Wondering What to choose for St Patrick's Day Gifts? Read This!

15th Mar 2015

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th of each year. The day is meant to celebrate or observe the death of Saint Patrick, who was the patron saint of the country of Ireland. It was mainly an Irish holiday, however, due to the emigration of Irish people to many other parts of the world, including to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the holiday is widely celebrated in most English speaking countries. 

In particular, parades are held in cities with a large population of people with Irish heritage, like Boston and New York. There is also a famous parade in Dublin, Ireland. Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day also includes the celebration of Irish heritage with the wearing of green clothing and drinking of alcohol. In some countries, if you don’t wear something of a green color on St. Patrick’s Day, you might get pinched. For some people, particularly of the Catholic faith, the holiday is religious and may include a church service in honor of the Saint.

Gift giving is not traditional on St. Patrick’s Day, but many people do take advantage of the day to give St. Patrick’s Day themed presents. If you’re looking for ideas for gifts to give on St. Patrick’s Day, whether for a loved one who is Irish or as a favor for a party, here are some ideas.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are wonderful gifts for any occasion, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. For men, a nice engraved flask would make a handsome gift. Or consider an engraved lighter or barbecue tool set. For women, a nice idea would be a personalized wine tool set. 

Personalized jewelry can also be an option for St. Patrick’s Day, especially for women and children. Ideas include personalized pendants, bracelets or rings. These items can all be engraved with a simple holiday greeting, religious quote or some other message.

Something Green

Since green plays a huge role in the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, there are many options for gifts in green. Consider green clothing such as a green sweater, green shamrock embellished tie or something more fun like green socks or a green hat. These would also make lovely gifts for children.

Lucky Gifts

Luck also plays a part in the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day. In particular, a four leaf clover signifies Irish luck, mostly because a four leaf clover is harder to find among three leaf clovers. Hence, if you find a four leaf clover, you’re considered lucky. The four leaf clover has become synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day and is its unofficial symbol. Gifts adorned with lucky clovers can be found easily in stores and online.

Plants or Flowers

A plant or some flowers can also make a nice gift for St. Patrick’s Day. You can give green plants to symbolize the day or choose specially created pastel green colored flowers. There are also plants that are appropriate; you can give someone a pot filled with clovers. If you walk into any florist shop on St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll find many themed bouquets with flowers and plants in shades of green and white. There are also packages or kits you can buy that allow anyone to grow their own clovers, which make a cute gift for children or the gardener in your life.

Gourmet Treats

Around St. Patrick’s Day, you can find many stores and online stores bursting with St. Patrick’s Day themed goodies just ready to be gifted. Check out any chocolate or candy store and you’ll find chocolates wrapped in special St. Patrick’s Day wrapping paper. There are also particular candies that are appropriate for this day, including Irish potato candy and candies made with Irish cream liqueur. 

There are also online shops where you can buy cookies, chocolates, popcorn and many other items with an Irish theme. Or you can always make something in your own kitchen. Ideas include Guinness brownies, Irish tea cake, Irish soda bread cookies, Irish potato candy, Irish pound cake, barm brack, potato cake, Irish flag cookies or a myriad of other treat recipes that contain Bailey’s Irish Cream. Fudge made with Irish whiskey is also a popular gift.


St. Patrick’s Day is a big day for drinking in Ireland, but also around the world, wherever the day is celebrated. Walk into any bar in the United States on St. Patrick’s Day and you’re sure to see a sign that advertises green beer for sale. In nearly every case, this just means that green food coloring has been added to the beer, as of course, there is no such thing as green beer. 

Since drinking is so popular for this celebration, alcohol can make a great gift. In particular, Irish alcohol is what you’ll most likely want to give. Popular Irish alcohols include Guinness beer, Bailey’s Irish cream and any of the many Irish whiskey brands. Other drinks are popular in Ireland though, like cider, mead and poitin. In addition, Irish coffee is a popular drink, which consists of a shot of whiskey (Irish of course) and some very hot, steamy and strong black coffee. This drink is then topped with thick double cream. This is a wonderful drink to try at home for your party guests.

Irish Themed Gifts

There are also many options for Irish themed gifts you can give. Since Ireland is home to millions of sheep, wool clothing is quite popular and a major export. A good choice in wool gifts would be a classic off-white wool sweater with Celtic designs. Other popular wool gifts include hats and scarves. Ireland is also famous for their glass and porcelain makers, like Waterford crystal and Belleek porcelain. 

You can give large pieces or small items like candy dishes or Christmas ornaments. Ireland also has a famous and unique musical history. Some Irish themed musical gifts might include a CD of Irish folk music or a traditional instrument like an Irish tin whistle or a bodhran, which is a traditional Irish handheld drum. Jewelry in Celtic designs is also popular. A Claddagh necklace or ring is a popular gift to give to women.


So you already have all the ideas for st patrick's day gifts from our list. Grab the one that suits your friends and family.

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