​Surprisingly Affordable and Unique Christmas Gifts

7th Oct 2019

Don’t have a huge budget for Christmas gifts this year? You aren’t alone. Many people are trying to spend less on Christmas gifts in order to save money. However, you don’t have to choose lesser quality gifts if you don’t have a big budget. There are great Christmas gift ideas that are also affordable and unique at the same time. Don’t fret, read on to find out some surprisingly affordable and incredibly unique Christmas gift ideas that you would be proud to give and anyone would enjoy receiving.


A watch is a classic Christmas gift that everyone would enjoy getting under their tree. But did you know watches can be affordable too? Not only that, but you would be surprised to know that watches can be engraved for much less than you think, making a personalized watch a gift that is possible on just about any budget. Choose a pocket watch for the guys on your list of just about any age. Or choose a classic wrist watch for everyone else on your list. You would be shocked to know that even fancy looking pocket watches and wrist watches can be engraved and gift boxed for you for as little as $20 to $30. A watch made of shiny stainless steel makes for an impressive gift for not much money at all. Just imagine the look on their faces when they receive a watch that features their name and best wishes from you. Plus, most watches come in a nice gift box which you can wrap with a nice bow making for a beautiful presentation.

Phone Cases

Every adult and every teenager, even some children have smartphones these days. A personalized phone case is a gift you can give that will be impressive and for not much money at all. In fact, you can have a phone case personalized for any iPhone with a favorite or treasured picture for as little as $20. A personalized phone case is not only handy but it will help protect their smartphone investment from damage for years.

Business Card Case

For any business person or aspiring business person, business cards are an essential. Many people carry around their business cards in their pocket, purse or wallet, but they will often get damaged more easily. Why not consider getting that business person in your life a business card case that has been personalized with their name. Available in durable materials like stainless steel or wood, a business card case would protect their business cards and make them easier to handle when giving them out. It might even help them land their dream job! A personalized business card case can be had for as little as $10.

Money Clips

A money clip can come in handy for anyone who works with a lot of paper currency. Many jobs require cash to be carried around and a money clip makes it easy to keep a bunch of bills together and safe. A money clip is an affordable gift that can be personalized for not much money, as little as $9! What a handy and useful gift for so little money.


Cufflinks are a more typical gift, but did you know you can give cufflinks that are really nice but still affordable? Cufflinks are great for giving to any man, they will certainly be able to use them at some point but especially for business people who wear suits often. Cufflinks are a classy way to keep shirt sleeves together. Cufflinks are available in many designs, and can be personalized with their initials. A nice pair of cufflinks can run between $12 to $20 for nice stainless-steel designs. Cufflinks also come in a nice box typically, making wrapping so much easier.

Compact Mirror

A compact mirror is handy gift for any woman. It can be engraved with initials or a name and can be had for not much money at all, just $16. A compact mirror is also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer for any age of woman or girl. Remember, each time she uses her personalized compact mirror, she will think of you!


Bracelets are a pretty typical gift for most occasions, but when you personalize the bracelet, you are making it completely unique to the recipient. There are hundreds of styles to choose from when it comes to bracelets that can be personalized or engraved in some way. A silicone bracelet is quite affordable and can be personalized with their first name for very little cost, as little as just $10. $10 for a personalized bracelet? Quite a bargain and makes an easy gift to give.


For the home, some ideas for unique and affordable Christmas gifts include beer steins, shot glasses, coffee mugs, wine glasses, champagne glasses and wine tools. All of these can be personalized with etching or engraving. You can also choose a wine tools set with handy tools like corkscrews, cork cutters and other wine related tools for much less than you might think.


Necklaces are another typical gift idea that can be great to give to anyone at Christmas, but did you know they can also be insanely affordable and still customizable? Yes, it’s true. Necklaces come in a seemingly endless array of styles suitable for just about anyone on your list, even men, but most often a necklace is a great Christmas gift for the women in your life. For example, a gorgeous and shiny stainless-steel name necklace or necklace with dog tag pendant can be had for under $20. For less than $30, you can have a treasured picture printed on a pendant or dog tag, which makes for a super impressive gift for anyone on your gift list.


Here’s another gift that just about anyone can use, a personalized keychain. For less than $20, you can give a keychain that has been engraved with their name. Keychains are also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer gift. A gift that is handy, useful, practical and affordable? Yes, that’s a personalized keychain.

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