The 8 best Christmas gifts for siblings: Make them happy and cheerful

25th Oct 2018

What can you say about the unique relationship between siblings? It can be contentious at times, but it can also often be quite special. When it comes to giving gifts, you might be thinking of getting that special sibling something unique that symbolizes your relationship or just something fun, something customized just for them. Regardless of whether you’re giving a Christmas gift to your brother or sister, we have many ideas for gifts that your sibling will surely love.

Personalized Bracelets

A bracelet is a classic and easy gift idea for just about anyone, but it’s an especially nice gift for sisters, or even special brothers. Bracelets are nice because they come in such a wide array of styles that are suitable for every age and personality, but they are also typically one size fits all, so you don’t need to worry about getting just the right size. 

For younger siblings, consider a gift of a bracelet with their name engraved on the side in silicone, textile or in beads. These make for cute gifts for the younger sets. For older siblings, a beautiful and classy looking bracelet in stainless steel would be ideal, then you can have it engraved with their name on the outside and a special wish from you on the inside. Bracelets are also small; therefore, they make great stocking stuffers.

Personalized Necklaces

A necklace is always a nice gift to receive, since you can never really have too many necklaces as a woman or girl. There’s always an outfit that goes perfectly with one necklace and not with another. 

With necklaces, you can choose from a variety of pendants which have her name engraved. It can be in a locket form or just a simple name bar necklace.

Beautiful Jewelry Boxes

For sisters, here’s a wonderful Christmas gift idea, a personalized jewelry box. A jewelry box is always a fun gift to receive. It’s cute and practical, keeping your jewelry safe. It’s not just for girls or women either, as men have jewelry like watches, rings and necklaces too. A jewelry box is great for storing and protecting your precious jewelry. 

There are thousands of styles too, whether you want to give something extra fancy and elegant or if you want something simple yet beautiful, there are options for each. Consider a classic heart shaped jewelry box for that special sister. Have it engraved with her initials, name and a special message from you on the inside. 

For men, consider a more masculine looking jewelry box in a square or rectangle shape with masculine embellishments in geometric or classical roman themes.

Engraved Cufflinks

Here’s a Christmas gift that is perfect for that special brother, a set of cufflinks engraved with his initials. Cufflinks are a must have, even if a man doesn’t work in a corporate environment. A suit is worn for many occasions in life, whether weddings, funerals or other special events and occasion. 

A nice set of customized cufflinks will set off that suit just perfectly. This gift is great for younger and college age men just starting out. Cufflinks also typically come in a nice box which makes for an impressive presentation for Christmas. Not to mention that cufflinks are a perfect size for a stocking stuffer.


For older siblings who enjoy a little liquor now and then, consider a flask. A flask is basically a container for hard liquor that is specially shaped in a flat or curved manner so it will fit nicely in your pocket or purse without bulging out too much. A flask is also a great Christmas gift idea for both men and women, as there are many masculine styles, but also some feminine styles, such as with floral embellishments or beautifully protected in a pink color case. 

Flasks can also come with handy accessories like a top that turns into a drinking glass or even a set of glasses so you can drink with friends. A flask also has many options for engraving. You can have it engraved with their initials on the side, their first name, last name or some other special wording that would mean something to them.

Unique Coffee Mug

If your sibling loves coffee, why not choose a coffee related gift? So many of us are addicted to coffee that coffee gifts have become incredibly popular to give, especially at Christmas time. After all, around Christmas we tend to consume many more hot drinks, including coffees, teas and hot chocolate. 

A coffee mug that has been personalized is pretty much the perfect Christmas gift for any sibling that loves coffee. Have the mug printed with a treasured photo or have it printed with their initials, name or even their business logo, if they have one. A personalized coffee mug also makes a great stocking stuffer.

Pocket Watch

For that special brother, consider giving him a pocket watch for Christmas this year. A pocket watch gives off a unique, retro vibe that is perfect for brothers who are fashion conscious. Having a fancy looking pocket watch chain hanging off his vest, pocket or jacket will make him stand out from the crowd. 

He’ll love it even more if you have the watch customized just for him. Have it engraved with his initials on the outside, or choose to have a meaningful message engraved on the inside, so he’ll be reminded of you each time he opens the watch to check the time. There’s a wide range of pocket watch styles available and in different price ranges to suit any budget.

Picture Frame

A picture frame is a great gift idea for most people, but to give siblings it is an especially great idea. Who has more photos taken together than family members? This Christmas, take that special photo of you with your sibling, make a high-quality print and place it in an engraved frame. Whether you choose to frame that picture of you from your summer family vacation or the cute picture of you guys horsing around last Winter, it will be a cherished gift that can sit on their desk or hang on their wall for many years to come.

Concluding remarks:

There you have it—all the unique and attractive Christmas Gift Ideas for your Siblings. Choose the one that suits your brothers or sisters and make them happy.

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