Personal and Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

12th May 2018

With Father’s Day coming soon, it’s time to think about what you will get that special Dad in your life. Instead of the typical gift of a tie, why not pick out something unique and special, customized just for him? These are typically found in the niche called personalized gifts. Personalized gifts simply mean any gift that has been engraved, printed, carved or embellished in some way. A personalized gift might feature his name, initials or some other special wording like his favorite catchphrase, poem or scripture. Here are some great ideas for personalized and completely unique gifts for Dad on Father’s Day.

Personalized Pocket Knife

Any Dad could use a pocket knife. It’s a handy item that many men carry around in their pockets or keep in their glove compartments. It can be immensely useful for cutting things in many situations. Why not replace that old and worn out pocket knife that he’s been carrying around with a nice new one, that features his name engraved on the side? This would be a perfect gift and there are many designs and sizes, from wood handled to stainless steel handled designs. Also, in the same niche, you could choose a personalized multi-tool. A multi-tool is very similar to a pocket knife but features more tools like screwdrivers, rulers, files, bottle openers, scissors or even a mini saw. As you can imagine this would make a handy gift that could be tremendously useful to your Dad in many ways. Imagine how much more special it would be with his name engraved on the side?

Personalized Coffee Mug

For any Dad who enjoys his morning cup of joe, consider getting him a personalized coffee mug. Instead of a plain coffee mug or a mug with a silly or corporate design, choose something personalized with his name on the side. Or is your Dad a commuter? Consider getting him a beautiful new travel mug engraved with his first name on the side. Or if Dad has his own business, you might get him a coffee mug or travel mug with his business logo and his name on the side.

Personalized Lighter

Any Dad who smokes will have a favorite lighter that he carries around. That, or he carries around those cheap plastic disposable lighters which aren’t good for the environment. Upgrade Dad with a beautiful new Zippo brand lighter that will last a lifetime. Upgrade the gift even more by having it engraved with his name.

Personalized Watch

A watch is a pretty standard gift for Father’s Day. Your Dad may have a few already. However, they probably aren’t personalized. Get him a snazzy new watch that features personalization. There are many styles to choose from that can be personalized in some way, sometimes on the face, but more often on the band or on the back of the watch itself. You can get him a regular watch, or choose something different, like a pocket watch. These retro style watches have been making a comeback in recent years. Typically, you see them used in movies or TV shows from the early 20 th century and 19th century. However, they remain a handy and beautiful way for men to tell time. A pocket watch is great for any man who doesn’t like to wear watches or is in a job where wearing a watch might be prohibited. The pocket watch stays in his pocket, lessening the chance it will be damaged while he’s working. A pocket watch also comes with a chain that attaches to your belt or pocket, making it difficult to lose or be stolen.

Personalized Flask

Here’s a great gift for that Dad who enjoys having a drink or two now and then. A flask is another retro or old-fashioned style of gift, but that also makes it quite unique and special to give as a gift. A flask is simply an accessory designed to hold fluid. It is usually metal so that it can hold harsh liquids, especially alcohol. In fact, a flask is most often used to carry hard liquors like bourbon, scotch or tequila. Some flask sets even include a cap which can be used as a cup. Some flask sets even include a set of cups so you can drink with friends, and it may come in a case. A flask is typically personalized on the side with plenty of room for a nice large first name on the side.

Personalized Photo Gifts

Photo gifts are always unique gifts. There are so many items and accessories which you can have a photo printed on, it’s almost dizzying thinking about it. About 20 to 30 years ago, there were already instant print shops in malls and thrift stores. They would take your picture and transfer it onto an item, usually a t-shirt or wall hanging. These printers usually result in pixelated pictures, though you could still make out what the picture was. Nowadays, there are super high-resolution printers designed to print your photos onto the side of many items like coffee mugs, phone cases, jewelry, pillowcases, blankets and many other items, but in high resolution.

Personalized Jewelry for Dads

While you might not typically consider jewelry to be an appropriate gift for Father’s Day, the truth is there are many different types of jewelry that are perfect to give Dads for any occasion. Consider a manly bracelet in black and engraved with his name. Or consider a dog tag necklace engraved with a special message from you and his name. Or go for cufflinks. Cufflinks are a more typical Father’s Day gift. However, you probably haven’t given him the gift of cufflinks that have been engraved just for him. There are many different styles of cufflinks available to suit your Dad’s personality. You can have his initials engraved in a classy font on cufflinks that are stainless steel, sterling silver or even gold color. Cufflinks also make for a great presentation as they will usually come in a nice box.

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