Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Choose the best gifts for your mom

8th Apr 2021

When Mother’s Day rolls around, it’s always tempting to fall back on the typical and easy gifts you can give. Things like cards, flowers, chocolates or treating her to a lunch or dinner are pretty popular. However, there are many other gifts you can give, including ones that might be considered more special or substantial, even stylish. Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that are unique, stylish and will certainly please your Mom on her special day.

Personalized Locket Pendant Necklaces

First, we have a very thoughtful gift idea, the personalized locket pendant. This is basically a necklace that has a pendant hanging from it. The pendant can be in a variety of shapes, like oval, heart shaped, square or circle, but is always flat. What’s special about it is that it opens to reveal something, often a small picture, a lock of hair and some engraving. Sometimes the locket can be engraved on the outside and the inside. 

This is a wonderful gift for any Mom. It can be a remembrance gift for someone she has lost or just a special reminder of someone who she cherishes, even a pet. This is such a unique gift since there is so much customization involved, not only the engraving, but you also have the picture that goes inside. Any Mom will love to receive a locket pendant on Mother’s Day.

Personalized Birthstone Rings

Here’s another very customized gift idea, a personalized birthstone ring. This is basically a ring that has a birthstone in it. This can be her birthstone, but there is also another type of birthstone ring that you might not have heard of. There are birthstone rings which have room to feature a number of stones, these would be used to symbolize each of her children, or even her grandchildren using their birthstones instead of hers. 

This can be a wonderful gift idea for any Mom or Grandma who loves her kids and/or grandkids, and what Mom or Grandma doesn’t?! The unique colors from the different birthstones, plus any extra engraving you add make it a very beautiful and stylish piece to add to her jewelry collection. The only tricky thing with this gift is you need to know her ring size, though this type of ring can be worn on different fingers, so you can just guesstimate if needed.

Personalized Name Necklaces

Name necklaces are a hot gift these days, and would certainly make a great gift for Mother’s Day. A name necklace is exactly that, any necklace which features her name. Though there are different styles. For example, one popular name necklace features a pendant where the pendant is actually made of sterling silver or silver colored metal that is shaped into her name, this makes it quite unique and stylish. Another style is a more traditional pendant which actually features her name engraved on a pendant, usually a bar, which can be horizontal or vertical. 

Since these necklaces feature her name, usually in a fancy font, they definitely fit the bill for a unique and stylish Mother’s Day gift. You also don’t need to worry about getting a particular size for this gift, as necklaces are generally one size fits all, or the chain can be changed out by her very easily and inexpensively.

Personalized Bracelets

Bracelets are always a popular gift for women, and certainly make a great gift for Moms on Mother’s Day as well. There’s such a huge variety of bracelets too. You’re sure to find one that matches your Mom’s personality and style. Though bracelets that are personalized are certainly the most unique bracelet option you can choose. 

You can go for a cuff bracelet which has been personalized with fancy engraving of her name on the side. Or choose something that is made of a different material, like a braided bracelet, leather bracelet, textile bracelet, charm bracelet or a silicone bracelet. There are so many different styles to choose from, and all have an area on the side which you can have her name engraved. 

Sometimes you’ll even have the option to have some special wording engraved on the inside of the bracelet, depending on what it is made from. One wonderful thing about bracelets is that you don’t need to worry about getting the right size, as most bracelets are either adjustable or one size fits all.

Personalized Jewelry Boxes

Here’s a more traditional Mother’s Day gift option, a jewelry box. It’s certainly more typical, yet if you have it engraved, then you are making it completely unique for her. There’s a number of styles for you to choose from when it comes to jewelry boxes. You can opt for a classic heart shaped jewelry box or go for something a little different, like an oval, square or rectangle box which has some other unique embellishments engraved on it. 

Don’t forget to make it extra special with engraving, which you can usually include either on the inside or outside, or sometimes both. Also, you don’t want Mom to open up an empty jewelry box, so be sure to include a piece of jewelry inside of it, or perhaps even tickets to see a play or a gift card to a favorite store.

Personalized Pill Box

Here’s a very different idea that older Mom’s would certainly find useful, a personalized pill box. Available in a number of styles, these pill boxes are a fancy and stylish way to hold her pills or other trinkets in her purse or pocket. Yes, even a pill box can be engraved with her name or initials.

Personalized Compact Mirror

Every Mom can make use of a new compact mirror, so why not choose one that can be personalized? You can choose a fancy heart shaped mirror or something a bit more understated like an oval or circular mirror. You can have the mirror engraved with her initials or her first name. Each time she uses her mirror, she’ll surely think of you!

Final Words

There you have it, all the Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas in your hand. Choose the one that suits your loving mom and surprise her. The best thing to do on mother's day is to surprise her with a fantastic gift. We have covered all the beautiful gift ideas for your concern.

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