Personalized Gifts to Impress Any Boss

Personalized Gifts to Impress Any Boss

7th Apr 2022

If you’ve got a good boss, you’re lucky. Good bosses deserve to be praised and rewarded for all the hard work they do year-round and for treating their employees and customers well. Luckily, there are many good choices for gifts for your boss that fit any occasion, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, National Bosses Day or some other occasion. Read on to learn about some great gifts that will impress that special boss.

Personalized Cufflinks

Every boss needs cufflinks. In fact, some bosses may have many pairs. Why not get your boss a nice new set of cufflinks which features his initials engraved into them. There are many styles and shapes available which would fit his personality and typical attire. Cufflinks are also relatively inexpensive, yet quite impressive to give. Personalized cufflinks are an ideal gift for the boss who wears a dress shirt and/or suit and tie every day. He’ll surely be able to make use of them!

Personalized Tie Accessories

What boss can’t use tie accessories? Any boss who wears a tie, and many of them do, can certainly use a new tie accessory. You have many choices in this area, and the good news is that they can usually be engraved to make them personalized just for them. Consider a tie clip which has his name or initials engraved on it. There are so many different styles available that you’re sure to find one to fit his personality and fashion sense perfectly.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Every boss, whether male or female can make use of a new coffee mug. Make it even better by having it personalized just for them. You can include the business logo and their name or go for something more personal like a coffee mug with a favorite family photo, like one they already have on their desk, printed on the side. Another option in this area is the personalized travel mug, which is great for any boss who commutes to work in a car.

Personalized Jewelry Box

Whether a boss is a man or woman, they can both make use of a personalized jewelry box. Men have plenty of jewelry, like rings and watches plus cufflinks and tie accessories too. Women always have plenty of jewelry to place in a jewelry box. There are wonderful styles for women, like heart shaped, circle or oval boxes in a fancy and shiny chrome finish. Or for guys, choose a box in a square or rectangular form which has some masculine embellishments. For men, there are also nice watch boxes available, which are especially nice ideas for the boss who has a number of watches or who might even collect watches.

Personalized Barware

Barware is a category of gifts that covers many different items, but for any boss who you know enjoys drinking, this category can contain the ideal gift. You have many choices in this niche, consider a glass beer stein engraved with his name. Or how about a set of shot glasses engraved with his initials on the side. You might even consider something for his home bar, like a set of coasters with his name, like “Ralph’s Pub”. There are also wine related gifts that can be great to give if you know they enjoy wine. Consider a set of wine tools which can include a corkscrew, bottle opener, bottle stopper, foil cutter and more, all set into a nice wooden box for storage. The accessories can be engraved with his/her name or initials but also the box can be engraved as well. You might also consider a set of engraved wine glasses too. Along with any wine related gift, you might want to give a nice bottle of wine as well.

Personalized Golf Gifts

It might be a stereotype, but it’s also often true, that bosses love to golf. Some might view it as a way to schmooze a potential business connection or they might do it for networking purposes. Or maybe they just love to golf. No matter the reason, if they golf, they might enjoy a golf related gift. Consider an accessory which has a golf theme, like a keychain or money clip. These can be easily engraved with their initials or name. There’s also gifts that can be used for the actual game, like personalized golf tees or golf balls. There’s even sets of golf balls and tees which come in a fancy box, all of which can feature their name or initials.

Personalized BBQ Accessories

For the boss who you know enjoys grilling in their backyard, consider some BBQ accessories. You can get them a box of BBQ accessories which includes tongs, a spatula and a large fork, all in a nice wooden box. All of which can be engraved on the handles and on the actual box you store it in. Or give just one accessory like a nice set of tongs which have their name engraved on the handle. A handy and inexpensive accessory to go with this gift might be some oven gloves or an apron.

Personalized Smoking Accessories

For the boss who enjoys smoking, whether cigars or cigarettes, there are many possible gift ideas. For the cigarette smoker, consider a cigarette case, complete with engraving of their initials or first name. These can also double as a business card case, should they quit smoking anytime soon. For the cigar smoker, you have even more choices. Consider a humidor. These are basically wooden boxes which are specially made to keep cigars at a certain temperature and stored properly for maximum freshness. For a boss who enjoys expensive cigars, a humidor might be an ideal gift. The humidor can be engraved or carved on the top with his initials, name or other wording. If you don’t want to get something as large as a humidor, then consider a gift of a cigar cutter or cigar holder. These are much less expensive and can also be engraved. Lastly, for any smoker, a personalized lighter would be a great gift, and these come in many styles and can also be engraved.

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