Personalized Christmas Gifts Ideas

15th Mar 2015

Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Any Age

Personalized gifts give you an amazing advantage. Not only do you present the gift recipient with a nice gift, but the gift is one you’ve taken the time to personalize with some type of printing or engraving. This makes the gift extra special and unforgettable. In addition, personalized gifts can be appropriate and treasured gifts to give people of any age. Read on to find out the many options available according to age.


For children, having a gift given to them that is engraved or printed with their name will make them feel incredibly special, even loved. A wonderful idea for small children is a bracelet engraved with their name. Bracelets are available in stainless steel, rubber or even leather. Each has an area where their name can be engraved. For small children, choose an easy to read font. For older children, you can go with a fancier font. Or you can go with initials or a special phrase or quote.

Another great idea for older children is a pen and pencil set; it can be engraved with their name. With their name on the pen, there’s no way that their pen will be stolen or lost while they have it at school.

For kids of any age, a dog tag necklace makes a cute gift. There are many engraving ideas you can choose, from inspirational quotes, Bible verses, a meaningful poem, a message from you or whatever else you can dream of. You can also go simple instead, choosing to just include their name and stats in a military style format. Or be more practical by choosing to use it as a utility item by including their name and parent’s contact details and, if appropriate, their medical details.

Another nice idea for kids would be a photo frame. You can place a treasured picture in it, of you or them or even a family portrait. Then have it engraved with the names of whoever appears in the picture.


For teens, there are many options for gift ideas. First, consider a personalized pen set. It can be engraved with their name to make them feel extra special. This is a very traditional and customary gift for teens going off to college and will always be appreciated. Despite the digital age and seemingly less and less use for pens, a student in college will always still need a good pen set.

For teens, an engraved bracelet is a perfectly appropriate gift. Just an engraving with their name or initials makes for a nice fashion accessory and it works for both boys and girls. Having it engraved with some motivational words or phrases would also be a nice idea to give them encouraging words when they are in the midst of studying or during a test. Bracelets are an easy jewelry item to give, as you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size. Most bracelets are adjustable or one size fits all.

20-60 year olds

For adults, there’s a wide range of options for both men and women. For women, engraved jewelry is always appreciated, whether it’s a ring, bracelets, necklace with pendant or a locket. The appropriate words for engraving jewelry will differ depending on your relationship to the recipient. If you are giving a ring or other jewelry to your boyfriend or girlfriend, then romantic words about your relationship would be a good idea. Or choose something classic like “Tom + Mary 2015”.

For men in this age group, a nice option would be a pocket knife. Every man can use a pocket knife and one engraved with his name would be extra special. Another option would be a coffee mug. Have it printed with a special message, poem, quote or go old school and print it with something classic like “World’s Greatest Dad”.

For the suit wearing man, engraved cufflinks or a tie bar would certainly be appropriate. There are many options in this area, including gold, silver, stainless steel and many different design styles.

For any man, an inexpensive gift would be a money clip which features their name and it would certainly be an appreciated gift. For an inexpensive gift for women, consider a personalized compact mirror. Every woman can appreciate a nice compact mirror that they can carry around in their purse. A compact mirror with their initials or an inspirational quote would be a perfect secret Santa gift.

For the coffee or tea addict in your life, a personalized coffee mug or travel mug would certainly get lots of use. Have it personalized with a funny saying, catch-phrase or just their name. A coffee mug with their name would be a nice option if they worry about someone else using their coffee mug at work. With their name printed right on it, they won’t have to worry about losing their mug anymore.

For the golfer in your life, there are many golf gifts you can give them, including a golf gift box set complete with personalized balls, a putter and an automatic ball return.


For seniors, the #1 gift idea has to be a personalized picture frame. You can place a picture in it or let them fill it themselves. A wonderful idea for the grandkids to give their grandparents would be their latest school picture inside an engraved picture frame with their name and the current year or have it engraved with something like “I Love You Grandma!”

A pill box is also a lovely gift for seniors. You can easily make pill box hats at home. Another nice idea would be an engraved jewelry box. Make it extra special by choosing a heart shaped jewelry box engraved with a loving message or their favorite Bible verse or inspirational quote. Why not go the extra mile for Mom or Grandma by filling the jewelry box with some nice jewelry like a beautiful necklace with an engraved pendant or locket. A locket is always a nice gift which can be personalized to be a gift of remembrance for a loved one who has passed away or a special ancestor.

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