Personalized Father's Day Gift Ideas

15th May 2015

Father’s Day is that special day of the year when we can show our Dads just how much we love them. When we’re children, getting Dad a Father’s Day gift is easy. It’s usually something we created in school on a craft day, like a card or drawing, but when we become adults, gifts aren't as easy to think of. As adults, we have more money to spend and we can shop anywhere we want, yet it can still be quite difficult to buy for many Fathers. They can be quite picky, or you might think they already have everything. However, I’m going to give you some gift ideas which your Dad will not only love, but will certainly be one of a kind, something he’s never received before. That’s because, these gifts are personalized with his name or a message from you, and so they literally can’t be duplicated.

Pocket Knife

My first suggestion will be a pocket knife. A pocket knife is a handy tool that many men, and many women, carry around with them in their pockets. A pocket knife can be used for cutting string or rope, opening packages, for breaking seals, for cutting fruit or food, for camping, carving, whittling or in an emergency. For people who carry a pocket knife, there are few days when you don’t find a reason to put it to use. With a personalized pocket knife, you can give Dad an immensely useful gift that he can use for many years to come. The best personalization for a pocket knife would be to have it engraved with his name.

Pocket Watch

Pocket watches are coming back into vogue. They give a man an air of class and refinement, with a touch of the old fashioned. Pocket watches are quite useful, especially for men who don’t like to wear watches or who wear suits. Have the pocket watch personalized with his initials, his name or a special message from you either on the outside of the watch or on the inside when it is opened.


A bracelet might seem like an odd choice for your Dad, but it really isn't.  A braceletis a piece of jewelry that is actually quite unisex. You can get your Dad a more manly style bracelet, such as in dark colors, leather, silicone or a chrome color. In addition, you can have the bracelet engraved with his name, initials or a meaningful message. Each time he wears the bracelet, he’ll be thinking of you.


If your Dad wears suits, he would certainly appreciate receiving a pair of personalized cufflinks.  Cufflinks are used to hold the bottom of the sleeve together above the hand for many dress shirts. Get Dad a pair of cufflinks which are embellished with fancy engraving of his initials. His co-workers would certainly be impressed.

Money Clip

Many men use money clips to keep money in their pocket tidy. A  money clips is especially useful for men who carry around a lot of cash or for men who don’t like to carry around an overstuffed wallet. A money clip can be personalized with engraved initials or his name.


For Dads who smoke cigars or cigarettes, even if they only do so occasionally or socially, a lighter makes a great gift. Not only can a lighter be used for smoking, but it can also be useful when camping. Nowadays, the top name in lighters is Zippo. They make super high quality lighters that can last a lifetime.  Many Zippo lighters can also be engraved with your Dad’s name or initials. There are also many designs available, from sports themed lighters to lighters featuring skulls or dragons.


A personalized pen makes a great Father’s Day gift, especially for men who run a business or work in the corporate world. Pens are available in many styles, including wood, brass, pewter and many colors. A pen can be engraved with his full name, first name or even a corporate logo with his name underneath.


Another gift idea for Father’s Day is a keychain. Now, pretty much any man who drives could make use of a keychain. Have it engraved with your Dad’s name or his initials.  Keychains are available in many styles too. You can even choose a keychain which includes a multi-tool, flask, bottle opener, tape measure, flashlight or a mirror.


For Dad’s who enjoy drinking or have a home bar, a nice gift idea would be a shot glass or beer mug. Not just any shot glass or beer mug will do though, make sure it is personalized with etching or engraving of your Dad’s name, initials or have it engraved with a simple message like “Happy Father’s Day” with the date or year.


A flask is a trendy gift but also a handy one. A  flask is typically used to carry alcohol, but it can carry just about any liquid, including coffee or plain old water. Usually available in stainless steel with exterior embellishment, you can have them engraved with his name or initials.


Another gift for a smoking Dad is a humidor. A humidor is a container specifically made for keeping cigars dry and fresh. Personalized humidors are available which would make an excellent Father’s Day gift for the Dad who smokes cigars. The outside of the humidor can be printed with his name. In addition to a humidor, you might also get him a cigar accessory to go with it, like a cigar cutter or holder.

Travel Mug

For the Dad who is faced with a morning commute, a travel mug can be a handy item. A travel mug lets Dad take hot coffee or tea with him in his car. Since a travel mug is insulated, the liquid stays hot for the entire commute. A travel mug is also great for safety, as he won’t need to worry about spilling hot coffee all over himself while driving. A travel mug can be personalized with his name or initials, making sure that everyone knows that the mug is for Dad’s use only.

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