Cute Personalized Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

23rd Jan 2017

When you’re thinking about Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend, fiancé or wife, you might be thinking about a gift that would be considered cute. Cute gifts are always popular with women and girls, especially younger ones. When you think of a cute gift, it can be something that is petite or dainty, or features some type of embellishment that could be considered cute. Still others might consider cute to be something small or that features a cute character. In Japan, where gift giving is an art form, cuteness also happens to be a big part of life. The Japanese have a word for things considered cute; they are called “kawaii”. This word literally means cute in Japanese. Japanese culture is rife with cute things, from anime characters to entertainment celebrities to design and décor. We can easily choose gifts that will delight your significant other on Valentine’s Day if we keep the cute factor in mind. So, let me give you some recommendations.


First we have bracelets. What’s cute about them? They can be quite petite and dainty, qualifying them as a cute gift to give your valentine. There are many cute styles available. One particularly cute style to consider is the charm bracelet. A charm bracelet consists of a main bracelet, usually a thicker chain in stainless steel or sterling silver. Then a number of beads, also called charms, are attached to the bracelet. A charm bracelet is a very cute gift idea, especially when you buy charms in a theme that is considered cute. Many different styles and themes of charms are available, including animals, stars and appropriately, hearts.

Charm bracelets aren’t your only option when it comes to cute bracelets though. We also have a single charm bracelet, with a dainty but classy little heart attached. These are available in different colors, thicknesses and materials. These certainly qualify as cute gifts. Then we also have cute bracelets made of string or metal that feature space for engraving. With engraving, you can make this cute gift extra special for your valentine. Bracelets are also great gifts to give to a boyfriend as well.


There seems to be an endless array of different necklaces available, but for a necklace to be considered cute, it needs to have something special. Consider a personalized name necklace. This petite necklace includes a pendant of stainless steel or sterling silver which is formed into a signature of her first name. This makes for a cute and quite special gift for your girlfriend. This would be a nice option for young women, but not necessarily for a fiancé or wife. There are also necklaces which come with lockets. There are many styles of lockets available, including hearts and ovals, all of which open to feature some personalization and even a picture. What could be cuter than a picture of you and her together inside the locket?


Here’s a gift that should only be given on Valentine’s Day if you are in a serious relationship. Rings don’t typically seem to be a cute type of gift, but they certainly can be made to be cute with a little creativity with your engraving. For example, give a ring that features engraving of meaningful wording, a special date or inspirational quote. A ring is already small, so it can certainly qualify as a cute gift anyway, but getting it engraved with a nice Valentine’s Day message will certainly bring it to another level.

Jewelry Box

Here’s a gift that is always cute. A heart shaped jewelry box is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart. You can have the inside or outside engraved with romantic messages that will mean something to her. Have some extra special wording engraved on the inside of the box, so she’ll think of you every time she opens it and gets some of her jewelry to wear.


Here’s a cute gift that isn’t too expensive, a keychain. Just about everyone uses keychains. They are handy items to be able to keep all of your keys together and secure. Give your sweetheart a lovely little keychain which has been personalized with her name. This is a nice gift for a couple in a new relationship that doesn’t want to get too serious with their gifts.

Couple’s Jewelry

Along the same lines as a necklace or pendant, we have couple’s jewelry. These are ideal cute gifts for Valentine’s Day, especially to give to your serious girlfriend. Couple’s jewelry basically consists of two necklaces, each with a pendant which is broken in half. Each of you wears one half and when you are together, the two pieces can symbolically come together as well. When you are apart, the pendants serve as a romantic reminder for both of you, and the fact that you are both wearing it as the same time. Couple’s jewelry comes in styles including hearts and puzzle pieces. Even better, you can have each piece personalized with engraving. Each side can have your names and the date you met. Couple’s jewelry is really the epitome of a cute Valentine’s gift for your serious sweetheart.

Phone Cases

Everyone has a cell phone these days, so cell phone cases are becoming a popular gift. Nowadays, you can have any photo or design placed on a custom cell phone cover or case. Have her favorite cute photo of you together emblazoned on a cell phone case and she can have it with her all the time, and show it off to her friends and family.

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are a popular and practical gift, for any time of year. However, for Valentine’s Day, they take on a special meaning. You can use a personalized blanket to cuddle under while looking at the stars or watching a drive-in movie. What’s more romantic than that? Nowadays, you can have a throw blanket monogrammed with her initials in her favorite color or you can have a blanket printed with a favorite cute photo.

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