8 Personalized Gifts For Employees to increase motivation

23rd Aug 2020

If you’re tasked with buying gifts for your employees, it can often be an arduous task. How do you select gifts for your employees without having to get them all different gifts? Do you take the easy way out and get them gift cards? Or maybe there’s another option. 

How about getting your employees the same gift, yet have it personalized for each of them in some way? Personalization makes the gift special and unique, yet it’s also very easy to give to a lot of people. Just choose a gift that is practical and useful for the masses. Here are some ideas for personalized gifts you can give to make your employees feel special.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Just about everyone at work drinks coffee. Or even if they don’t drink coffee, they probably drink something all day long while working. So it makes perfect sense that a coffee mug would be a surefire hit as a gift for your employees. Take it to the next level and have the mug personalized. 

It can be personalized simply with their name on the side. Or include a picture printed on the side. You can also opt to have your company logo printed on the side, with their name underneath. This gives them an official company mug that has been personalized just for them, it will make them feel more a part of the company and could help boost overall morale. 

You can also opt to give a travel mug that is personalized with their name on the side. This gift would be especially great for people who commute to work and spend a lot of time in their vehicle.

Personalized Keychain

Here’s a handy gift that everyone can use, a keychain. We all have keys we must use for our vehicles, homes, storage and more. How do you keep those keys together? A keychain of course. You can choose a stylish looking keychain that is also durable, made of stainless steel. Then have it engraved with their first and/or last name or even your company name and their name.

Personalized Bracelet

Bracelets are always a nice gift to give, since you don’t need to worry about proper sizing. Also, bracelets are appropriate for just about anyone, even men. Why not give a bracelet that is made of stainless steel, which would be appropriate for men and women? Then have it engraved with their first name. 

Another idea, with so many styles to choose from when it comes to bracelets, you can give a different style to each employee. For example, give a pink textile or silicone bracelet to the women and a leather or stainless-steel bracelet in a more masculine style to the men.

Personalized Pens

Everyone can make use of pens; we always need them throughout the day at some point. Consider giving your employees a personalized pen and pencil set with their name engraved on the side. Or you can give them a small box of personalized pens which are made of plastic and more affordable, with the company name and their name and position printed on the side. 

There are many options when it comes to personalized pens and pencils that you can give, with a wide variety of price ranges as well. Choose a fancy brass ballpoint pen if you want to make the best impression. Or choose metal, wood or plastic for a more affordable option. 

One of the fanciest options is a brass pen and pencil set with their name engraved on the side and which comes in a nice case to hold them.

Personalized Business Card Holder

In a corporate environment, many people still use business cards for giving and keeping contact details of business associates or potential business associates. Why not give your employees their own business card holder that can be placed on their desk to hold their own business cards? The actual holder can be engraved to include their name and title, making it a very unique and impressive gift for an employee.

Personalized Pocket Tools

Maybe you’re not in a corporate environment at all. Perhaps your company is in a more industrial niche? Then consider a gift of a personalized pocket tool. A pocket tool is simply that, a small appliance which can fit in your pocket. It most often includes a range of handy tools like a saw blade, cork screw, screw drivers (often Philips head and flat head), scissors, bottle opener, knife blades and a file. 

Or consider a larger option that they can store in their car or home, which includes tools like a hammer, pliers, blade, saw blade with file, flat head screwdriver, Philips head screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer or wire cutter. No matter which type you choose, you can include engraving on the handle of these tools with their name.

Personalized Picture Frame

Since most people have smartphones these days, just about everyone can make use of a picture frame to feature some of those digital photos they have printed out. You can choose a picture frame with their name engraved on the frame, or if it’s a special occasion, perhaps Christmas or a company anniversary, you can have greetings or wishes for this occasion engraved on the side. Don’t forget to fill the frame with a nice picture before giving.

Personalized Phone Case

Everyone has a smartphone these days and so it makes sense that people would love to receive a phone case. Not just any phone case, however, but a personalized phone case. You can choose to have a smartphone case printed with a meaningful photo. Or it can be a photo of your logo or something else that is meaningful to them or your company. 

For example, maybe your company is in the ocean freight business? Then maybe a beautiful ocean picture would work well. Or perhaps your company is based in a certain city? Then a skyline of that city at night would be a beautiful option.

Final Verdict:

Your employees are the asset of your company. So making them happy and cheerful will not only make them happy, but it is also helpful for your company's growth. So, Choose personalized gifts for employees to make them happy and grow your business side by side.

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