Heart Themed Gifts for Valentine's Day

24th Jan 2017

Heart Themed Gifts for Valentine's Day

There is no greater symbol of love than the heart. It makes sense that the most prevalent symbol you find on gifts, cards and wrapping for Valentine’s Day is a heart. There might be one heart or many on a gift, but regardless of the number, the symbolism is the same. A heart symbolizes love and passion and these heart themed gifts are the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Rings

A ring is the classic symbol of love. Traditionally, we give rings for our engagements and weddings. There are also promise rings. Rings are an important symbol in modern romance. The shape, which is a never ending circle, is supposed to symbolize never ending love or infinity. Rings are also typically personalized with engraving, making them a great gift for Valentine’s Day. There are also many ways the heart symbol can be integrated into a ring. There are rings that are simple and dainty with a small heart. Or choose a more extravagant ring with heart shaped stones. You can even choose birthstones to give that extra bit of personalization. Another ring gift idea that is becoming more popular is called a Claddagh ring. A Claddagh ring is very symbolic in Irish culture. The Claddagh symbol consists of a heart with hands surrounding it and a crown on top of the heart. The hands are a symbol of friendship. The heart, of course, represents love and the crown is supposed to be symbolic of loyalty. In Irish culture, young women wear the rings to show their marriage status. When a woman wears a Claddagh ring with the crown pointing outward, this means she is single. When the crown is pointing inward, this generally means she is with someone, engaged or married.

Heart Necklaces

Necklaces are a popular type of jewelry to give as a gift, and no wonder, they are an impressive gift with so many unique styles to choose from. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong size. It’s quite rare for a necklace to not fit someone, and even in that case, a necklace can be lengthened quite easily. For Valentine’s Day, a heart themed necklace is unbeatable as a gift. You can choose a necklace which incorporates a name bar with a heart or a heart shaped stone in just about any color of the rainbow. When you buy a necklace as a gift, like just about any nice piece of jewelry, it will come in a gift box which will make for a nice gift presentation.

Heart Lockets

A locket is a great gift for any occasion, but a heart shaped locket is an especially great gift for Valentine’s Day. There are many heart shaped lockets available and many of them can be personalized with your significant others name and some other wording, either on the inside or outside of the locket. Heart shaped lockets come in stainless steel, sterling silver and even gold. A locket makes a great gift since besides engraving; you can personalize it even more by adding a small, beloved photo inside the locket, so that they symbolically wear the locket near their heart and can view the special picture any time they want.

Heart Bracelets

A bracelet is a great gift at any time of the year. Bracelets are also an easy gift to give since you don’t have to worry as much about getting the right size. Most bracelets are one size fits all or are adjustable according to the size of the wrist. Bracelets are also a piece of jewelry which can easily incorporate a heart theme. For example, there are many bracelets available in different styles, including stainless steel chains, sterling silver, leather, string or silicone and they can all be customized with a heart theme. One great option is a simple heart pendant engraved with her name attached to a nice bracelet.

Heart Shaped Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are an easy, yet popular gift to give for Valentine’s Day. A jewelry box makes a great gift for anyone who has at least a few pieces of jewelry that they want to keep safe, and what woman doesn’t have at least some jewelry? However, for Valentine’s, the perfect jewelry box to give is a heart shaped one. They come in different styles. You can choose a classic heart shaped stainless steel jewelry box. Or go with a double heart jewelry box. You can also choose different embellishments, such as elegant floral swirls or keep it perfectly smooth.

Heart Couple’s Jewelry

There’s another type of jewelry gift that has become popular in recent years. It’s called couple’s jewelry. The traditional version of couple’s jewelry might be considered a set of rings, whether engagement or wedding rings, there is a new version available now. Couple’s jewelry consists of a piece of jewelry, usually a necklace with a pendant, but sometimes a bracelet or keychain that comes in a set of two so that both of you can wear it. The most popular of these is a necklace that has a heart shaped pendant. The heart pendant is broken in two pieces making it two separate pieces of jewelry. However, it’s quite symbolic since the heart comes together only when you are together. When a couple is apart, the broken heart pendant half that you wear serves as a reminder of your love.

Heart Shaped Box of Candy

Here’s a classic gift that’s been given to women since the beginning of our modern version of Valentine’s Day, the heart shaped box of candy, usually chocolates. Rather than giving a box of chocolates alone, it makes a great accompaniment gift to give along with a dozen roses. In episodes of classic TV shows, you can find many instances where the gifts men gave to their wives on Valentine’s Day were a heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen roses or a bouquet of other flowers. It’s a 20 th century Valentine’s gift idea that is still a popular classic today.

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