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The 9 Best Personalized Engraved Gifts for Men Ever!

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Men

When Christmas time comes around, we all have a man on our gift list that is difficult to buy for. You might spend a lot of time ruminating on what to buy him. The good news is that there is a certain type of gift that can satisfy just about any man. I’m talking about the personalized gift. With a personalized gift, you can customize your gift in a permanent way, usually with engraving or printing on the gift. This turns what was an ordinary gift into something special and unique that they certainly won’t receive from any other person. Here are some ideas for personalized Christmas gifts for the men in your life.

Engraved Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a tried and true gift that has been popular to give men for many decades. If the man wears suits a lot, then cufflinks are the perfect gift for him. Cufflinks are a great way to make his suit more classy and sophisticated. Yet, cufflinks can also be viewed as a boring and predictable gift. 

This is where personalization comes in. You can buy cufflinks that are engraved with his initials in fancy lettering. Or choose to have them engraved with some other words or phrases that mean something to him. You can also choose to have something like a quote or poem engraved into the cufflinks. 

Even better, choose a cufflinks and tie bar set. Then both the cufflinks and tie bar can be engraved with his initials or your special message. By choosing to have custom engraving on the cufflinks, you are making them into a gift that is as unique as the recipient.

Engraved Money Clip

Perhaps less common or popular than cufflinks is a money clip. Yet a money clip is immensely useful, especially if your man tends to need to handle cash quite often. With a personalized money clip, you can have his initials or full name engraved so that his money clip is as stylish and unique as he is.

Personalized Flask

A flask is an interesting idea for a gift. A flask is most often used to carry around some type of liquid, usually a liquor of some sort. A flask is carried inside a jacket or suit pocket. Flasks are commonly used by golfers, as they tend to get thirsty on the course. 

You can buy a classy looking flask or even flask set complete with portable cup and case. You can have the smooth outside of the flask customized with his initials so everyone at the course will know whose flask it is.

Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a gift that is currently trending upwards. Many men are ditching the traditional wrist watch, opting for something more old school and sophisticated. If your man wears a suit with a vest, this is an especially nice gift option. 

There are many ways to wear a pocket watch. He can hook the watch chain to the vest and place it in the vest pocket like men used to do in the early 20th century. You can have the watch engraved with a message, quote or even a message from you, like “To Bob from Melissa - Christmas 2014”.

Personalized Lighter

A lighter makes a great gift for any man, but especially for a smoker. Every smoker needs a good lighter and getting them a nice one to use, instead of those cheap plastic disposables will certainly be appreciated. You can have the lighter engraved with a special message or quote from you or just some meaningful phrases or wording. 

There are also lighters available that are branded with professional sports team logos, such as popular NFL football teams. If your man is a smoker who loves a certain football team, then you’ve hit the gift jackpot. This gift combines both and can also be engraved.

Pocket Knife

Every man needs a pocket knife. Many men carry around a small knife in their pants pocket. It always comes in handy multiple times a day, whether for cutting boxes, opening packages or cutting string. Most pocket knives are not that attractive to look at though. 

You can impress your man with a beautifully made knife that is engraved with his name or initials. He’ll think of you each time he uses his knife for something.

Personalized Pen

A nice pen is a handy item to have around, especially for any businessman. A great gift idea for any man would be a personalized pen set. This makes a slick and classy gift for any student, businessman or entrepreneur. We all know that a good pen will always come in handy. Have it engraved with their business name and their name or just their name or initials. Then each time they write something, they’ll remember you.

Engraved Keychain

A keychain is a useful and inexpensive gift if you’re taking part in a secret Santa gift exchange or need a gift for a man who isn’t that close to you, like a neighbor, boss, teacher or acquaintance. There are many styles of keychains available and they can all be engraved with their initials or name. 

There are even some keychains that have extra uses like a light or have a multi-tool built in. A keychain is a boring gift, but add personalization and you have a unique and thoughtful gift that says you care.

Unique Bracelet

A bracelet is a great gift idea if you want to give your man some jewelry. With a bracelet, you don’t have to worry as much about picking the right size. You can be assured that most bracelets will fit most men. With bracelets, you have a gift that can be customized with more wording than some other personalized gifts. There is often more space where you can put several lines of text. Or just go simple and have their name or initials engraved.

Wrapping Up: 

No matter the type of personalized gift you choose to give your man, you know that it’s going to be one of a kind, which will surely make your gift stand above the rest.

15th Mar 2015

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