Elegant Personalized Birthday Gifts for Women

22nd Jul 2016

For anyone with a special woman in their life, whether it’s their wife, fiancé, girlfriend, friend, mother, sister or other relative, you may be racking your brain trying to think of appropriate gifts that will be both thoughtful and elegant. When it comes to birthday gifts for women, few other types of gifts can match a personalized gift. Since you had the gift customized or embellished in some way, the gift is automatically brought to the next level. With personalization, your loved one will know that you put more time and effort into the gift than for typical birthday gifts. In fact, they’ll realize right away that this gift was not just purchased at the last minute from a local store. When a gift is emblazoned with their name or some special message from you, they’ll know that you put extra care in their gift and it could very well be treasured for many years. This is why a personalized gift is the most ideal gift for women’s birthdays and here are some ideas for choosing that perfect elegant personalized gift for your loved one’s special day.


A personalized ring is truly a special gift and it can be appropriate for many occasions and recipients. However, one must be careful when choosing a personalized ring as a gift for a woman. In particular, if you are a man giving a personalized ring to a woman, make sure to think about whether it might be misconstrued as a token of love, rather than as a birthday gift. Many times, a ring will primarily be appropriate for people with a romantic relationship, so you may want to skip a ring if you are considering what gift to give to a friend or relative. For your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, a ring that has been engraved with their name or special wording would be wonderful. Be sure to consider the message you write inside the ring however, as you don’t want the recipient to misunderstand your intentions. For example, if giving a promise ring to your girlfriend, be careful what you write on it and also how you present it, as you don’t want her to get the wrong idea and mistakenly think you are proposing. A misunderstanding of this sort could even have the potential to ruin a relationship. This is why, for birthday gifts, you may want to consider other jewelry options instead.


Like a ring, a bracelet can be engraved with a name, message or date, whether on the outside or inside of the bracelet. However, unlike rings, you don’t need to worry about the gift being misconstrued. This makes a bracelet gift ideal for birthdays. It’s also a good idea since many bracelets are one size fits all or are adjustable. There’s also a vast range of different styles available.

On the high end, you can choose a bracelet made of sterling silver, tungsten carbide or even a style that is gold plated. You can choose a classic chain or box look which is engraved with their name. Or choosing a custom leather bracelet for women which features a lovely charm hanging from it which can be engraved with a name or initials. On the lower priced end of the scale, you can choose a bracelet made of silicone, leather or stainless steel which is emblazoned with their first name. Prices can range from around $10 to $80.


A necklace is another safe gift you can choose that will impress pretty much anyone, regardless of your relationship. A necklace is elegant, classy and when you personalize it, this brings the gift to another level. You can give a necklace to your wife, fiancé, girlfriend or any other relative or special friend. Keep in mind that a necklace might be considered a bit more of a substantial gift, and may cost more than something like a bracelet. So consider a necklace for people who are more special to you. Like with bracelets, personalized necklaces come in a wide range of styles and prices. On the high end, you can choose a necklace made of sterling silver or is gold plated. These can feature a monogram, a name bar, name in cursive writing or their initials on a pendant. In fact, the latest hot gift idea is the sterling silver cursive name necklace. This gift features a delicate sterling silver chain with a custom pendant which is their name cut from a sterling silver plate. This makes for a stunning gift that will make anyone feel special.


In the same realm as necklaces, we have lockets. A locket includes a necklace along with a pendant which can be opened. This can be in a shape like a heart or oval, and it can be opened to reveal a picture. In some cases, a piece of someone’s hair can be included with the picture. When giving the gift of a locket, more often than not it is most appropriate to give it without placing a picture inside the locket before gifting it. This will allow the recipient to place the picture they prefer inside the locket themselves. The locket can be personalized with their name, initials or a special message, usually on the front, back or sometimes inside the locket so the writing is only visible when it is opened. Inside the locket, it may be most appropriate to place a message you only want them to see, such as something that may be more romantic or intimate in nature.

Jewelry Boxes

Here’s a great gift if you are worried that jewelry might not be appropriate. A jewelry box is an especially great gift for little girls, mother’s, grandmother’s and sisters. A jewelry box is also quite handy and will feature plenty of room for personalization, either on the outside or inside of the box. Any little girl would be delighted to receive a lovely sterling silver jewelry box which has been engraved with her initials. Or give a heart shaped jewelry box to your girlfriend, fiancé or wife. Make it extra special by placing a new piece of jewelry inside the box as a surprise bonus gift.

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