Personalized Gifs For Valentines

14th Mar 2015

Personalized Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day when most couple’s give gifts to each other. Choosing an appropriate and thoughtful gift for someone for Valentine’s Day can be quite difficult, even tricky. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give a gift to someone you love or have a romantic interest in, yet you don’t want to give the wrong impression either. This is why a personalized gift can be the right choice in many instances. Here are some ideas for personalized gifts that will make their heart flutter for you.

Couples Pendants

For a couple in love, there are few gifts that will be more appreciated than a couple’s pendant. This type of pendant comes in a number of styles. One of the most popular options is a pendant made in shiny, stylish, yet inexpensive stainless steel. It includes a chain plus a pendant which is in the shape of a heart. The heart is broken into two pieces. On each side of the heart the names of the couple are engraved. One person gives the gift and keeps one side of the pendant to wear. This makes for a very impressive and romantic gift, especially for younger couples. It’s quite symbolic in that you are expressing your love for the other person and making a clear statement about your relationship. The broken heart is worn by each person and when the two people and the two hearts come together they can be put together to make a single whole heart. What a lovely thought and a delightful gift!

Matching Rings

A set of matching rings, whether just as a gift for Valentine’s Day or as a promise ring or even engagement ring is an idea to consider. There are many styles of matching rings available and they can all be engraved. The possibilities are endless with this gift. You can have it engraved with just your names, a special phrase, quote, scripture, date or some other symbolic wording. Whatever you choose to engrave the rings with will determine how the gift will be taken. It can be a serious gift for a promise of marriage or just a gift between best friends, the beauty of an engraved gift is that you can decide the meaning with which it will be taken.

Matching Bracelets

For couples who are young in age or couples who are just young at heart, bracelets are gifts to consider. Particularly matching bracelets which can be engraved with wording, these can be a gift that is romantic, but isn’t overly serious. In fact, you can make matching bracelets a serious romantic gesture or just a playful gift that says you care. It all depends on the wording you decide to have engraved. You can go simple, like having your names engraved in large letters or get serious and engrave a romantic quote, your names, the date you met or some other symbolic wording.


If you’re looking for a romantic gift for a man who wears suits, then engraved cufflinks are a gift to consider. Men who work as salesmen or in a corporate environment are often in need of some nice cufflinks to adorn their tailored suits. They will certainly enjoy receiving a pair of cufflinks that has been engraved with their initials or name. Or go one step farther and have them engraved with a message which exemplifies your love for him on the back. When he wears them in those boring corporate meetings, he’ll certainly be thinking of you.

Pocket Watch

Here’s another idea for a romantic gift for any man, a pocket watch. These stylish, yet retro fashion accessories have been making a serious comeback in recent years. This is a good gift idea for just about any man, whether he works in a corporate environment or is an auto mechanic, it doesn’t matter. A pocket watch can attach to a jacket, coat or most pants so it makes for a nice gift for a man who works in an environment in which his things might be easily lost or stolen. With pocket watches, they have lots of area that can be engraved, whether on the outside or on the inside. There are many ideas for engraving this type of item. Engrave the outside with his name or initials and then engrave the inside with a special message from you. Each time he opens the watch to check the time, he’ll see your message and think of you. Due to this, a pocket watch makes for a fantastic gift idea for a man who works long hours or travels for work.

Jewelry Box

A jewelry box makes for a romantic gift for any woman. With a personalized jewelry box, you take what was already a wonderful idea one step further. Personalized jewelry boxes are available in a number of styles. You can go overtly romantic by choosing a heart shaped jewelry box. There are also jewelry boxes in rectangular designs with elegant embellishments. You can choose to have the inside or outside engraved with their name or a romantic message from you. Each time they open the jewelry box to get out a piece of jewelry to wear, they’ll be thinking of you. Make this gift twice as nice by filling it with another piece of jewelry or even a few nice jewelry items like a necklace and earring set. These pieces can be engraved as well.

Picture Frame

Pictures are always a nice gift to receive, and they can be quite a romantic gift too. Consider giving a personalized picture frame with a collage of your favorite moments as a couple placed inside. This can be given by either member of the couple and would be perfectly appropriate no matter the stage of the relationship. A picture frame can be engraved with your names or something symbolic of your relationship like the date you met or the place you met. Picture frames will typically become part of a home’s décor and allow the recipient to show off some of your romantic moments to visitors.

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