiday. A picture frame is appropriate for any person, of any age, for any holiday. Picture frames are available in a variety of materials and styles. Some popular options are made of stainless steel or wood and can be engraved with names, dates or quotes.

Plush Toy

Children always love to receive plush toys as gifts, and for Easter it’s a great option since you can give a plush bunny. Since bunnies are cute animals all year round, the gift can be a great decorative addition to any children’s room, and what child doesn’t love to cuddle up with a plush stuffed animal at night? You simply can’t go wrong with a plush bunny toy. Choose a traditional pastel color for Easter or a more natural brown or gray color; you can’t make a wrong choice. Cute stuffed animals are always a hit.


While candy is a very typical gift for Easter, and you’ll find a huge selection down at your local grocery store, there are many other options when it comes to giving children Easter treats. You can order gourmet Easter treats online, from fancy solid or hollow chocolate bunnies to Easter themed cookies to Easter themed gift baskets filled with food, the options are endless. 

Or head to your kitchen to make a special treat yourself. This is a great economical gift idea if budget is a concern. You can make sugar cookies with pastel food coloring and pastel colored sugars or icing. Or make some shortbread cookies and drizzle pastel colored white chocolate over them. 

You can even make brownies that are Easter themed with a sprinkling of Easter candies or pastel colored sprinkles. The ideas don’t stop there; you can also make homemade candy like chocolates, hard candy or even homemade peanut butter eggs.


On Easter Sunday, you’ll often see people dressing up, whether for religious services, an Easter egg hunt or for a family dinner. Many children get dressed up in their best outfits for Easter. Clothing can also be a good gift for kids. Give little girls a nice new white dress and shoes. For little boys, get them their first dress shirt and tie. For an inexpensive and wearable gift for girls, you can make a cute bow for their hair using instructions you can easily find online.

Final Verdicts:

Your toddler might be happy to play with easter gifts all year long. Your choice should be picky so that you will be pleased until next easter Sunday. Pick one of them or more and make them happy throughout the year.

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