​Choosing Personalized and Unique Christmas Gifts on A Budget

25th Oct 2017

No matter the time of year, it’s always a challenge to find gifts that are unique, that will set your gift apart from other gifts people receive. However, it’s especially difficult to find a unique gift for someone at Christmas time and even harder if you are on a smaller budget. Christmas is a time when people receive gifts large and small from family, friends, co-workers, teachers, students, bosses, employees and even acquaintances near and far. How do you stand out from the dozens of gifts that some people may receive at Christmas time and not spend a fortune? There’s actually a simple answer, personalized gifts which have been engraved or customized in some way. It can be an item or piece of jewelry that has engraving on it. What’s great about personalized gifts, is that thanks to online shopping, there’s a huge selection of items to choose from and at a wide range of prices to fit any budget. Read on to find out more about choosing unique personalized Christmas gifts when you’re on a budget.


A keychain is a handy gift item and it’s an appropriate gift for pretty much any adult. We all have lots of keys that need to be organized and secured. Since keychains are small gifts in size and also price, they make an ideal stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift. You can make what might be thought of as a cheap gift quite impressive by having it engraved with the first name or company name of the recipient. A personalized keychain makes for an inexpensive gift idea for bosses, employees, co-workers and friends.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee gifts are always popular at Christmas time. There are millions of people that can’t get through their day without a few cups of coffee. Lots of people just enjoy the taste of coffee as well. So, a coffee mug is a great gift idea for many on your gift list. From the boss to co-workers, family and friends, anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee is a perfect person to give a personalized coffee mug. You can have the coffee mug printed with a meaningful photo, company logo, special message or even just their first name. A personalized coffee mug is quite inexpensive too, ranging from just $10 - $20.


Here’s a gift that can be given to just about anyone, whether man or woman, adult or child, family or friend, boss or co-worker. You might think that jewelry would be an expensive gift, and it certainly can be, but not if you choose wisely. Thankfully, with bracelets, there are so many different styles and materials available that are much less expensive that choosing a bracelet made out of precious metal, such as gold, sterling silver or platinum. Some popular inexpensive choices include bracelets made out of silicone, textile, leather and stainless steel. The best part is that a bracelet is one of the most readymade pieces of jewelry to be personalized, as there is typically room on the entire outside of the bracelet, and sometimes even the inner edge. Or choose a leather bracelet which includes a name tag or pendant attached. Also, on the market, there are lots of options available for personalized leather bracelets. It's difficult pick just one. In our blog, you can find tips for buying custom leather bracelets for women.

When it comes to bracelets there are so many inexpensive options, that you’ll have no trouble choosing one that is perfect for each person on your list. For men and teen boys, a masculine option is a leather bracelet or a dark colored silicone option. There are also black or dark colored textile bracelets available. A stainless-steel bracelet is a good choice for women and teen girls. There are even bracelets available in different sizes which can be given to children and even babies. When it comes to engraving and personalization of a bracelet, you again have a plethora of choices. You can go with the classic first name and it will always be a hit. Or choose a special message, quote or other wording. Sometimes you can even choose symbols, like stars, hearts or animals to enhance the design.

Money Clips

A money clip is a handy gift that you can give to any man and he will find it useful. For businessmen who carry around a lot of paper currency, this is an especially nice gift idea. A money clip can be fairly plain or a little fancy with extra embellishments or design elements. It’s also a small gift that will be easy to give to family or friends, or to your boss or co-worker as secret Santa. Make it impressive by having it engraved with their first name. A money clip can be under $10, all the way up to $20 and above depending on what it’s made of and its size.

Travel Mug

A travel mug can be a great, inexpensive gift for family members, friends and co-workers who always take a cup of coffee or tea with them on their way to work. Give them a nice new travel mug with their name engraved on the side. When they get to work, they won’t have trouble with their travel mug being misplaced, lost or stolen since it has their name on it. A travel mug can be between $10-$20.

Picture Frames

Ranging from just $25-$40, a picture frame is a practical gift that can be appropriate for any age. Just about everyone has lots of photos they have taken on their digital camera, but few bother to print out those pictures and place them in frames. With a nice personalized picture frame, they have incentive to print out some of their treasured pictures and place them in it. A picture frame can also be engraved or printed on the outer edge with holiday or gift messaging, messages of congratulations or names.


A pen might not come to mind as a gift that you want to receive, but pens are always handy to have. You can make a pen an impressive gift by having it engraved or printed on the side with their name. Personalized pens make a great, inexpensive gift for co-workers and family.

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