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Birthday Gift Ideas for Moms and Dads

When the birthday of your Mom or Dad rolls around, it’s often difficult to find just the right gift for them. After all, what do you give to the people who gave you life? What gift could possibly go even a little ways to showing how much you care about their birthday? Well, you need not worry, as there are many gifts that can properly express how you feel about them. These usually fall under the more thoughtful, unique or personalized style of gift. Here are some great birthday gift ideas that will be appropriate and cherished by Mom or Dad on the day that their parent’s gave them life.

Picture Frames

Here’s a gift idea that is useful and appropriate for either Mom or Dad. A picture frame is great for displaying pictures, whether of family members or favorite trips, pets or whatever is important to them. A nice picture frame can be chosen that goes with a cherished picture or fits in the style of their home or office décor. Imagine giving Mom a beautiful sterling silver or chrome picture frame with floral embellishments or even a name or date engraved. Fill it with a favorite picture and she’ll surely be delighted. Or how about a nice rustic wood style picture frame perfect for Dad’s office or den? Fill the picture with a collage of some friends he hasn’t seen in a while, or some nostalgic photographs that don’t see the light of day very often.

Picture Gifts

Here’s another gift idea that is along the same lines of a picture frame. We have an entire niche available of picture gifts. These are gifts that are printed with a favorite picture. For a Mom or Dad who enjoys coffee, tea or even hot chocolate, you can get them a coffee mug printed with a favorite photo on the side. There are even some mugs which can be printed with a photo which is heat sensitive, so the picture only shows on the mug when it is filled with hot liquid. What a fun gift idea! The list of picture gifts is endless though, and you can have things like throw blankets, pillows, pillow cases, t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, cell phone or tablet cases, canvas prints and a wide array of other items printed with any photo you want. Imagine getting Grandma a throw blanket which is printed with a photo she took herself of the Eiffel Tower? Or imagine getting Dad a mouse pad that is printed with a photo of his favorite pet? This is the type of completely unique and thoughtful gift you can give when you choose a picture gift.

Birthstone Gifts

Here’s another great niche of gifts where the possibilities are endless. These are called birthstone gifts. These are perfect for grandparents, especially grandmothers or Moms with large families. With a birthstone gift, you can get her a piece of jewelry which features her birthstone. This makes for a nice gift that is customized for the recipient. However, you can bring a birthstone gift to the next level if you get them a ring, bracelet or pendant which features the birthstones of each of her children, or even grandchildren. You can have a jeweler create a nice piece of jewelry with many birthstones, but you can also order these easily online.


Jewelry is always a great gift for any woman in your life, but for birthdays for Mom or Grandma, it makes for an especially nice and cherished gift. You have many possibilities in necklaces and pendants to choose from. You can go for a simple yet elegant name pendant which features her first name either engraved in a sterling silver bar or have her name fashioned in cursive writing for an extra special and elegant look that is completely customized just for her. There are also photo pendants available now, where you can have a photo laser engraved onto a pendant such as a heart. There’s also the classic locket pendant which you can have engraved with special wording just for her. Lockets can also include a small photo inside the pendant. This makes for a wonderful gift, especially for a woman who has a special loved one that is no longer with them. It can be a wonderful and personal gift of remembrance.


In the world of bracelets, you have so many designs to choose from. Bracelets are also great gift for both men or women, as there are elegant and feminine styles available, as well as more masculine, tough styles. There are also many different materials for bracelets, from lower cost silicone, leather and stainless steel, all the way up to sterling silver and even gold. Bracelets are also easily customizable with names, dates or other wording. You can choose to give something simple like a bracelet with their first name or give something more intricate such as a bracelet with a favorite Bible quote or inspirational saying.

Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box might seem like a gift mainly for women, but these utilitarian boxes can also be appropriate for men. In fact, there are many styles of men’s jewelry boxes available. Think about it, men also wear jewelry, including watches and rings, and sometimes even bracelets or necklaces. For women, a jewelry box can be beautifully engraved with her name or some meaningful wording from you. There are many styles available that include feminine style décor like floral swirls or other embellishments. For men, jewelry boxes often take on a Greek or geometric style. Men’s jewelry boxes are often found made of wood, making them relatively easy to customize.

Pocket Tools

Here’s another handy gift idea for Dad’s or Grandpa’s, a pocket tool. Pocket tools can have many different tools put together in one slender device. They often have knives, screwdrivers, toothpicks, saws, scissors, wrenches and even pocket lights. You can choose a nice pocket tool for Dad or Grandpa and have his name engraved on the side.

End Remarks:

Your Mom and Dad are the most respected and loveable person in the world. They have provided a lot of value to your life. Their sacrifice is inevitable. Now it's your turn to make them happy and special. Show your love on their birthday with unique birthday gifts. Our birthday gifts ideas for moms and dads will definitely help you out. 

27th Mar 2017

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