Make Mother’s Day Special with Personalized Gifts

24th Mar 2018

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, its time to start thinking about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day. You could certainly go the typical gift route and give her flowers or a card. Those would be fine gifts, for sure. However, why not make this Mother’s Day special and get her something that has been uniquely personalized just for her? This is the kind of gift you can give if you choose a personalized gift. A personalized gift is simply an item, often already a nice gift in and of itself, that has been personalized in some way, usually by engraving or printing a name or other wording on the item. As you can imagine, this makes the gift completely one-of-a-kind and raises the uniqueness of the gift tenfold. Here are some personalized gift ideas that are perfect for giving to Mom on Mother’s Day.

Personalized Picture Frames

What Mom can’t use a new picture frame? Most Moms have new pictures taken of their family every year, especially when children are younger. These photos tend to pile up and might not even make it into a picture frame or photo album. Take care of that problem for her, by getting her a personalized picture frame. With a personalized picture frame, she can enjoy the latest pictures of her kids in a beautiful and unique frame that features wording or greetings on the frame edges, making it perfect for display on a desk, wall, mantle or nightstand. There are simple picture frames that can be engraved, like wood frames that can be carved with wording on the actual frame or choose a more elaborate chrome frame style which features room for more photos or even a photo album behind it.

Personalized Bracelets

Bracelets are an ideal Mother’s Day gift since they are usually one size fits all and come in a wide array of different styles and price ranges. No matter your age, you can give her a personalized bracelet that features her name, Mother’s Day greetings or some other special wording like “World’s Best Mom” or “#1 Mom”. You can give her a bracelet made of silicone or textile on the lower priced end, or if you have a bigger budget, opt for something fancier like sterling silver. Another great option is a stainless steel bracelet. This shiny material is very durable, will last many years, and can be engraved in so many different ways.

Personalized Watch

When it comes to a personalized watch, you might think it would be a better gift for Father’s Day. It can certainly be a great gift for Dads, but Moms certainly need to tell the time too! Why not consider a lovely personalized women’s watch for Mother’s Day? You can give something classy and flashy in gold or silver color metal or give something more rustic like a wood watch. Don’t forget to personalized the watch to make it extra special. Depending on the style, you can have the watch personalized on the face, band or more often, on the back, making this a perfect gift if you want to engrave a message that is a bit more personal.

Personalized Jewelry Box

Every woman enjoys receiving jewelry, and Moms are no different. Why not go another route, and give her something to put her jewelry in, like a personalized jewelry box? A personalized jewelry box makes for a classy and fancy looking gift, especially with her name or simply “Mom” engraved on the top. Go one step further and place some jewelry pieces inside the box as a surprise. There are many styles of jewelry boxes available to be engraved as well, from art deco styles to elegant floral styles and simple styles in different shapes like a heart shaped jewelry box.

Personalized Lockets

A locket is one of the best gifts you can give a Mom, but if you make it a personalized locket with some engraving you bring it up to an extra special gift level. A locket is simply a pendant that you wear on a chain. This pendant opens up in some way, usually to reveal a small photo or even a lock of someone’s hair. A locket can be heart shaped but is usually a circle or oval to allow room for what’s inside. You can give Mom a locket with a photo inside of someone she cares about, even you. You can also have the locket engraved with a special message on the inside that she would only see when she opens it up to reveal the photo. A locket is such a special gift that it should almost always be personalized in some way.

Personalized Compact Mirrors

Every woman usually has a compact mirror in her purse to check her hair or makeup when they are out and about. Usually bought at drugstores or attained from a beauty set, most mirrors are made of cheap plastic and are bounced about so much in purses, that they usually show a lot of wear and tear after even just a short time. Why not replace that cheap plastic compact mirror with a new stainless steel one that is durable and will look much classier when she whips it out in public? Bring it up another level by having it engraved with her name on the top. You can even have wording, like special wishes or greetings engraved on the inside of the mirror for her to see each time she uses it.

Personalized Pill Box

This might be a great gift for a Mom or Grandmother who is a bit older. If she has pills or even just vitamins that she takes every day, then a personalized pill box would make taking those pills a bit more pleasant. You can find different styles and designs and each pill box usually contains separators to keep different types of pills together. Have this handy item engraved with her first name or just simply “Mom” to turn it into a fun yet practical Mother’s Day gift.

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