Unique Christmas Gifts for Bosses, Co-Workers and Employees

20th Nov 2019

Whether you work in a small office with a few people or if you work with a lot of people or in a large company, you might be expected or maybe you just enjoy giving gifts to everyone you work with. No matter the case, you might consider giving a personalized gift to everyone in your office. If you are the boss, maybe you want to give something extra special to each of your workers, a personalized gift fits the bill here too. When giving a gift to a boss though, you might want to think a bit more about who they are and your relationship with them before considering what gift you want to give them. Regardless of your situation, we have some gift ideas that will be perfect for each boss, co-worker and employee situation.

Personalized Boss Gifts

With a personalized gift for your boss, you are showing you went the extra mile to get him or her something special and unique to them. For male bosses, a personalized watch or personalized pocket watch might fit the bill. You can have the inside or back of the watch engraved to him. A watch might actually be best to give a boss from your whole office, or from all of the employees of the company due to its cost. An expensive watch can be in the hundreds of dollars, but depending on how many employees are sharing the cost, this can certainly make it a worthwhile gift and possibly even fairly inexpensive for each individual. Not to mention this will be an impressive gift to give a boss that really cares about their employees and who the employees respect.

For male bosses, another gift idea would be a set of personalized cufflinks or a personalized cufflink and tie bar set. This would be an ideal gift for any boss who wears a suit and tie every day in a corporate environment. With cufflinks, you can have them engraved with his initials, making for an impressive looking gift that is surprisingly affordable if you choose stainless steel cufflinks. If you are a group of employees who wants to give a gift together, personalized cufflinks can also work well here, just choose a more expensive style such as sterling silver, silver plated or even gold or gold-plated cufflinks. Cufflinks come in a wide range of styles so you can surely find a pair that will fit his personality and fashion sense.

Another gift idea that is perfect for an employee to give a boss is a personalized coffee mug. This is a relatively inexpensive gift that you can have printed with his name and the company logo or a phrase like “#1 Boss” or “Best Boss in The World”. Another option would be to have it printed with a photo that would be meaningful to him or her, such as a photo of the employees and boss together at a company outing or event or even just a treasured family photo.

If you know that the boss enjoys drinking, then a very unique and fun gift for their employees to give them would be a personalized flask set. A flask is simply a container which is designed to hold hard liquor inside stainless steel. A flask is flat shaped so that it will fit in their suit or jacket pocket or inside a purse easily. Flasks are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and they even make pink flask sets for women. Flasks often have accessories like little glasses to be able to serve friends with a drink. A flask set can be engraved on the side with initials or their name.

Personalized Gifts for Employees

If you’re a boss of a number of employees, then buying gifts in bulk might be a good strategy. You can certainly find stores online which specialized in personalized gifts where you can purchase many gifts at once. One idea would be to give your employees a personalized pen and pencil set. This is an affordable gift that looks impressive and is appropriate for every employee. Simple engraving of their first and last name or their title and name would be perfect.

Another idea would be a personalized keychain. Keychains are affordable to buy for many employees at once and are simple to personalize with their first name or initials. A keychain is a handy gift that everyone can use, and with it being personalized, it shows you went the extra mile to give your employees a gift that will make them feel special.

Another idea for a gift for a boss to give their employees is a personalized business card holder. If your employees use business cards often, then this would surely be a handy gift that they can use. A business card holder can be used to keep their business cards safe and in good condition inside their purse or pocket. It can also be personalized with their name and even your company logo.

Personalized Gifts for Co-workers

Co-workers can be tricky to purchase gifts for, but thankfully buying personalized gifts fits the bill here too. Consider a coffee related gift such as a coffee mug or travel mug. Every employee can use a coffee mug, even if they don’t drink coffee. A mug can hold whatever liquid you want, of course. A coffee mug can be printed with a picture or just their name and the company logo. A travel mug is another option, especially if your co-workers commute to work each day. A travel mug can be engraved with their name or initials.

Another gift idea for your fellow employees is a personalized money clip. Everyone can use a money clip to hold their paper currency together. Or if they can’t, a money clip can be used to hold other types of papers and files together. Make the money clip extra special by having it engraved with their first and last name.

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