Personalized Gifts for Dads: Gifts for Every Type of Dads

25th May 2021

When late Spring, early Summer rolls around, we know it’s that time of year. It’s graduation season, but it’s also nearing Father’s Day. It’s not always easy to get gifts for these two occasions, but there are certainly many gifts available that any graduate or Dad will treasure. Here are some ideas.

Personalized Pens & Pencils

Personalized Pens & Pencils

More for graduates than Dads, but Dads can certainly make use of pens and pencils too. Consider a set of  personalized pens engraved with their name. You can choose less expensive rubber, plastic or silicone pens with their name engraved on the side, or go for something more expensive and more impressive, like a set of a pen and pencil in wood or fancy stainless steel. This type of set usually comes in a nice case which makes for an impressive presentation and also doubles as storage for the set.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mug

What Dad doesn’t drink coffee? Most certainly do. And what young adult or graduate doesn’t drink coffee? Again, most do. This is why a coffee mug is an ideal gift for any Dad or graduate. It’s also very inexpensive, so it’s perfect for that graduate who you know but aren’t immediate family, so an extravagant gift would not be appropriate. 

With a coffee mug, you can have it personalized with their name and even a company logo. Or choose to have a treasured photo printed on the side. Another option here is to give them a personalized travel mug. This is simply a type of mug which closes so nothing can spill from it. It is also shaped so it will fit in your vehicle’s drink holder in the dashboard or in the center console. A travel mug can also be engraved with their name on the side.

Personalized Cufflinks

Personalized Cufflinks for dads

Cufflinks are ideal gifts for Dads, but also for male graduates entering the corporate world. Every graduate who will be wearing a business suit will be able to make use of a set of cufflinks. You also need not worry about getting them a duplicate gift, as most people have multiple sets of cufflinks. 

You also don’t need to worry about sizing with this type of gift. Personalized Cufflinks will typically be engraved with their initials, as that’s typically all there is room for, but they make for a very impressive presentation, depending on the style you choose.

Personalized Business Card Holder

Personalized Business Card Holder

A business card holder is an ideal gift for any graduate, but working Dads can certainly make use of it too. A  personalized business card holder can hold his business cards and keep them safe in his pocket or briefcase. A business card holder is typically the size or a pack of cigarettes, so there is plenty of room for engraving of their initials or name. Since it’s the size of cigarettes, a business card holder can also double as a cigarette case.

Personalized Flask

Personalized Flask

Mainly for Dads, a personalized flask is a fun little device which is essentially a container for liquid, usually hard liquor. It is meant to carry around liquid in your pocket, so it is flat shaped. Some flasks come in sets, which include a case or cover plus some little shot glasses for sharing a drink with others. 

There are many different styles of flasks, even more feminine pink ones appropriate for women. For any Dad or graduate that enjoys drinking, a flask is a gift you should consider. Flasks have plenty of room on the side for engraving of their name or initials too.

Personalized Lighter

Typically, a lighter is a gift reserved for smokers, but lighters can be useful for other purposes as well, such as starting a fire, whether in a fireplace or for an emergency. A  personalized lighter can be a handy tool to have, and many people collect lighters, especially ones from the famous Zippo brand. 

Luckily, this brand of lighter lends itself to personalization quite well, with plenty of space on the side for engraving of initials or a name. A personalized lighter makes for a very impressive gift, as it looks very fancy, yet will not break the bank depending on the particular style you choose.

Personalized Watch

Personalized Watch

Watches are always great gifts for Dads on Father’s Day. A personalized watch is also a traditional gift for male graduates as well. So, it makes sense that a personalized watch would be both an appropriate and popular gift for your Dad or graduate. There are many styles to choose from with watches. Choose a typical  wrist watch but in a different style, a wooden style.

This is great for the eco-conscious Dad or graduate in your life, as the wood is biodegradable, unlike plastic watches. A wooden watch can be personalized with wording on the back. Another very different style of watch to consider as a gift is a personalized pocket watch. Yes, this style of watch is making a comeback, and can be a wonderful gift for any Dad, but also for any male graduate. It gives off a very retro style and flair that gets attention, yet is still useful as a timepiece. Lots of room to engrave names and wishes on a personalized pocket watch.

Final Words: 

If you want to make father's day memorable for your dad or choose something special for any occasion, you have many ideas to choose from the above list. Pick the one which suits your dad and make the day unique for him. We are so grateful for dads and all they do!

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