Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts That She Will Treasure

20th Mar 2019

When Mother’s Day rolls around, we often rack our brains for something special to give Mom to show our love for her. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find a gift that will truly impress her, something that she will treasure. Sure, we can go with easy gifts like flowers or a box of chocolates or her favorite candy, but you probably get her gifts like that every year. Why not go the extra mile and get her something she will truly treasure? Why not get her something personalized or customized just for her? Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that Mom will love and treasure for a long time.

Photo Gifts

Mom’s love to receive photo related gifts. This can be anything from a collage of photos printed on a canvas to a digital photo frame. There are also personalized photo gifts available. For example, you can have a memorable photo printed on the side of a coffee mug. Or have a photo printed on a piece of jewelry like a pendant or bracelet. Yes, this type of printing is now available. You can have a photo of a grandchild and your Mother printed on a pendant such as a heart, oval or dog tag that can hang from just about any type of chain or attach to a bracelet.

Birthstone Jewelry

Jewelry is always a nice gift for Mom. However, birthstone jewelry takes this gift the extra step, since you are customizing it for her. In fact, there are now options for birthstone jewelry available that are greatly symbolic. For example, you can have a ring customized with the birthstones of all of her children and/or grandchildren. Then have it engraved on the outside or inside with special Mother’s Day wishes from you. This will certainly be a gift that will be greatly treasured and worn often. You can also choose to get her a piece of jewelry that features her birthstone instead, such as a necklace and pendant or ring. Finish it off with some Mother’s Day wishes for the engraving and you have a surefire hit of a gift.

Religious Jewelry

For Mom’s who are religious, then religious themed jewelry will likely make her very happy. Religious themed jewelry includes rings, bracelets and pendants that feature a cross, fish, praying hands or some scripture or verses engraved. You don’t need a piece of jewelry to feature one of these symbols for it to be religious though, you can make just about any piece of jewelry into a religious piece with some engraving of a Bible verse, chapter numbers or a religious saying.

Engraved Lockets

A locket is always a great gift idea for any Mom or Grandmother. A locket is a pendant that hangs on a chain, but the pendant is made so that it has hinges and opens to reveal a picture and often some engraving. The pendant often includes a small picture of a person or even a pet that is very special to them. You can even choose to put a picture of yourself in the locket, along with a special message from you. A locket is quite the symbolic gift since the locket is flat and is generally of a length that the locket will hang in front of her heart, a symbol of closeness.

Personalized Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is a fun gift for Mother’s Day, especially if you have it engraved when she opens it up with some special wishes or words from you. Each time she opens the box, she will think of you. There are many styles available for jewelry boxes including oval, circle, rectangle and even heart shaped jewelry boxes. A heart shaped box is a great way to go for a Mother’s Day gift as the heart is not just a symbol for romantic love, but it can be a symbol of familial love as well.

Name Necklaces

Here’s another fun idea for a gift that Mom will treasure, a name necklace. A name necklace is a necklace that features her name prominently in some way. The name can be her first name or even just a simple MOM. A name necklace can feature a pendant that is literally fashioned into cursive writing of her name or it can feature a pendant or bar that has her name engraved on it. Either way, this is a great personalized way to show you care.

Personalized Pill Box

Mom’s often take a pill of some sort, so why not get her a classy way to keep those pills safe in her purse? Consider giving Mom a personalized pill box. This snazzy looking gift comes in a number of shapes, including circle, oval, rectangle and square, as well as a number of styles. Though usually they are made of stainless steel. The outside can have some embellishments like floral or geometric shapes for a design or it can be smooth. On the inside, the box features a velvety lining that allow her pills to be safe while she is carrying them in her purse or pocket. The inside also often features separate areas for different types of pills, making this gift extra handy.

Medical ID Jewelry

As Mom is getting older, you may be more concerned about her safety, especially if she has any medical issues. For these Mom’s, consider medical ID jewelry. This is simply a piece of jewelry, like a necklace and pendant or a bracelet that features her vital medical information like blood type, allergies, any conditions or diseases, medications, etc. This vital information could prove very valuable to any medical personnel should anything happen to your Mom while she is out and about. It may even help save her life, as it could allow medical personnel to provide the most accurate medical care more quickly than without it and that’s a gift that’s worth giving.

Personalized Photo Frames

In the same realm as photo gifts are photo frames. Not just any frame though, consider a personalized photo frame. These gifts are available in a variety of styles and all can be engraved or carved around the edges with special wishes, names or other wording. Place some treasured photos on the inside to make it extra special.

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