​Unique Gifts for Dads, Grads and Weddings

2nd Jun 2019

Unique Gifts for Dads, Grads and Weddings

It’s that time of year again, the time where we need to search out gifts for dads, grads and for weddings. Father’s Day, graduation and wedding season is upon us and we might not have enough time to search out the best possible gifts for everyone on our list. Have no fear, here are some gift ideas that are unique and ideal for each of these special occasions.


Necklaces are always an appreciated gift by women, and for the young woman who is graduating from high school or college, it’s a perfect gift. A particularly unique type of necklace to give is a name necklace. A name necklace is a chain with a pendant that is either in the shape of her name or with a bar of some sort which has her name engraved upon it. A personalized necklace that features her name Is a gift that will last and be worn and treasured for a lifetime.


Bracelets are another great gift for grads, especially women, but can also be given to men. Bracelets have many styles and designs to choose from and all of which can be engraved on the side. Choose from silicone, textile, leather, stainless steel or even sterling silver styles, all of which will impress any graduate.

Cigar Accessories

For Father’s Day, any cigar smoking Dad would love to receive a gift of a cigar accessory or a humidor. Cigar accessories like a cigar holder, cigar cutter or a cigar case can each be engraved with Dad’s name. Or choose a beautiful cigar humidor made of wood and with his name beautifully engraved on the top. Don’t forget to buy a pack of his favorite cigars and place them in the humidor to make it extra special.

Wine Accessories

For Father’s Day or weddings, wine accessories are a great gift for the wine lovers in your life. There’s a wide variety of wine accessories available including corkscrews, stoppers, cutters, wine boxes and even wine glasses. All of these items can be engraved or personalized in some way.

Personalized Watches

A watch is a great gift for dads and grads. A personalized pocket watch is ideal for Father’s Day, especially if Dad has a retro or old-fashioned style. For grads, a watch is a practical gift that can also be elegant. Have the watch engraved on the back with their name, the date and some special wishes from you.

Phone Cases

Here’s another amazing gift idea for grads and dads, a personalized phone case. Everyone has a phone case nowadays, so it makes sense that a phone case would make for a practical yet unique gift. Now you can have a memorable photo printed on a phone case for a gift. Makes a great wedding gift too, just print a treasured photo of the couple on the case.

Picture Frames

A picture frame can be used and appreciated by anyone, especially those who enjoy taking photos with their phone. A picture frame can be a wonderful wedding gift if you have it personalized with the couple’s names and their wedding date. Or give it to your favorite graduate with best wishes on their graduation. For Dad’s on Father’s Day, a picture frame can include simple “Happy Father’s Day” wishes or something more meaningful like “I Love You Dad” or “#1 Dad”. Don’t forget to include a picture of you and Dad in the frame before you wrap it.

Barbecue Accessories

For Dads who are always in the backyard barbecuing, a set of barbecue accessories would certainly come in handy. Even better, have the barbecue accessories personalized with his name engraved on them. Typical barbecue accessories include a spatula, fork and tongs. A set of barbecue accessories would come in a beautiful wooden box to keep the accessories safe. The box can also be engraved on the top.

Pen and Pencil Sets

Ideal for graduates, gifts of writing instruments are a practical gift that is often needed. Make this gift even better with custom engraving of their name on the sides of each pen or pencil. There are many styles and designs of pens and pencils to choose from, including sets with nice boxes. This gift is great for any budget as well, with inexpensive plastic pen sets available and also sturdierstainless-steel sets.


For the Dad who enjoys a drink, consider getting him a flask. There are many types of flasks available in different sizes and styles, and even with accessories like a case and shot glasses. A flask is great for carrying around a little liquid refreshment in his pocket. Flasks have plenty of room on the sides for engraving his name, making it an elegant yet unique gift.

Business Card Holders and Cases

A business card holder can be a practical gift for either grads or dads for graduation or as a Father’s Day gift. Graduates can certainly put a business card holder to use when they get their first job. A business card holder will act as a professional looking holder for the business cards on their desk. It can be engraved with their name and position and even a company logo. A business card case is a different take on the business card holder. Instead of holding the business cards in place on your desk, a case will keep the business cards safe in their purse, pocket or briefcase, letting them whip out their cards at a moment’s notice when needed. Business card cases can be engraved on the outside with their name or initials.

Money Clips

A money clips is another gift great for either dads or grads. A money clip can be ideal for anyone who carries around a lot of paper currency. There are many jobs where someone might have to handle or carry around paper currency and having a money clip would make it easier for them. A money clip allows you to fold the paper currency together in one wad, and the clip holds them together with a strong grip, making it great for keeping money safe. A money clip can be engraved with their name on the side.

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