​Personalized Birthday Gifts for Every Woman

29th Jun 2020

When it comes to choosing birthday gifts for women, there are many choices. Yet, it’s always difficult to make the right decision. What can I get her that will be special and unique, rather than a more typical gift that you can get at any store? There is a solution to the dilemma, that is, personalized gifts. 

A personalized gift is simply a more typical gift, like jewelry or home accessories that have been personalized with some type of engraving, etching, printing or other customization. With a personalized gift, you can customize it to the person, whether having her initials or name engraved or giving something for the home that includes her favorite poem, quote or scripture. 

This means you went above and beyond just giving a typical gift for her birthday, and it will almost certainly be appreciated more. Read on to find out some stellar ideas for personalized birthday gifts you can give to any women.


Bracelets are a classic gift for women, for any occasion, and are also great for birthday gifts. It’s always nice when you don’t have to worry about proper sizing too. You have many options when it comes to bracelets, and many can be personalized with her name. For younger women, consider a bracelet made of textile or silicone, or even a charm bracelet. 

Each can be engraved on the side. For adult and older women, there are many options, including bangle, Cuban link, figaro, cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, leather bracelets and more dainty options like heart charm bracelets and braided bracelets. Each bracelet option includes an area for engraving her name.


Necklaces are a great gift for women for just about any occasion, but especially for a birthday. There are so many options too. You also need not worry about getting the perfect size, as they are typically one size fits all. Consider a name necklace. These cute necklaces include a pendant which is either in the form of her name or has her name engraved on a bar or pendant. 

Name necklaces are an ideal gift for any age as well, and when made of stainless steel or sterling silver, can be a gift that sets off her outfits for many years to come. Another option is a locket pendant. A locket is simply a pendant which is flat and hangs against her chest. 

It has hinges on the sides, which allows it to open to reveal a small picture. This is a cute and even symbolic gift that might be best for older women, moms and grandmothers. Ideally, you should place a picture of a loved one, it can even be a picture of you, inside the locket before giving it. Engraving should also be added on the inside.

Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry box is always a favorite gift for women, for any occasion. A jewelry box is such a handy item. It keeps her jewelry safe, yet also adds an elegant accessory to her dresser that adds to her home décor. A jewelry box also helps keep her jewelry in good shape, allowing the jewelry to sit in its own place inside the box, rather than rubbing against other jewelry, which can cause damage and scratches. 

There are many choices in jewelry boxes you can give her. Why not consider the classic round or oval jewelry box made of beautiful, shiny and durable stainless steel? This is an elegant option and also allows for engraving on the inside our outside of the box. 

Why not leave the outside nice and smooth, and have birthday wishes and the date engraved on the inside? There’s also the classic heart shaped jewelry box. This favorite gift for Valentine’s Day also makes a wonderful gift for a birthday too. There are other options for jewelry boxes as well. 

Like square and rectangle options, as well as musical jewelry boxes. Each of these can be engraved on either the inside, outside or even both. Don’t forget to put a piece of jewelry into the box before wrapping to make it an extra special gift.

Picture Frames

Everyone has hundreds or even thousands of digital photos on their phone, tablet and computer. What do you do with them? Most people just keep them on their devices or leave them in the cloud to share on social media or send to family and friends. It might seem like a pastime now to have pictures in a picture frame, but this is something most people want and intend to do with their most treasured pictures.

So, it makes sense that a picture frame is a great birthday gift for any woman. Don’t just get her a plain picture frame though, make it a personalized picture frame. There are many options when it comes to this, where you can have the actual frame engraved or carved with some wording. 

It can be as simple as “Happy Birthday Jane” or it can be more extravagant with more embellishments and wording. Regardless, a personalized picture frame makes a great gift for any birthday, not just women. Just don’t forget to include a favorite picture in the frame before wrapping it up. They can always switch out the picture for something else later if they prefer.

Compact Mirrors

Every woman has a compact mirror in her purse. It’s a critical accessory for anyone who wears makeup. You can simply whip out the compact mirror to check your face anytime you need. Such a handy accessory tends to be used often, therefore they can break easily and show signs of age from being tossed around in a purse for years on end. 

This is why a compact mirror can be a perfect birthday gift. You can choose a beautiful, shiny new compact mirror in durable stainless steel and have it engraved with her initials or first name. Her new compact mirror should last many years and be an elegant addition to her accessories, what a perfect birthday gift!

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