9 Personalized Stocking Stuffers That Fit Any Budget

22nd Oct 2019

The holidays are coming up quickly, where did the time go? If you’re wondering what to get as stocking stuffers for your loved ones and friends this year, read on to learn about a wide variety of personalized gifts which fit right into any stocking but also will fit any budget. With a personalized stocking stuffer, you’ll impress just about anyone on your list.


A necklace is always a good choice for a Christmas present, but due to its size, it also makes a perfect stocking stuffer. A necklace can be placed in a small jewelry box which will fit snugly inside any size of stocking. Consider a name necklace, which is simply a chain with a pendant which has a horizontal or vertical bar with their name engraved. Some bar pendants even allow you to include symbols such as hearts, crowns and other symbols. 

There are also thousands of other styles of necklaces you can give for Christmas gifts, and if you choose a stainless-steel necklace, you’ll get a shiny yet fancy style of necklace and pendant but you’ll also save money. Or if you have a larger budget, then consider a necklace made of sterling silver. With so many choices in necklaces, you’ll find something to match the personality and style of anyone on your list, no matter their age, even the guys!

Personalized Bracelets


Here’s another versatile gift idea that is infinitely customizable yet can be appropriate for anyone on your list, bracelets. Bracelets come in so many styles and made of many different metals and materials, making choosing something within your budget incredibly easy. For example, choose a sterling silver cuff bracelet if you have a higher budget. Or for kids, choose a charm bracelet, silicone bracelet or textile bracelet. 

The great thing about bracelets is that they can be appropriate for any age, whether male or female. Bracelets also have room for customization, whether it’s engraving on a cuff bracelet or letter charms on a charm bracelet. Bracelets also fit perfectly inside of any stocking.

Compact Mirrors

For women on your list, consider a compact mirror. This is a gift that is very handy and nearly every woman uses and carries around in her purse or glove compartment. Compact mirrors can take quite a beating inside a purse, so women typically have to replace the cheap plastic versions often due to breaking or scratching. Get the girls and women on your list a compact mirror each, made of stainless steel and engraved with their first name. 

This is a handsome gift that fits perfectly in a stocking and is very affordable. There are several styles to choose from including classic round and oval versions, as well as more geometric and art deco styles and shapes. Go for a simple style, such as the classic smooth and round version with their name engraved, and you’ve taken care of the stocking stuffers for every girl and woman on your list.

Pill Boxes

For the adult women and seniors on your list, consider a personalized pill box. A pill box is so handy since it allows you to carry around pills in your purse or bag without needing to worry about them being damaged. Many versions even include handy separators which keep different pills together in the box. Whether they need to carry around critical prescription medications or just plain aspirin, anyone can use a pill box. 

Pill boxes are also small and inexpensive to give yet since they can be personalized with their name, they make for an impressive gift at a low price.

Pens & Pencils

While the art of letter writing may be lost for recent generations, people still need to use pens and pencils no matter their age. This is what makes a personalized pen or pencil or a personalized pen and pencil set such as a great gift. 

There’s many types of pens and pencils available, whether fancier business style pens made of stainless steel or wood or less expensive plastic or metal pens which have rubber grips, you can rest assured you are giving them a gift they will find useful no matter their age. Don’t forget that pens can be personalized with their name or some other wording on the side. Depending on how fancy of a pen you choose, they can fit any budget and certainly fit inside any size of stocking.

Personalized Keychains

Another handy gift is a keychain. Keychains come in a wide range of styles and can be an appropriate gift for someone of any age. Keychains can be engraved with their name or even a logo. There are also photo keychains which have pendant which can be printed with a treasured photo.

Money Clips

Money clips are another small and handy gift which makes a great stocking stuffer. A money clip is simply a clip which is made to keep paper currency tightly together in your pocket or purse. Usually used by men who carry a lot of cash for work, a money clip can be a great gift for men and women of any age. Have it personalized with their first name, last name or a fancy initial to set it off perfectly.


Cufflinks are a gift mainly for men, especially ones who wear suits and dress shirts often. Cufflinks can be a great stocking stuffer idea since they are so small. Yet there’s such a wide variety of styles available, that they can also fit any budget. For all the men on your gift list, consider getting them some classic square shaped cufflinks engraved with their initials.

Phone Cases

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. So, it stands to reason that everyone can use a new phone case. For their stockings, consider a personalized phone case printed with a meaningful picture. Just make sure to get them the right phone case for their particular make and model of phone. Everyone can always make use of a new phone case.

Concluding remarks:

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