​Personalized Gifts for Everyone on Your Christmas List

23rd Oct 2020

When Christmas rolls around, many people get overwhelmed by the thought of having to buy a gift for so many people. It can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large family or have a lot of friends and acquaintances for which you are expected to give a gift. However, there are many great gift options you can give that will be impressive, yet easy for you to give to everyone on your list. 

I’m talking about personalized gifts. These are simply gifts that have the option of being customized in some way. This can be a piece of jewelry that can be engraved with a name or other wording. Or it can be a home accessory or even a gadget that can be personalized in some way. Regardless, there are options for personalized gifts for every type of person and every age range on your list. Here are some ideas:


Let’s face it, kids can be tough to buy for. They probably want toys, but how do you know what toy to get them? That’s the issue, especially if the child is not yours or you are not especially close to them, such as with a friend’s or acquaintances child. This is where a personalized gift can be ideal. 

A personalized gift shows you went the extra step to have a gift customized just for them. For kids, a fun and appropriate gift would be a silicone bracelet with their name engraved on the side. You can choose options in blue or pink depending whether they are a girl or boy. A silicone bracelet is ideal as a gift for even smaller children, since it is durable, inexpensive and quite cute. They’ll be ecstatic to wear a bracelet with their name on it to school!


For teens, there are many more options in personalized gifts. For girls, consider a personalized necklace. There are many options when it comes to personalized necklaces. You might choose a name necklace for a teen girl. This is simply a necklace which comes with a pendant which has her name shaped in metal. Or opt for a name bar necklace. 

This is a necklace which includes a pendant which has a bar which can be engraved with her name. For teen boys, consider a dog tag style pendant. This is simply a necklace which includes a pendant in the classic dog tag shape and it can include engraving on the tag or even a laser printed photo.

Another option for teens is a bracelet. Bracelets are available in many styles that are appropriate for teen boys and girls. For girls, consider a pink textile bracelet with letter charms in her name. Another option would be a stainless-steel cuff bracelet with her name engraved on the side. 

For teen boys, consider a leather or chrome style bracelet with his name engraved or etched. Bracelets are also surprisingly inexpensive options to give, even with personalization.


For adult men, a classic gift option would be a pair of personalized cufflinks. You can choose from many different styles which can accommodate the engraving of his initials. Cufflinks always make for an impressive gift and are surprisingly affordable, starting below $20. Another option for adult men is a personalized pocket watch. 

This fun, retro style watch has been making a comeback in popularity recently. A pocket watch is simply a watch that is flat in style but must be opened to see the actual watch face. It usually is attached to a chain and the chain is attached to the man’s jacket or vest. For any man with a unique or vintage style, a personalized pocket watch can be an ideal gift. A pocket watch can be engraved on the outside and/or the inside, making the gift completely unique to him.

Another type of personalized gift option for adults is drinkware. With drinkware, you are giving something that is practical and might even have everyday use. For men, consider a flask or flask set. A flask is simply a drink container made for harder liquors. It is always made of stainless steel for maximum durability and safety for the liquid inside. 

A flask is made flat so that it can slide easily into a man’s jacket pocket. There are many styles of flasks to choose from that should fit any man’s personality. There are some with covers and cases, even some that come with accessories like a tiny set of shot glasses attached to the lid for sharing a drink with friends. 

There are even flasks made in feminine colors and styles for women! Flasks can be surprisingly inexpensive and can include the person’s name etched on the side.


For senior women, consider giving a personalized jewelry box. A heart shaped, oval or circle shaped jewelry box engraved with her name on the top or inside would make a thoughtful and practical gift for any Grandma. Grandpa’s can also enjoy a personalized jewelry box though. Grandpa probably has some watches, rings or cufflinks that he’d like to keep safe and a masculine style jewelry box with his name engraved on it would be ideal for that.

Do you have a mom who does not want anything as a gift? Don't worry! You can choose personalized jewelry boxes, necklaces, Photo frames, etc., which she will definitely love to have. Show your love to them by giving the best Christmas gifts for mom who wants nothing.

Another popular option for seniors would be a piece of medical ID jewelry. Medical ID jewelry is simply jewelry that has a pendant or intaglio which has plenty of room for lots of wording to be engraved. The wording is special though. This space is reserved for medical information like blood type, allergies, conditions, diseases, medications and other critical health information that might be useful in case of a medical emergency. Medical ID jewelry is available in a surprising amount of styles, from bracelets to necklaces with pendants. Both styles can be appropriate for senior men or women. 

You can choose a more masculine style in stainless steel or leather for the men. For women, there are more feminine styles, some even in pink! Medical ID jewelry makes for a wonderful and even potentially lifesaving gift for seniors, but can also be a great gift option for anyone of any age who might have any medical issues.

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