​Perfect Personalized Gifts for Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas

29th Jun 2020

Have an occasion coming around where you need to get a gift for your parents or grandparents? These older adults can always be tricky to buy gifts for, as they tend to have everything they want or can be choosy when it comes to gifts. You need not worry though, we have compiled a number of gift options that will satisfy just about any parent or grandparent, no matter the occasion. Read on to find out some wonderful gift ideas that are sure to impress these older folks.

Jewelry Boxes

You might think jewelry boxes are gifts just for women, but think again. Men have jewelry too! Watches, rings, even necklaces and bracelets, men can make use of a masculine looking jewelry box just as much as women. Jewelry boxes are always an appreciated gift for older women and your parent or grandparent will surely appreciate one. These older folks tend to have amassed quite a bit of jewelry in their time on earth and need somewhere to keep it safe. This is where a brand-new jewelry box comes in! For Mom or Grandma, get her a heart shaped or oval jewelry box made of durable stainless steel. You can even have it engraved with either her name or a simple “Mom” or “Grandma” on the outside. For Dads and Grandpas, choose a more masculine square or rectangle box with geometric, Roman or Greek embellishments. Don’t forget to put some jewelry in the box before wrapping, no one wants to open an empty box!


Especially for Moms and Grandmas, necklaces make a perfect gift. You can opt for simple name necklaces which feature her name or “Mom” or “Grandma” engraved on a bar. Or consider getting her a locket type pendant which opens to reveal a treasured picture. All necklaces can be engraved, and are also typically one size fits all, making them an ideal gift for Moms and Grandmas.


Mainly for the Dads and Grandpas who enjoy drinking, there are many options for barware that can be personalized. Consider a glass beer stein which is engraved with his first name or simply “Dad”. Also consider a set of shot glasses that have been engraved with his first name. Or how about a set of coasters which have his name or something special like “John’s Pub” engraved? You can also opt for a bottle opener which is engraved with his name.

Coffee Gifts

There are millions of people who enjoy coffee on a daily basis, and also millions of people who are practically addicted to coffee. No matter where your parent or grandparent falls in that spectrum, coffee related gifts are always a hit. Consider a personalized coffee mug with a treasured photo printed on the side. Or a coffee mug with his or her name printed on the side, or even their company logo. Another option for a coffee related gift that comes in immensely handy is a travel mug, with his or her name engraved on the side of course.

Golf Gifts

Grandparents tend to enjoy golf, so it makes sense that there would be many options when it comes to golf related gifts that can be personalized. Consider getting him or her a set of golf balls which have been printed with their name. Or a golf set which features golf balls and tees which feature their initials and/or name. There’s also jewelry and accessories which is golf themed, like keychains, money clips and even cufflinks which have golf balls or clubs as part of the design. All of which can be engraved of course.


A watch is a classic gift for men of any age, and are easily personalized. Instead of a typical watch you can get from the store, consider some different options. One unique option would be a wooden watch. This style of watch is easily engraved, or carved rather, with his name. A wooden watch also gives off a very unique and rustic look. Wood watches are also gaining in popularity, not just for their unique styling, but for their eco-friendliness. Yes, a wooden watch can eventually biodegrade or even be burned. This makes it a great choice for the eco-conscious Dad or Grandpa in your life. There’s also another option that is quite unique as far as watches, that is a personalized pocket watch. These retro watches have made a real comeback in recent years, thanks to movies and TV shows which feature a steampunk style. Steampunk is like a retro, old fashioned style, fused with futuristic elements, making for a fun look all around. Pocket watches are amazing gifts, since they are so unique, yet they are also easily personalized, either on the outside or inside, or even both. There’s plenty of room for longer engraving.

Wine Accessories

For the wine drinking parents and grandparents, there’s a plethora of wine accessories to choose from that can all be engraved. Consider a set of wine accessories in a wooden box, which can include a wine opener, corkscrew, stopper and other accessories. Each accessory, as well as the box can include personalization.


For the Dads and Grandpas, cufflinks make great gifts, especially if they wear suits often for work or for occasions. Cufflinks are available in many styles to suit the personality of the person. Cufflinks with initials are likely the best option and there are many font styles to choose from here.


Here’s a tremendously unique idea for a gift for older adults, a flask. A flask is simply a container for liquid, usually meant for hard liquors. A flask is made flat, so it can be carried around in a jacket or vest pocket or even a purse very easily. There are many options when it comes to flask gifts, including sets which have a case or cover and also a set of shot glasses for sharing a drink with friends. Flasks can be engraved on the side or on the cover with initials or a name.

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