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A Complete Guide to Determine How to Figure Out Men's Ring Size Accurately

A Complete Guide to Determine How to Figure Out Men's Ring Size Accurately

Who doesn't like to wear a nice ring? It is not only restricted to women. Many males are also fond of attractive rings. However, many people find it challenging to identify how to figure out men's ring size. In this article, let us find out the answer for the same. There are multiple ways to figure it out, and let us look at them here.

Method 01 - Use a conversion table

Find the ring size table on the internet.

On the internet, many websites provide ring-size conversion charts. They convert the inches and centimeters into ring sizes. You can bookmark that page or take a printout so that you can refer to it easily. You can also visit the nearest jewelry shop and ask for the conversion table.

These conversion tables come with columns and rows of measurements next to the ring sizes. Using this, you can convert the diameter of a finger to a standard size. You can find these tables on jewelry websites and other sites.

Cut a strip of paper.

Find a paper that is sturdy enough and easy to wrap around your finger. The paper we use for the printer will do the job perfectly. Estimate how long it is enough to wrap around your finger and cut the piece. It can be a little longer than required, so you need not worry about the exact size of the paper.

Wrap the paper around your finger

Now wrap that piece of paper on the finger you want to wear a ring. Don't just measure the size where your ring sits. You need to move the paper to the knuckle and make sure it can move quickly in both directions of the knuckle. It is necessary to make sure you can easily insert and take off the ring.

Draw a line and mark it on the paper

Draw a line and mark it on the paper

Now take a pen and mark the spot where two sides of the paper meet. You need to make the mark on the top side of the paper. The drawing should be accurate, and a little miss here will result in incorrect ring size. You can take assistance from your friend or partner if you face difficulty in marking.

Use the ruler to measure

To get higher accuracy, you need to take a ruler and measure the centimeters of your markings. Make sure you measure the centimeters, not the inches, to gain greater accuracy. This is the measurement you need to check in the conversion table.

Refer to the conversion chart to know your finger size

Now it is time to refer to the conversion table we mentioned in the earlier step. Go to the conversion chart and find the dimensions on the left side of your chart. Then look for the centimeters to ring size to know your ring size. Some websites provide international sizes, so make sure you choose the table that applies to your locality.

Measure again and ensure it is accurate

To make sure you measured it correctly, take the new piece of paper and repeat the steps we followed till now. It will help to identify if you made any mistakes the first time. If you get a different size on the second attempt, you need to re-do the process to ensure the correct measurement.

Method 02 - Using the ring size chart

Print the ring size chart

This type of chart comes with different-sized circles on a sheet of paper. On every circle, you can see the ring size. You can visit the online jewelers and print these sheets. But while taking the prints, you must follow the instructions provided by the chart provider regarding the paper sizing. If you spring in the different sized paper, you again need to wonder how to figure out men's ring size.

Place the finger over the circles

Place the finger over the circles

Now place your finger on different sized circles. If your ring fits inside a circle freely, that means that size is too big for you. So make sure you choose the circle that fits your ring precisely.

Stop when your finger fits into the circle.

If you find the circle that fits your ring exactly, stop keeping the ring on the other circles. Make sure the previous and next circles are not fitting exactly to ensure you are correct in identifying the right circle and size.

Read the size on the chart

Now read the number mentioned inside the circle. It is the size of your ring. You can purchase the ring size mentioned inside the circle you found here.

Method 03 - Visit the jewelry shop

Find the nearest jewelry store.

The best and most accurate method to find the men's ring is visiting the nearest jeweler. Most of them offer complimentary ring sizing services. They are equipped with the right tools to determine your ring size. You can search online visit your regular jeweler to ask friends and family about the nearest jeweler.

Ask them to measure your finger.

If you are looking for a free service, ask the jeweler and make sure it is free. They will ask you to put your finger inside various different-sized metal rings. The best size will be the one that slides on and off easily and fit snugly. The one that gives the comfortable feeling is the correct ring size.

Get your correct ring size.

After deciding the right ring that fits comfortably, ask the jeweler what that ring's size is. Jewelers don't expect everyone to buy the ring after measuring the size; hence, you can purchase from the same jeweler or online or in other stores.


After reading this post, now it feels how easy to determine the ring size of anyone, right? Now you have the answer for how to figure out men's ring size, and I think you would have selected your favorite ways to find out from the different methods provided above. Knowing these things is necessary before ordering a new ring or resizing the existing ones.

9th Mar 2022

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