Classic and Traditional Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

30th Jan 2016

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful holiday for even the most loving couples. The pressure to choose the perfect gift can be immense. It’s especially difficult to choose a gift if you’ve not been together for very long or you are the least bit unsure of your current relationship status. Is he the one? Is she the one? You might also be considering the significance of the gift; a great gift might bring you closer, while an insensitive gift could break you apart. For a holiday like Valentine’s Day, it may be best to go with the tried and true traditional gifts. These are gifts that can make anyone happy. Here’s a rundown of traditional and classic gifts that should work for most couples.


It’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day, along with Mother’s Day, is the busiest time for flower shops. It should be noted that flowers are much more symbolic gifts that most people realize. In fact, every single type of flower you can buy is symbolic in some way. Roses, in particular the red kind, have come to symbolize true love and passion. However, other colors of roses have different meanings. For example, yellow roses symbolize friendship. So, giving them to a friend on Valentine’s would be fine, but for your Valentine, go for the classic red. Pink roses symbolize admiration; these might be better suited for non-romantic relationships. You don’t have to get roses on Valentine’s Day. There are many other choices that are also appropriate. Consider a bouquet of tulips, as they say “I Love You”. Orchids are another good choice as they symbolize beauty. For someone who you haven’t seen much of recently, you might also consider zinnias, as these mean “I Miss You”.

Flowers are also a great gift accompaniment; they make a box of chocolates or piece of jewelry even better. However, do be careful if giving flowers to someone from another country. Flowers often have different meanings depending on the region.For example, chrysanthemums are mainly for funerals in European countries. In Japan, white carnations symbolize death. If you are dating someone from another country, you might want to skip the flowers just to be safe.


You might wonder why a heart shaped box of chocolates has been associated with Valentine’s Day and a popular gift for the day since you can remember. It’s due to two things. First, chocolate has long been considered to be an aphrodisiac. This is most likely due to the presence of two chemicals called tryptophan and phenylethylanine. Tryptophan is essential to serotonin, and serotonin is an important brain chemical that is also involved in libido. Phenylethylanine is a stimulant that is released in the brains of people who are in love. When you consider it that way, it makes sense. However, the massive popularity of chocolates on Valentine’s Day is far more likely from a more dubious source, marketers. It was the founder of the famous Cadbury chocolate company who first started selling heart shaped boxes of chocolates in their stores for Valentine’s Day. The first box was produced way back in 1861. So, it’s no wonder it’s become a staple. Regardless of the science behind chocolate, few people can resist a good marketing campaign.

What kind of chocolates work best as Valentine’s gifts? Since this is a food gift and most people are particular about the food they eat, it’s important to consider what your Valentine likes first and foremost. Some people love dark chocolate, while others hate it and find it too bitter. Some people love fancy chocolates with soft centers, while others love nut based chocolates. You’ll also want to carefully consider any food allergies and health issues they might have. If your loved one is diabetic, then sugar-free or low carb is the way to go, and there are certainly options out there for sugar-free chocolate gifts, but you might have to look a little harder to find them. Same goes for people with food allergies, you’ll want to carefully read the ingredients list before making a purchase.


A piece of jewelry is probably the top choice of gift women actually want on Valentine’s Day. Give a symbolic piece like a ring, especially if it’s personalized. Or choose something like a bracelet or pendant. Nowadays, you can even choose couple’s jewelry, where you purchase a set of the same piece of jewelry for both of you. There are also couple’s pendants made of heart or puzzle pieces which fit together, but each of you wears one half of the piece. This makes for a meaningful and thoughtful gift. For many couple’s, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for a proposal, so engagement rings, or even just a promise ring makes a great gift.

Special Date

One of the most classic Valentine’s gifts would have to be a date. Whether it’s an evening out at a romantic restaurant or an evening in with a fantastic homemade meal, this is a gift you can’t go wrong with. Combine it with a piece of jewelry, flowers or chocolates for a perfect ensemble. You might also take them to a concert, play or to a game for their favorite sports team.

Valentine’s Cards

We can’t neglect to mention Valentine’s cards. Way back in Roman times, there was a tradition of young men sending written notes of affection to girls that they admired. In the 15th century is when Valentine’s cards or notes began to appear, naturally it was exacerbated by the invention of the printing press. Nowadays, it might be seen as more of a tradition for children. In most schools, on Valentine’s Day, elementary school children place an envelope or paper container on the back of their chair or desk and they exchange small cards. This tradition is cute but not romantic. However, for adults, cards are certainly a traditional Valentine’s gift. You’ll find many thousands of cards available to give your loved one at greeting card stores. You’ll find options which are casual, funny or unabashedly romantic. You certainly can’t go wrong with a card.

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