Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas Gift Guide

6th Nov 2014

Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas Gift Guide

When a special occasion rolls around, whether it’s someone’s birthday, a special anniversary or the holidays, and you want to make sure you get something special for someone, it’s not always easy to think of a gift that is both unique and thoughtful. However, there are indeed many options for unique gifts you can give. You just have to be determined to find them. We have done the research and found a number of unique and thoughtful gift ideas for your loved one, no matter their age.

Babies & Children

As a gift for babies, you want something that will show you care, yet will also be appropriate. Instead of a toy, blanket or some accessory, consider giving a  personalized picture frame. While the gift won’t be a hands-on type gift for the baby, the parents can place the picture frame with a meaningful picture on the nursery room wall or on a dresser or side table for the baby to view from their crib. Babies do recognize faces, so if you are a relative that lives far away or simply can’t visit often, giving them a picture of you to remember your face is a nice thought. The picture frame can be customized with their name or your name or a special message.

For kids, there are a number of options for unique gifts. First, consider a  personalized bracelet in leather, rubber or bright and shiny stainless steel. You can have the bracelet engraved in a fancy font with their first name, which kids will appreciate more than their initials. Another option is giving them engraved dog tags. This is a fun gift to give and you can have the dog tags engraved with more than just their name, you can opt to engrave it with a thoughtful poem or special message.


For teens, a personalized picture frame makes a nice gift. Have it engraved with their graduation date and place a picture of them on their graduation day inside the frame for a perfect graduation gift or give it later in the same year as a holiday gift. A picture frame makes a wonderful remembrance for any special day or event. Another gift idea for teens is an engraved pen set with their name. This makes a wonderful gift for teens going off to college.


For women, jewelry is just about always a perfect gift idea. Women love to receive jewelry as a gift. For that special woman in your life, an engraved  promise ring would be a cherished gift. Engrave it with your names and the day you met to make it extra special.

As a special Mother’s Day gift, consider an engraved  jewelry box, bracelet or photo locket. A locket is an especially thoughtful gift for any Mom. Make it extra special by placing a picture of that special someone in her life inside it before giving it to her.


Any man would enjoy receiving an engraved lighter as a gift. Have it engraved with their initials and it would be a treasured gift. For cigar smokers, an engraved cigar case would be well received. For that special man in your life, an engraved ring would also be a nice choice. Even if you’re already married, you can get them a ring that symbolizes a special date or event in your marriage, such as the birth of your children.  Engraved cufflinks are also a nice idea, engraved with their initials and given in their own sharp looking case. If your man carries around a  flask, with the liquid of their choice, they would certainly enjoy receiving a new flask set engraved with their initials. Available in shiny stainless steel or even leather wrapped, no longer the old fashioned accessory you see in classic movies, flasks are making a comeback. For Dad on Father’s Day, consider giving him an engraved pocket watch. Instead of the typical watch gift you buy at a store, opt for a specially engraved watch to thank him for being your Dad. Like flasks, pocket watches are making a comeback and are now considered a cool accessory for men.


For Grandma, an engraved photo locket or keychain locket would certainly be appreciated. For Grandpa, a pair of engraved cufflinks, a pocket watch or a flask set is a nice idea. For seniors, a  medical ID bracelet is also an option. With a medical ID bracelet, if they get lost or have a health issue away from home, medical personnel can easily ascertain their medical conditions, any prescription medications and emergency contact details to make sure they are well taken care of.


A boss can often be difficult to buy for. You want to get something they would appreciate, yet you don’t want to give them something too personal. An  engraved pen is the perfect gift for any boss. Or consider an engraved key ring. With these two gift options, they strike a nice balance of being a genuinely nice and thoughtful gift, since you had them engraved, yet they don’t cross the line of being too personal or inappropriate of a gift.


A teacher is also tricky to buy gifts for. Like with a boss, you want to give them something thoughtful, but that doesn't feel inappropriate or too extravagant. Whether it’s for that teacher who taught your kids, or if you’re a student who wants to give something meaningful to the teacher who has really helped you, good gift options would include an engraved pen or key ring. Engrave it with something simple like their initials or even a simple message like “World’s Greatest Teacher”.

Wedding Party Gifts

Many brides and grooms opt to give gifts to the friends and family who participate in their wedding party as bridesmaids and grooms, to thank them for being part of their special day. Great options for  bridesmaid gifts include engraved items like bracelets, compact mirrors or necklaces. For the  groomsmen, you can’t go wrong with a lighter, key ring, keychain, pocket knife or flask set, all engraved with their initials, name or some special message of remembrance of your wedding day.

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