​Unique and Personalized Gifts for Men’s Birthdays

23rd Jul 2019

Is there a man in your life whose birthday is coming up? You’re probably starting to think about what to get him. Will you go to the store and get him a typical gift? Or maybe you want to get him something special this year, perhaps something unique and personalized just for him? We have some ideas for birthday gifts that any man will be impressed with, no matter their personality or age. Read on to get some ideas for birthday gifts that are truly unique.

Personalized Flasks

A flask is a truly unique gift that any man would be happy to receive on his birthday. It’s a fun and useful gift that can actually be personalized on the side with his initials or his first or last name. A flask is basically a container for liquid that is made in a flat shape so it slides into and fits in a pocket very easily for maximum portability. A flask is traditionally used to hold a liquor of some sort, usually a hard liquor like tequila, whiskey, scotch or bourbon. However, there is no law against using a flask for water or some other type of drink that doesn’t require refrigeration. So this can be a gift for a man who enjoys his liquor, but can also be a nice gift for someone who would just like to carry around some other type of liquid refreshment. A flask is always made from stainless steel so they are very durable and appropriate for any type of liquid.

Personalized Pocket Knives

Most men love to carry a pocket knife around with them, it can come in handy in many situations, even in emergencies. This makes a personalized pocket knife an ideal gift for a man’s birthday. A personalized pocket knife is typically engraved on the handle or sometimes even the blade with initials or a person’s first or last name. They can also include some type of extra embellishment such as floral, western, retro, modernist or art deco designs for a little extra flair. You can choose from knives with handles made of wood or stainless steel. Both types can be engraved. A personalized pocket knife is the type of gift that will last many years and be well appreciated and used.

Personalized Zippo Lighter

For smokers, whether smokers of cigars or cigarettes, there are few better gifts than a new lighter, especially a world famous Zippo lighter. A Zippo lighter is simply the best known lighter brand in the world and they make hundreds of styles of lighters, and amazingly, just about all of them can be engraved. Choose a style that fits the personality of your loved one. You can choose from different colors, different decorative styles or even licensed brands like baseball or football teams. Once you’ve chosen a style, you can choose the engraving you want. Perhaps an initial or set of initials or just go with his name. You can even opt for greetings like “Happy Birthday Roger” if you wish.

Personalized Cufflinks

Most men need at least one pair of cufflinks in their life. Whether it’s for weddings, business attire or other occasions, cufflinks set off a suit like nothing else. A pair of personalized cufflinks is even better, giving a distinguished and sophisticated look. Cufflinks are available in many styles, from old fashioned and retro styles to modern and geometric styles. Most cufflinks that can be personalized are made from either stainless steel or sterling silver. Though you can also find cufflinks with gold plating. Have his initials engraved on the front of the cufflinks. Cufflinks usually come with a nice case or box to present and keep them in, making them an easy gift to give without the need for extra wrapping.


Most men enjoy beer, so a gift of a beer stein makes sense. Not just any beer stein though, you can make a beer stein unique to him by having his first name etched on the side. Does your man prefer something harder than beer? Maybe he has a home bar? An ideal gift would be some barware like shot glasses or coasters, all engraved with his name of course. If he has a home bar, a fun engraving style would be “Tom’s Bar” rather than just his first name.

Money Clip

A money clip can be a handy gift for men, especially if his job requires him to carry around paper currency. A money clip is great for keeping paper bills together neatly and securely in his pocket or wallet. Money clips are typically made of stainless steel and can be engraved with initials or a name.

Coffee Mug

Does your man enjoy a morning cup of coffee? Why not consider giving him a personalized coffee mug? Not only can you have just about anything printed on the side of a coffee mug, but you can also have any picture printed on the side. Is he a business man? How about a mug with his company logo and his first name? Or maybe he is a commuter? Then consider a travel mug with his name engraved on the side.

Phone Case

Everyone, including every man, has a smartphone these days. This is why a personalized phone case can make a unique gift for a birthday. Phone cases can now be printed with any photo you prefer. How about a phone case with a treasured moment such as a family photo, graduation photo or some other event? Or go for a photo of a treasured place or thing, like a favorite waterfall, forest, monument or other place that is meaningful to him.


Every man carried keys around with him, this makes a keychain an essential item that needs to be replaced every so often. Why not get him a new and durable keychain that has his initials engraved on it? There are many styles of keychains available to choose from to fit any personality or personal style.

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