Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for your Friends & Family Members

27th Feb 2021

We gift birthday gifts year-round to the people in our lives, yet we often don’t give much thought to the gifts we buy. We might go to a store and buy something off a shelf. Yet, these are not unique, and usually are not very useful. What I’m going to give you now are a bunch of ideas for birthday gifts that are both unique and useful, gifts anyone will appreciate.

Personalized Watches

Watches are always a useful gift, and can be unique too. You can choose a classic wristwatch that is stylish and fits the personality of the recipient. You rarely need to worry about getting someone another watch, since everyone can use another watch, as different watches can go with different outfits. 

Nowadays there are more watch styles than ever. You can go with the latest technology and get them a smartwatch or even a fitness watch, most can even be engraved with their name. Or go with a classic style with a wristwatch. There are newer styles of wristwatch too, such as wooden watches. A wooden watch is great for people with a rustic or old-fashioned style, or who are very eco-conscious. 

Another styles of watch that is becoming more popular as of late is a pocket watch. This is simply a watch that is enclosed in a case that opens to reveal the watch face. The case is usually a shiny stainless steel or sterling silver, making it very durable and can last a lifetime. 

A pocket watch goes into your pocket and is hooked with a chain to your vest, jacket or pants. It makes for a stylish and retro look, great for older people or the people in your life with that unique fashion flair. A pocket watch can be engraved on the inside or outside with their initials or name, making it extra unique.

Personalized Wine Accessories

We all have those family members or friends who are wine enthusiasts, and there’s a variety of wine related gifts that are both unique and useful. First, consider a set of wine accessories. Wine accessories typically come in a box and include wine tools like a corkscrew, foil cutter, decanter and other tools. 

The box is usually wooden and can be carved or engraved with their name on the outside. There are also other wine related gifts that can be unique and useful, like a set of wine glasses etched with their names or even a single wine tool like a bottle stopper, corkscrew or wine decanter.

Personalized Medical ID Jewelry

Here’s a gift that is very useful, and certainly is unique, medical ID jewelry. This type of jewelry is typically a bracelet or necklace and includes your medical information engraved on it. Typical information can include emergency contact details, allergies, medical conditions, blood type and medications. 

All of these things can be handy if someone is older and/or has a medical condition. If they end up in the hospital for whatever reason, the medical personnel will be able to administer proper care faster and more accurately than if they didn’t have that information. It might even save someone’s life!

Personalized Jewelry Box

Our jewelry is often important to us. It might include heirloom jewelry that has been handed down to us from generations before and that we plan to hand down to our descendants as well. For that reason, a personalized jewelry box is certainly a unique and useful gift that you can give for someone’s birthday. This item is also a affordable birthday gift idea for her.

You might automatically think that a jewelry box is a good gift for mainly women, and that can be true, but think about all the jewelry that men wear too. They wear rings, watches, cufflinks, tie accessories and even bracelets or necklaces sometimes. They can use a jewelry box too, just make sure to give a more masculine or plain style box. 

For women, a classic choice is the heart shaped jewelry box, but they come in oval, circle, square and rectangle shapes too. Don’t forget to engrave the box with their initials or name to make it extra special.

Personalized Pens

Pens might seem like a boring choice as a gift, but you’d be surprised at how delighted people are when they receive them. A pen with their initials or name can be a very useful gift for business people or students especially.

Personalized Lighter

A lighter can come in handy for smokers of all kinds, but can also be a handy object for those who have a fireplace or go camping a lot. A lighter can come in handy for many reasons. As a birthday gift, you can give a beautiful Zippo lighter with their name engraved in a fancy font.

Personalized Flask

A flask is a handy container for keeping a liquid, usually a hard liquor in your purse or pocket. There are many styles of flasks available and with different cases and even accessories like tiny shot glasses for sharing a drink with company. Flasks can be personalized with their name or initials making it an extra special gift.

Personalized Keychain

A keychain may seem like a mundane object, and perhaps it is, yet it plays an important role in our lives. Everyone needs a good keychain to keep their keys together and safe in their pocket or purse. Keys unlock so many important things, so why not keep them safe and together in a stylish way? For someone’s birthday, give them a new keychain that has their name engraved.

Final Verdicts: 

Who doesn't like gifts on their birthday? Even if you have someone difficult to shop for, then choose from our mentioned birthday gifts ideas. Your friends & family will love it.

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