Unique and Useful Father’s Day Gifts

21st May 2020

Dad’s are often difficult to buy gifts for. Why is that? Well, Dad’s tend to have things they want and need already. So, what can you get Dad for Father’s Day that he will actually like? It can be a daunting task to choose something he will be impressed by, yet there are certainly options out there. One way to go is to buy him something that he can actually use, something practical. Yet, something that can also be unique and customized to him. Read on to find out some ideas that are both unique and useful for any Dad on Father’s Day.

Personalized Pocket Knife

What can be more useful than a pocket knife? Every Dad needs one. In fact, he probably already has one, but he probably does not have one that has been personalized just for him. A pocket knife can be useful for so many things, from cutting rope, string or even just opening boxes. For Father’s Day, Dad will surely be impressed by a pocket knife with his name on the handle. There are many styles to choose from as well. You can choose an all stainless-steel knife with a metal handle or go for a more rustic style wood handled pocket knife. Some pocket knives even have room on the blade for personalization. Then, next time Dad is out fishing and his new pocket knife comes in handy, he’ll remember who gave it to him fondly.

Personalized Keychain

What Dad can’t use a keychain? The answer is that every Dad uses and needs a keychain. Plus, the more keys your Dad carries on a keychain, the more fatigued the keychain will be and will be in need of replacement more often, especially if he uses a cheap plastic keychain. Why not upgrade him with a personalized keychain made of durable stainless steel? Dad will surely be impressed with this gift since it will help him keep his keys safe. On the keychain, his name or initials can be engraved, making it a perfectly unique, customized and most of all, useful gift that he can use for many years to come.

Personalized Lighter

Not just for smokers, consider a personalized lighter for Dad. Surely, if your Dad smokes cigars or cigarettes, he can make use of a lighter. Though most people can use a lighter for something, even if it’s just to have around to light a fire in the fireplace or for a bonfire. A personalized lighter is useful but also gives off a handsome and elegant look. You can have the lighter engraved on the side with his name. Or choose a customized lighter with the logo of his favorite sports team emblazoned on the side.

Personalized Money Clip

Many men use money clips. A money clip is used to hold paper currency together in half flattened, making it easier to carry. Money clips are used in many professions who tend to carry around a lot of paper currency, but any man can make use of a money clip to keep his money a little safer. You can get Dad a personalized money clip with his name engraved on it, or even just #1 Dad or Best Dad Ever or simply DAD.

Personalized Flask

A flask is simply a container for liquid, it is made out of stainless steel and comes in a flat shape which is made specifically to go in a man’s jacket or pants pocket. A flask itself is a nice gift for any man, especially one who enjoys hard liquor on occasion. However, just about any man would enjoy receiving a flask which has been personalized just for him. There are many styles to choose from, they can come in certain themes like with a golf theme, or with a case or cover made of silicone or leather. Some even come with a bottle cap which has a glass built into it, or even a set of glasses for sharing a drink with friends. The side of the flask has plenty of room for engraving his name on the side.

Personalized Watch

What can be more useful than a watch? Even in these times when everyone, including your Dad has a smartphone, most men are still in the habit of lifting their wrist to check the time when they need to know it. So, a personalized watch is still a gift that is practical, useful and also unique due to the personalization. There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to watches, from different colors to shapes to different face styles, you’re sure to find a watch that matches the personality of your Dad. Don’t forget that watches are one of the first types of gifts that came with personalization. On the back of the watch, have it engraved with your wishes for him or some other meaningful wording to show how much you care.

Personalized Barware

If Dad has a home bar or simply enjoys drinking at home often, then personalized barware may be the perfect gift. If Dad loves beer, then what better gift to give him than a glass beer stein with his name etched on the side? Or if Dad enjoys hard liquor, then give him a set of personalized shot glasses with his name etched on the sides. Each of these gifts is practical and useful, yet completely unique to him.

Personalized Coffee Gifts

Many Dad’s love their coffee. In fact, the first thing many Dad’s do is get up in the morning and make coffee. He might even enjoy coffee at work all day. This is why a personalized coffee mug might just be the ideal gift for Dad on Father’s Day. You have two options here. First, you can opt for a coffee mug that has a treasured photo printed on the side. Or opt to have something printed on the side like his name or even the name and logo of the company he works for. You might also opt for a personalized travel mug which has his name etched on the side.

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