Father's Day Gifts certain to be treasured

25th May 2016

Father's Day Gifts certain to be treasured

Choosing Father’s Day gifts can be a tricky endeavor. What do you get for a Dad who already has the material items that he wants? How do you choose a gift that will not only make him smile but he’ll actually want? Here are some ideas for Father’s Day gifts that are certain to be treasured by any Dad.

Photo Gifts

Just like for Mom’s, photo gifts are always a big hit with Dads. It’s always unique and tailored to your family. There are also many different types of photo gifts to choose from. First, consider an engraved picture frame in wood. Since the frame is in wood, it gives off a masculine feel. Make it extra special by having it engraved or carved with a message that specifically relates to Fatherhood. Messages like “#1 Dad” or “Best Dad in the World” are simple yet meaningful messages that will tug at his heart. Don’t forget to include a photo of you and him in the frame before gifting it to him. There are many other types of photo gifts you can give him as well, you can have photos printed on any manner of items like jewelry, blankets, pillows, coffee mugs and even clothing.

Engraved Lighter

For the Father who smokes, whether it’s cigars or cigarettes, a handsome and stylish lighter which has been engraved with his initials or name would be ideal. Nowadays, he doesn’t have to rely on cheap disposable lighters; you can have a Zippo lighter engraved especially for him. Zippo is the most famous and respected name in lighters, and has been around since 1932. An engraved Zippo lighter would be a perfect gift for any Dad who uses or carries around a lighter. It’s a significant, well made gift that will last for many decades.

Engraved Shot Glasses

For the Dad who has a home bar or has a shot glass collection, a set of engraved shot glasses would be a wonderful gift. Shot glasses display nicely on a bar or wall and can also be a handy gift, as they can be used for holding liquids but also displaying small items. Another gift idea for the Dad who is a home bar enthusiast are bar accessories, like personalized bar cloths, banners and other types of glasses or mugs.

Personalized Flask

Here’s another gift idea for the Dad who enjoys drinking. Give him a personalized flask or flask set. These handy items can hold liquids in a sealed and lined container. Usually made of stainless steel, they come in many styles, shapes and colors. Choose a flask set which includes not just the flask but also a cap that turns into a drinking cup or includes a set of small cups for sharing a drink with friends. A personalized flask can be engraved with his initials on the side, making for a handsome presentation.

Personalized Bracelet

Jewelry is often not thought of as a typical gift for Dad on Father’s Day, but this is definitely a gift to consider. After all, jewelry often becomes an heirloom gift that is treasured for life. A bracelet is a perfect type of jewelry gift for Dad. With a bracelet, you don’t have to worry about sizing, as they are almost always easily adjustable for different sizes of wrists. They also come in many styles which can feature blank space on the inside or outside which can be engraved with his name, initials or a special message from you.

Engraved Cufflinks

Here’s another idea for a jewelry gift that may be more typical for Dads. For the Dad who wears suits, he shouldn’t be without a set of cufflinks which displays his initials. You can find dozens of shapes and styles of cufflinks which can be engraved, from shiny silver to gold plated to square or round shapes and even cufflinks that feature symbols. Cufflinks also come in a handsome presentation or gift box which will help him keep the cufflinks in great shape for many years to come. Besides cufflinks, a pill box is also a lovely gift for a father. You can easily make a pill box hat at home.

Personalized Rings

While rings may not seem like a traditional gift for Father’s Day, these days they are becoming a popular gift for both Mother’s and Father’s Day due to their ability to be highly personalized. You can now give Dad a stylish ring in metals like stainless steel or sterling silver which feature a Father’s Day message from you. You can even choose a masculine ring which features the word DAD or a message like “Best Dad Ever”. When it comes to a gift that will certainly be treasured, a gift like this certainly fits the bill.

Engraved Pocket Watch

Every Dad needs a watch, and perhaps you’ve given him one on Father’s Day in the past. However, a pocket watch is a very different type of watch. This is an old-fashioned style watch that is often given as a symbolic gift on special occasions. Since pocket watches have plenty of space on the outside and the inside of the watch, you have plenty of opportunity to have these areas engraved with a meaningful message, quote, name, date or whatever else you wish. You can even go for a relatively simple message like “For Dad on Father’s Day 2016”. An engraved pocket watch is a gift that might be a little more expensive that typical gifts, but is perfect for adult children to give their beloved Fathers.

Golf Gifts

Golf is a pastime that is enjoyed by many Dads, even if they may not get out and enjoy it as often as they like. First, let’s talk about tangible golf gifts. Jewelry which displays a golf ball or club is available, which can also be engraved with his initials or name. Other accessories like keychains, flasks or a money clip featuring a golf theme are also available. Alternately, give a new golf club, golf club set or golf accessories. You can also give a gift of playing time, such as a gift certificate for tee times, a membership to a golf club or a golf themed trip such as to Augusta, Georgia for the Masters tournament.

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