6 inexpensive Gifts for Senior Citizens: Show Them You Care

6 inexpensive Gifts for Senior Citizens: Show Them You Care

24th Aug 2020

Senior citizens, whether its your Grandma, Grandpa or another relative, friend or acquaintance can be notoriously tough to buy gifts for. What do you do when you need a gift for someone who has so much experience in life and probably has everything they want? There is a niche of gifts that is perfect for seniors though, personalized gifts! Here are some ideas that will please any senior citizen on your gift list.

Personalized Lockets

Personalized Lockets for senior citizens

Mainly a gift for Grandma or Mom, lockets are a great gift that is focused on remembrance. Lockets are simply a necklace with a pendant. The pendant is different than other necklaces however, since it is made in a flat format which features hinges on the side. The hinges open to reveal a picture or sometimes even a lock of hair. 

A locket can be engraved on the outside, inside or both, depending on the style you purchase. The shape of a locket can also vary, such as heart shaped, rectangle like a book, square, circle or the most typical shape, an oval. When giving this gift, make sure to place a treasured picture inside of the locket before giving it. 

It can always be changed out later, but keep in mind that older hands may not be as dexterous as younger hands to be able to place a small picture inside of a tiny frame. This gift is great for a Grandmother who has lost someone in her life and would like to remember them, but can also be a picture of you, a child or another family member which would mean something to them.

Personalized Watches

Personalized watches for senior citizens

Watches are still a popular and handy gift for the older generation, who might shun technology like smartphones and smartwatches. A watch is always a nice gift for men, but older women like to wear watches as well. 

For seniors, consider choosing a watch that has hands that are easy to read, such as with larger, more readable numbers or larger hands. This can help them tell the time faster and easier. 

Also handy would be glow in the dark hands or numbers. Watches are great gifts since they can be personalized, sometimes on the face, but most often on the back of the watch. There should be ample room for a dedication, greeting or wishes according to the occasion. You also have many choices when it comes to the style of watch available. 

Nowadays, wooden watches have become popular. Wooden watches are eco-friendly and sustainable choices for that eco-warrior senior in your life. Or choose something more classic like a chrome or stainless-steel wristwatch. There’s also many options in personalized pocket watches. 

A pocket watch is a fun gift for a senior male. It’s retro and old fashioned, and may bring back some fun memories of yesteryear. Pocket watches also have plenty of room for engraving on the inside and/or outside, making it extra special.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewlery box for senior citizens

A jewelry box is always a nice gift for Grandma, but think about one for Grandpa too. He surely has rings, watches and cufflinks he can store in the jewelry box. For Grandpa, just make sure to give him something with a more masculine style like a square or rectangle box with some Roman, Greek or geometric patterns. 

For Grandma, a heart shaped jewelry box is always a nice choice. As with any jewelry box, you can have it engraved on the outside and/or inside of the box. Don’t forget to fill the box with at least one item before wrapping. No one want to open an empty box of course!

Personalized Picture Gifts

Personalized pictures gifts for senior citizens

Seniors always like to have lots of pictures around them, usually of family, friends and treasured memories. So, it’s certainly a nice idea to give a picture related gift and there’s a plethora of options in this area. 

First, for the coffee drinker, how about a coffee mug printed with a favorite picture? Or how about a keychain with a laser printed picture of someone they love? There are also personalized picture frames which can be engraved, carved or etched with wording and festive designs of your choosing. 

That’s not all, there’s lots of jewelry available that can be printed with a picture, like dog tag pendants, heart shaped charm pendants, even bracelets charms.

Medical ID Jewelry

Medical id jewlery gifts for senior citizens

Here’s a different niche of gifts that you might not have thought of, but is certainly ideal for any senior citizen in your life, medical ID jewelry. This is simply jewelry that is meant to be worn as either a necklace or a bracelet which is engraved to provide critical medical information. 

Information like blood type, conditions, medications and much more, all of which can help speed their diagnosis or treatment in the event of a medical emergency. There are many styles available, including more feminine and masculine styles, so you’re certain to find one that will fit their personality, but might also save their life one day!

Personalized Drinkware

Personalized drinkware gifts for senior citizens

Many seniors love to drink, whether its coffee, tea, wine, beer or hard liquor. There’s a wide range of drinkware and drink related accessories available that can all be personalized with their name. For the coffee drinker, consider a travel mug with their name printed on the side. For the hard drinker, consider a beer stein or even shot glasses. 

For the wine lover, consider a personalized set of wine glasses or wine tools. Coasters are also an option and can be used for any type of drink of course. They can be printed with their name. Another option is a flask. Flasks are great gifts for seniors. A flask is simply a container which is flat in shape, making it easy to carry around in your purse or pocket. A flask is mainly meant for carrying around hard liquor. This is a gift you can give to men or women, as they make cases in pink as well. 

Some flasks even come with tiny shot glasses so they can pour a drink and share it with friends. Flasks come in a wide array of styles and shapes and all can be engraved on the side or on the case with their name.

Concluding Remarks:

We can't deny seniors' contribution to the family. So it's our time to make them feel better in their old age. If we give them gifts on different occasions, they will feel attached. So choose any inexpensive gifts for senior citizens from the above list and make them happy now.

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