Personalized Gift Ideas for Men's Birthdays

24th Aug 2016

Worried about what to get for your man on his next birthday? Wondering what you’ll get your Dad on his next milestone birthday? Or perhaps you’re worried about what you’ll get your boyfriend, brother, brother-in-law or son for his birthday coming up. No need to worry, I have the perfect gift idea for any man’s birthday. Personalized gifts make great gifts for men, as they always convey the feeling that you created something special just for them. Here are some ideas for great personalized gifts for men, ideal to give on any birthday.

Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a wonderful gift idea for any man’s birthday. It makes for a handsome presentation and a unique, old fashioned way to tell the time. Men love to receive pocket watches, especially on milestone birthdays, such as a 25 th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 65 th or 75th birthday. A pocket watch has plenty of room for personalization as well, with room on both the outside and inside of the watch. You can engrave initials or his name on the outside, and save a more personal message, favorite quote or other wording for the inside. Each time he opens up the watch to tell the time, he’ll be reminded of you.

Golf Gifts

For the golf fanatic or enthusiast in your life, what better gift for his birthday than a golf related gift? You can choose to give a golf themed gift like a piece of jewelry or a keychain. Each can be specially engraved with his initials. You can also opt for golf balls or golf accessories which have his name or initials printed on them.

Wine Gifts

Wine makes a great gift for men or couples on just about any occasion. Though I bet you didn’t know you can personalize a wine gift. Yes, you can. In fact, you can have a box of wine accessories engraved with his name or initials. You may also opt for wine glasses engraved with his initials or first name.


Jewelry can be a tough gift to give most men, but a bracelet is often considered jewelry that can easily be more masculine. After all, with a bracelet, you have lots of room to personalize it, and you also don’t need to worry about getting the right size, as they are generally one size fits all. You can choose something more affordable like a stainless steel link or chain bracelet, leather bracelet or silicone bracelet with his name engraved or get something a little more fancy and extravagant like a sterling silver or rose gold bracelet. With a bracelet, there’s a style and material that is perfectly appropriate no matter how picky your man may be.


Here’s a unique gift that is making a real comeback. A flask is simply a container for liquid that is specially shaped so that it fits in a suit or jacket pocket easily. These handy accessories are often used to carry around a bit of liquid refreshment, most often a type of strong liquor like bourbon or scotch. Nowadays, you can give your man a handsome flask that is personalized just for him. A flask features plenty of room on the side for his name or initials. Some flasks also include accessories such as a top or lid that features an integrated shot glass or even a set of shot glasses to make it easier to share a drink with companions.

Engraved Shot Glasses

A set of personalized shot glasses is a great gift for the man who has a home bar or simply enjoys drinking spirits at home. Shot glasses are also a popular collectible item among men. If your man collects shot glasses, then a single shot glass with his name or initials engraved on the side makes a terrific gift. He may use the glass or might just opt to display it on his home bar, either way he’s sure to think it’s pretty special.


Here’s a classic gift idea that is ideal for many men. Cufflinks are a necessary accessory if a man has a nice suit that he wears for work or even just for special events or occasions. Every man should have a nice set of cufflinks. Even better, get him a set of cufflinks that is specially engraved just for him that features his initials. Cufflinks come in many styles and themes, including simple but elegant smooth sterling silver cufflinks all the way up to cufflinks with gold embellishments. Most cufflinks sets will also come in a nice box which makes for a wonderful presentation of your gift.

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug might seem like an ordinary gift at first glance, but it can also be a special gift if you take the time to personalize it just for him. A coffee mug is a perfect gift for any man who enjoys his coffee every morning, and this is many millions of men the world over. A coffee mug can be emblazoned with his name, initials, his company or business logo, special wording or even a photo. Whenever your man picks up his mug of coffee, whether at home or at work, he’ll remember you. Another gift option for the daily coffee drinker is a travel mug. This is a perfect gift for a daily commuter who likes to take his coffee with him. Have his special travel mug engraved with his name or initials on the side, and he won’t have to worry about getting his travel mug mixed up with someone else’s at work.

USB Memory Stick

For the man who works on his computer a lot, a handy gift would be a way to back up all his files and transport them between home and work. A USB memory stick fits the bill for this. Get him a handy memory stick which fits on his keychain and includes his initials or name engraved on it.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a handy accessory that many men carry around in their pocket or keep in their vehicles. Get him a handsome, embellished pocket knife which features his first name or initials.

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