9 Unique & Cool Christmas list ideas for teenage girl 2021

22nd Oct 2019

If you have teens in the family, you know how tough it can be to get them a gift that will be impressive, or that at least won’t have them rolling their eyes at you. The key may be to get them something they can actually use or wear, yet is also customized just for them, making it a totally unique gift. Read on to find out some ideas for Christmas gifts that can be customized just for your picky teen.

Personalized Bracelets:

A bracelet can be a gift for teen guys and girls. There are thousands of styles of bracelets that can be engraved with their name or initials. There are feminine styles like pink textile bracelets and stainless steel or sterling silver cuff bracelets. Or for younger teens, choose a silicone or rubber bracelet with their first name. 

For teen boys, there’s a surprising amount of styles which give off a masculine and tough feel like a black leather bracelet with stainless steel embellishments. Guys will love the cool look and will appreciate the uniqueness of the engraving. Girls will love the feminine style of a textile or cuff bracelet and will be impressed by their names being an integral part of this unique gift.

Name Necklaces

Here’s a gift that might be mainly for teen girls, a name necklace. One popular style of name necklace is a necklace which has a pendant with their name in shaped cursive writing. This type of necklace is actually made to order, making it exceptionally unique. 

Another type of name necklace is a bar pendant necklace. This type comes with a chain that has a pendant that is a horizontal or vertical bar. The bar has room on it for engraving a full name and even sometimes some symbols. A bar pendant can even be more masculine for teen guys. 

Name necklaces are perfect gifts since they give a very fancy impression when opened, yet you don’t need to spend a fortune on them.

Personalized Pens:

Pens are a great gift idea for teens. They are immensely useful for students, and if you get a more expensive style, such as a stainless steel, wood or sterling silver, they can last a long time. Pens are great since they are affordable, yet can be engraved with their names. 

Personalized pens are great gifts for teens since they don’t need to worry about someone stealing their pens at school!

Compact Mirrors

A compact mirror is an ideal gift for teen girls who are just starting to wear makeup or are starting to care more about their appearance, which is every teenage girl. A compact mirror can come in handy to make sure her makeup looks right before that date or class, or to reapply some lip gloss and make sure it looks good and not messy. 

A compact mirror can be engraved with her name or initials, making it less likely to be lost or stolen at school, yet will also look cute.

Phone Cases

Most teens have a smartphone these days, so they can also make use of a personalized phone case. A personalized phone case can be printed with a meaningful photo. Perhaps a treasured family photo, or perhaps something less embarrassing like a logo or picture of a favorite singer, band, team, movie, actor or actress. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure to choose a case that will fit the make and model of their phone.

Jewelry Boxes

Here’s a gift that you might think would mainly be for teen girls, but can also be appropriate for teen boys, a jewelry box. That’s right, a jewelry box. We tend to forget that boys can wear jewelry too, whether watches, bracelets, cufflinks or even rings like their class ring, they need somewhere to keep them safe. 

Enter a masculine style of jewelry box. For teen girls, they will love a heart shaped or oval jewelry box engraved with their name. For the boys, choose a masculine square or rectangle box with geometric or art deco style shapes. Don’t forget to engrave it with their name.

Personalized Keychains:

Since the teen years are when just about everyone learns to drive, keychains can make real sense as a gift for teens. They will need a durable keychain that will hold their car keys as well as any other keys they might use, such as locker keys or even house keys. 

Keychains can also be customized with engraving of their name or initials or you can choose a photo keychain with a pendant with a personalized photo printed on it.


Every teen boy should have at least one pair of cufflinks for those dressy occasions, whether for weddings, funerals, graduations and many other events. They may also come in handy if they plan to go to college to go into business or the corporate world. A good pair of cufflinks can last a lifetime. 

Choose a pair of classic cufflinks in a square or smooth oval shape that has been engraved with his initials. These will give off a very classy, adult impression as a gift.


Even though many teens have smartphones to tell the time, a watch is still a useful accessory to many. Everyone, whether male or female can use a nice watch. There are many styles to choose from and you are sure to find one that matches their style and personality. There’s also a wide range of prices. 

The fancier style you choose, the pricier it can be. Watches are great for personalization though, with ample room on the back of the watch for personal messages, wording and wishes from you. Have someone with a unique personality on your gift list? 

Perhaps they have a more retro, old fashioned or steampunk style? Then consider a personalized pocket watch. This is simply a style of watch that is flat and opens to reveal the watch face rather than it being open and strapped around your wrist. With a personalized pocket watch, they will have a watch that is as unique as them!

Final Words:

Teenage girls are very much emotional. They are very picky when accepting gifts. Our listed Christmas list ideas for teenage girls will definitely make them happy. You can also buy Christmas gifts for mothers with engraving facilities from this forevergifts store. 

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