​Birthday Gifts Any Guy Will Appreciate

9th Jan 2020

We all know that guys can be tricky to buy gifts for. Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, husband, boss, dad, brother, cousin, co-worker or just a friend, there are always some gifts that are surefire hits with guys. Here are some ideas for birthday gifts that any guy will love.

Personalized Watches

While jewelry is always a nice gift, watches make an even better impression on guys. Some men even collect watches or have many watches. Watches are always a practical and useful gift as well as fashionable. You can go the high-tech route and get him a smartwatch that has his name or birthday wishes engraved on the back of the band. Or go a little older fashioned with a personalized pocket watch. Pocket watches have been making a comeback in recent years with steampunk and retro styling. A pocket watch is simply that, a watch that is kept in the pocket. It is larger than most watches and has no band. It is always kept on a chain and the chain is hooked to a man’s vest, jacket or pants so it is secure. It is most often kept in a man’s vest or jacket pocket. The main part of the pocket watch can be engraved both on the outside and the inside. They are available from designer brands at high prices but also in stainless steel at lower prices. Each type can be engraved. A pocket watch also typically comes in an elegant case or bag making it an especially impressive gift when given. If a pocket watch doesn’t sound like it would be right for your guy, that’s ok too. You can opt for a regular style wristwatch. Most wristwatches can be engraved on the back with his name and some birthday wishes from you. You can also opt for a unique take on the traditional watch, a wooden watch. This eco-friendly option is biodegradable and gives him a stylish and rustic look which is also engravable.

Personalized Jewelry

Ok, jewelry for guys? You might be thinking this sounds a little crazy. It’s not. Guys wear plenty of jewelry too. Think about it. Your man probably wears at least one ring, right? How about a watch? Cufflinks? A necklace or bracelet? Yep, just about every man has jewelry. Jewelry is a great gift for men, especially personalized jewelry. Personalized jewelry is simply jewelry that is engraved or customized in some way. There are so many options for men when it comes to personalized jewelry. Consider getting him a nice pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks make great gifts for that corporate or business man in your life. They can be engraved with his initials to make them extra special. Or consider getting him a bracelet. Not just any bracelet, but a tough looking leather bracelet that is embossed with his name would make a great impression. Or how about a ring? Yes, you can give men rings. Consider a stylish signet ring with his large first or last initial on the face. This is certainly a gift that any man would appreciate. On the other hand, a jewelry box is a good, unique, and cheap birthday gift idea for her.

Personalized Drinkware

Most men enjoy their beer or even harder liquors. For these guys, drink related gifts that can be personalized for him are a great option. Consider a personalized shot glass with his first name engraved on the side. Or how about a personalized beer stein with his first or last name or initials etched on the side of the glass. Is he a wine lover? Then there are many wine related tools and accessories that he might love. Consider a set of personalized wine glasses. Or how about a set of personalized wine accessories. Or put them all together with a wine box which includes accessories like a cork cutter, corkscrew, opener and other accessories, all of which can be engraved in some way. Don’t forget to include a nice bottle of wine with your wine gift!

Personalized Flask

In the same realm as the drinkware options above, we have personalized flasks. A flask is a container meant to carry around hard liquor. Flasks are typically made of stainless steel and are flat in shape, so that they can be carried around easily in someone’s pocket. Since a flask is made of stainless steel or includes a case, his first name can be engraved or embossed on this gift. A flask is a great gift for any guy who enjoys drinking, though there is no rule that says you can’t carry around water in your flask. There are even flasks that have a case with additional little shot glasses, so they can share a drink with friends, anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Tools

When it comes to personalized tools, you may be surprised at the amount of options you have. First, we have the classic pocket knife, which can be engraved with his name on the handle. These always make for handsome and memorable gifts that are also useful. Another option is a multi-tool which can be personalized with engraving. A multi-tool is similar to a pocket knife, but includes many other tools, similar to a swiss army knife or a Leatherman brand tool.


Lastly, we have something that every man loves and enjoys, food. When it comes to food gifts, we have many choices. You can get him a gift of a gift certificate for his favorite restaurant. Or consider giving him a gift basket filled with his favorite foods. Or make him some favorite homemade treats like cookies or candy. You can also opt for a gourmet food of the month club subscription. With a food of the month club subscription, he will get a favorite type of food each month automatically by mail. Options for this type of gift include fruit, cheese, chocolates, wine, beer and much more. Or maybe just make him a special dinner with his favorite meal and favorite dessert. You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this old adage is certainly true.

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