Valentine Day Gift

14th Mar 2015

Choosing the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for to give your valentine, you may be wondering just how you’re going to choose from all the options available. Flowers to chocolates to jewelry, these are common and traditional gifts and are always safe bets. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect gift for your valentine.

First, you’ll want to consider the age of your valentine. For young couples, gifts should have a more lighthearted tone. For middle age couples, gifts that can spice up the sex life would be a good choice. For older couples, gifts which have sentimentality would be appropriate. For seniors, gifts like pictures, homemade videos or music would be a nice choice.

Next, think about the stage of your relationship. Have you just started dating? Or maybe you’re already engaged. Perhaps you’ve been married to your sweetheart for many years already. The stage of your relationship is certainly an aspect to consider when choosing the right gift. For example, you don’t want to get someone you just started dating a gift that might be construed as being too forward or presumptuous. In this situation, you should stay away from items like jewelry or extravagant gifts. For newer relationships, try to choose fun gifts. Some ideas include gourmet treats, balloons, dinner or flowers. Fun gifts might include a trip to an amusement park or a day at the zoo. If you’ve been with your sweetheart a long time, you can get more serious. Consider gifts like engraved jewelry, dream trips or a cruise. For more practical gifts, you might consider giving a gift that would reduce someone’s stress or would improve their lives. Give gifts like a spa day, massage gift certificate or a gift certificate for home maintenance work.

Another option for Valentine’s gifts involves bringing more passion and fun into the bedroom. For many couples, as time goes on, their sex life becomes boring, even routine. For other couples, their sex life becomes rare or almost non-existent. This is where gifts for the bedroom would be a great choice. For couple’s whose sex life has become dull, consider lingerie, sex toys or even different types of condoms. Other options might include new sheets for the bed or massage oils.

For some couples, especially for foodie couples, food is going to be the best option. There are many options for romantic food gifts. Go ultra-traditional and give a big heart shaped box of chocolates with a big bow. This is always a big hit, but there are certainly other choices in food gifts. To spice up the bedroom, consider chocolate paint which can be painted on the body and then licked off. There’s also gourmet treats available in special Valentine’s gift wrapping like popcorn, gourmet apples, coffee, candy, cake, cookies and fruit. Think about what your loved one’s favorite treat is, and you’ll probably find some gourmet version available which would be the perfect Valentine’s gift for them.

Flowers are another very traditional option for Valentine’s Day. If you go to your local florist near Valentine’s Day, you’ll likely see the store filled with roses. You’ll likely see most of those roses in the traditional deep red color, which symbolizes love. However, roses certainly aren’t the only option in flowers. You can also choose to get a flower bouquet with other colors of roses. There are also other types of flowers that symbolize different things related to love. White carnations symbolize purity in love, so they would be a wonderful choice. Red colored carnations symbolize admiration. Carnations are also less expensive than roses. Tulips are also a good choice. Red tulips make for a dramatic appearance and are said to symbolize love that is perfect. You can also opt to give your loved one a mixed bouquet of the above flowers or just give her a big bouquet of her favorite flowers. Did you know that you can also give flowers to men? It isn’t traditional, but it might be an option to consider if you, as a couple, like to go against the grain and do things differently.

Another wonderful option for Valentine’s gifts is what you call personalized gifts. These gifts are typically engraved with meaningful words, phrases, dates, quotes and just about anything else you can think of. There are many options in personalized gifts, perfect for any age or however long you’ve been together as a couple. For older women, a personalized jewelry box is a perfect choice. For men, choose an engraved flask, cufflinks, pocket watch, lighter, pocket knife or money clip. For women, consider items like necklaces, pendants, bracelets or rings. For the wine lover, consider giving an engraved wine opener or wine accessory set. If your man is a cigar lover, you can give him an engraved cigar cutter or even a humidor. For younger couples, a cute gift would be a couple’s pendant which is made in the shape of a heart that’s been broken in two pieces. You give your boyfriend or girlfriend one piece of the heart and you keep the other. The heart is only made whole when you come together as a couple. It’s a symbolic and meaningful gift for any couple, and of course, it’s engraved with your names.

Travel gifts might also be a good option, especially for middle age and older couples. Few things bring couples together more than travelling together, especially to exotic or far-off locales. Has your loved one always dreamt of going to Paris in the springtime? Maybe this is year that you can finally go. Imagine her face when you give her an envelope with plane tickets and reservations. Cruises can also be very romantic and they are typically easier to book as they are usually all-inclusive, as opposed to a trip overseas where you have to book the plane, hotel, transportation, tours, restaurants and everything else.

Regardless of the gift that you choose, remember that the gift of your time is always the most important and is what will truly be treasured.

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