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Customizable Options foster a deep emotional connection Memorable Keepsakes Versatile for All Occasions Thoughtful and Unique Customizable Options foster a deep emotional connection Memorable Keepsakes Versatile for All Occasions Thoughtful and Unique Customizable Options foster a deep emotional connection Memorable Keepsakes Versatile for All Occasions Thoughtful and Unique

Personalized Gifts for Any Birthday

Personalized gifts can be a great gift for just about any occasion, but are even more ideal gifts for just about any birthday. When it’s someone’s birthday, and the onus is on you to give something special, perhaps even unique, then a personalized gift is a gift that certainly meets that criteria. Read on for many different birthday gift ideas that can all be personalized for that special someone.

Personalized Necklaces

A necklace is a great gift for any occasion, but it’s especially great for birthdays. That’s because a necklace doesn’t have any particular size requirements, a necklace is typically one size fits all, so you don’t need to worry about getting the perfect size. With a personalized necklace, there’s a wide range of styles, designs and materials available that makes it easy to choose a gift that is right for different people. For example, for a lower budget, choose a personalized necklace in stainless steel that has been engraved with their first or last name. Or choose one of the many styles of name necklace, which can all be purchased in inexpensive yet durable and beautiful stainless steel. Or if your budget is higher, choose a necklace made from sterling silver. Necklaces can also include a pendant which can usually be engraved with their name. For an extra special birthday, perhaps a milestone birthday, consider a locket necklace. This type of necklace features a chain with a pendant which has hinges, and can be opened on the side to reveal a small picture with special engraving. A locket makes a great gift for Grandma, Mom, sisters and nieces on their milestone birthday.

Personalized Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is a great gift for men and women on their birthdays. Yes, even men would appreciate a nice jewelry box with a masculine design. Consider that men have jewelry too, such as watches, cufflinks, rings, bracelets and even necklaces. A jewelry box can be made of stainless steel or sterling silver and can be purchased in many different designs. A personalized jewelry box makes the gift extra special for someone’s birthday. Have it engraved with special birthday wishes on the inside and their initials engraved on the outside. Jewelry boxes make for an impressive gift for any recipient on their birthday.

Personalized Watches

More for men than for women, a watch can be an impressive gift to give on any birthday. You can purchase watches in styles to fit just about any personality or age. Then have the watch engraved with their initials and engrave a message on the backside to express your birthday wishes. Another option in the same arena is a personalized pocket watch. These fun retro style watches have made a comeback in recent years. These watches fit in your pocket and hang on to your pants or suit with a chain. A personalized pocket watch makes a great gift especially for brother, father or Grandpa. Have it engraved with their initials on the outside and birthday wishes from you on the inside.

Personalized Rings

Rings are available in practically unlimited styles, colors and designs to fit any personality. Though keep in mind that giving a ring as a gift is mainly reserved for couples or very close friends rather than family members. A ring can be personalized on the outside and/or on the inside. For a romantic gift for that special someone in your life’s birthday, consider a promise ring or engagement ring. For that best friend’s birthday, consider a best friend ring. Yes, there is such a thing as a best friend ring, they usually include engraving like “Best Friends Forever” or “Forever Friends”.

Personalized Bracelets

A bracelet can be a great birthday gift for any age. A bracelet has lots of room for engraving and personalization, typically on the outside and/or on the inside of the bracelet. Plus, they are available in so many materials and metals. From silicone, textile and beads all the way up to stainless steel, sterling silver and even gold.

Personalized Bar and Drinkware

Adult birthdays are often fun days where there can be much drinking. For these birthdays, consider gifts of bar or drinkware. Choose from personalized shot glasses, beer mugs, coasters and even beer steins, all available to be engraved with their name or initials. For example, if the recipient has a home bar, then a personalized shot glass or beer mug featuring their name, initials or even a fun name like “Bob’s Bar” would be fantastic. Don’t forget that there are other types of drinkware that can be personalized as well, like coffee mugs and travel mugs.

Personalized Flasks

Along the same vein as personalized bar and drinkware, we have personalized flasks. A flask is simply a way to carry around hard liquor very easily in your purse or pocket. The flask is actually shaped to easily fit in these places to make carrying a little liquid refreshment around much more portable. Flasks have lots of room on the side to engrave initials or a first or last name. Choose from elegant flasks in shiny stainless steel or flasks that feature fancy cases and accessories.

Personalized Pocket Knives

A pocket knife is a super handy gift that can be easily personalized with a name on the handle, making it an ideal gift for Dad, brother or friends. Personalized pocket knives are available in many styles and sizes to fit any personality. You can also choose a multi-tool or swiss army style knife that contains many tools inside like a screwdriver, pliers, file, corkscrew, ruler, scissors and other handy tools all in one practical piece that fits in any pocket or glove compartment.

Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an ideal gift for men who work in the corporate world or who wear suits for their work. Personalize these practical items and you’ve made them an extra special gift. Cufflinks are available in many styles and can be easily engraved with initials, making for an impressive look.

24th Sep 2018

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