Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Won't Cost A Fortune

22nd Jan 2021

It’s coming to close to Valentine’s Day again, do you have a special gift ready to give your valentine yet? Most likely, you don’t. Though, with the economy the way it is, many people don’t have the budget that they did in past years. So, many people are looking for great gift ideas that fit within a smaller budget. Have no fear though, you can still get a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one without breaking the bank. Here are some excellent choices:

Personalized Ring

Rings are always a nice gift for Valentine’s Day. You can finally make the jump into a more serious relationship with a promise ring. Or make it official with an engagement ring. Don’t want to make any commitments, but still want to give a ring? There are some other options. There are fun rings like mood rings or rings with themes. 

For example, if your valentine works in the medical field or hopes to, then consider a ring which has a heartbeat sign around it. For those of Irish heritage, consider a classic claddagh ring. There are also fun options like rainbow rings, skull rings and many more. There are also religious themed rings which have crosses or fish. 

No matter the type of ring you choose, you can have it personalized for no extra money if you use an online personalized gifts store. You might think that rings are too expensive to give as Valentine’s Day gifts if you have a smaller budget, but you’d be very wrong. Many personalized rings are available for under $20. All you need to do is choose a metal that is a bit more affordable, like stainless steel, cobalt or tungsten. However, even sterling silver rings can be had for a reasonable price. When it comes to rings, it’s really gold and platinum that tend to be most expensive, just stay away from those and you’ll stay under your budget easily. When it comes to giving a ring for Valentine’s Day, do make sure you choose wisely so as not to give the wrong impression as to your relationship status. For example, you don’t want to give a ring that is actually meant as just a gift, but have it construed as a promise ring or engagement ring. If you’re in doubt as to how the ring will be received, consider one of the below gifts instead, they may be safer choices.

Personalized Bracelet

Bracelets are always a welcome gift. They are fun to wear and can really set off an outfit. Bracelets are also nice since you don’t have to worry about proper sizing as you do with rings. With bracelets, nearly all of them are either adjustable or one size fits all. A bracelet can be romantic too. Choose a style that fits the personality of your valentine, there’s literally thousands of choices. They are available in different metals, textiles, silicone, rubber and even leather. Styles like chain link and leather bracelets are great gifts for your male Valentine. For female Valentine’s, there’s a wide array of feminine and fancy bracelet styles like cuff bracelets, charm bracelets and textile bracelets. You’ll even find a plethora of bracelets which include heart pendants, charms or designs, all perfect for Valentine’s Day gift giving. Don’t forget that bracelets usually have plenty of room for engraving of their initials, name or even some special wording, making the gift seem extravagant for little cost.

Personalized Necklace

A necklace is always an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, especially for women. Though, they can still be given to men, just make sure to choose a style that has a more masculine feel. As far as selection goes, there’s an endless variety. One very popular and affordable style of personalized necklace is a name necklace. This is simply a necklace that features the name of the recipient, usually their first name. There’s a number of styles of name necklace. First, we have the bar pendant name necklace. This is simply a necklace with a pendant which is in the shape of a bar. The bar will have engraving and sometimes other designs on it. The bar can be vertical or horizontal in style. These necklaces can range from $15-$30. Quite affordable. Another popular type of personalized necklace is the shaped name necklace. This is a necklace which has a chain with a pendant hanging on it that is actually their name shaped in metal. This will seem like a fancy and expensive gift to your valentine, but it’s actually quite affordable. You’ll find options online for this type of shaped name necklace. Lastly, there are many options for necklaces with heart pendants as well. These would be ideal gifts for your valentine. In the same niche, there’s also a heart shaped locket pendant. A locket pendant is simply a necklace with a pendant that is heart shaped, but flat. The pendant is actually a locket, which has hinges on the side and opens up to reveal a picture. A heart shaped locket pendant with your picture inside would be a perfect gift for your valentine!

Personalized Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are an impressive gift, especially for Valentine’s Day. Every woman can use a new jewelry box to keep her jewelry in. There are different shaped boxes available, including rectangle, square, circle and oval. However, the most popular style to give for Valentine’s Day would of course be the classic heart shaped jewelry box. This is a fancy looking box with a beautiful, shiny chrome finish that is almost mirror like. Then the box opens to reveal a velvet lined interior. The velvet lined interior makes it safe for your jewelry with a soft surface. One great thing about giving a heart shaped jewelry box for Valentine’s Day is that you can have either the outside or the inside engraved. Have the outside engraved with her name or initials. Then when it opens up, you can have a special (and private) message from you engraved.

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