​Birthday Gifts That Will Be Treasured

14th Sep 2021

When it comes to birthday gifts, you can always walk into a store or browse any big name online store and get something perfectly nice. However, what if you want to give something special? What if you want to give a gift that will be treasured and that will last and be appreciated or used for a long time? You definitely have more options nowadays and here’s a few ideas for birthday gifts that will be treasured by the recipient. Read on to find out more!

Personalized Rings

A ring might not sound like the perfect birthday gift, as you don’t want to give someone the wrong idea. However, there are many different types of rings! There are many different styles and themes of rings that can be appropriate for birthday gifts. For her, consider a Claddagh ring. This is a style of ring that is quite symbolic. It should be given mainly to birthday girls of Irish descent. This ring consists of a crown, heart and hands and the way she wears it will indicate whether she is single, engaged or married. This is a very impressive and unique gift and looks much more expensive than it is. Next, for someone who is very religious, perhaps even a pastor or clergyperson, there are religious rings which feature crosses, fishes or doves and will be impressive to anyone who is very faithful. For people with certain jobs, there are also themed rings, like for a doctor or nurse, there are rings with a heartbeat line around a spinner ring. For someone who has children, how about a birthstone ring? This lovely ring style is great to give with her birthstone for her birthday, but you can also choose to have multiple birthstones embedded which includes the birthstones of each of her children. You can give a birthstone ring to a man too! No matter the style of ring you choose, don’t forget the engraving to make it that much more special.

Personalized Bracelets

A bracelet makes a great gift for any birthday, but you can make it a treasured gift by choosing one that can be engraved. There are so many options in bracelets these days, in so many price ranges and in so many styles, you’re sure to have trouble choosing. However, with so much choice, your bound to be able to find something that will perfectly match the personality of the recipient. Bracelets are also generally one size fits all, meaning you don’t need to worry about getting them the perfect size. For a treasured bracelet gift, choose something in an impressive material like durable stainless steel or fancy sterling silver. You can even opt for gold or platinum or gold plating. There are cuff style bracelets, chain bracelets, charm bracelets and much more, all engravable for that special birthday gift.

Personalized Necklaces

A necklace is always a great gift for a birthday. Like bracelets, you need not worry too much about sizing plus they are available in a myriad of styles. All type of pendants are available in different shapes and sizes. One very popular necklace that is sure to be treasured is a name necklace. This is simply a necklace which features a pendant which is in the style of a horizontal or vertical bar or even in the actual shape of their name. The bar would of course have their name engraved on it, sometimes additional embellishments can be added, like hearts or other symbols. A necklace which features their name is certainly a gift that will be treasured. A personalized necklace, on either side, is a nice, affordable, and unique birthday gift idea for her.

Personalized Lighter

For a smoker, a lighter is an important accessory to be able to carry with them. Whether they smoke cigarettes, cigars or something else entirely, a smoker would certainly appreciate and treasure a personalized lighter. Luckily lighters from the famous brand name of Zippo are available nowadays to engrave. You can even choose a lighter which features their favorite sports team’s logo or mascot. Or get them a design in their favorite color. There are also more plain style lighters with smooth surfaces, perfect to display their initials in a fancy font. No matter what style of lighter you choose, this is a gift that is durable, usable and will last a long time.

Personalized Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is certainly a gift that is more likely to be treasured, after all, it is supposed to hold jewelry, which every woman and even many men absolutely adore. Jewelry boxes are also quite practical gifts, making for a beautiful and attractive way to store your jewelry and protect it. There are many types of jewelry boxes available, but one thing you want to make sure you opt for is a personalized jewelry box. You can choose a classic heart shaped box which any woman will love. Of course, you can have her name or initials engraved on it, making it that much more impressive. Jewelry boxes aren’t only for women though, don’t forget that men have jewelry too! Things like rings, cufflinks, tie accessories, watches and even bracelets and necklaces, are things that just about all men have as well. They will need something to store it in and keep it safe. For men, simply choose a more masculine style, such as a square or rectangular jewelry box with geometric, Roman or Greek style embellishments. Don’t forget the engraving too, his initials would be perfect for engraving on the top.

Personalized Watches

Watches always make for a great birthday gift, but personalize the watch and you have something that can be treasured! There’s a wide range of watches available that can be personalized with engraving on the back of the watch, but sometimes also on the front or band, depending on the design. One very unique type of watch now available is a wooden watch. These watches give off a distinctive flair that people enjoy wearing. Wooden watches are great birthday gifts for environmentally conscious folks. Another option is personalized pocket watches. These are fun and unique styles of watches that can also be personalized with their name or initials.

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