Fun Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

21st Feb 2017

Birthdays come around every year, and for many people, it can be a challenge when you have to buy something for a person who doesn’t really need or want anything, or so they say. When you have a person whose birthday is coming up who fits in this category, you might be wondering what to get them that would make their birthday special. Consider a personalized birthday gift. These are gifts that are specifically customized for the recipient. It can be something specific printed on something, like a name, photo or other graphic, or it can be something with engraving, monogramming or other customization. Whatever the gift may be, the personalization of it means that you went that extra step to make sure their gift was one-of-a-kind, made especially for them. So if you’re looking for a gift for that special or hard to buy for person, then personalization is the way to go. Here are some unique and fun personalized birthday gift ideas for just about anyone of any age.


Personalized jewelry has long been a favorite gift idea to give on birthdays. There are so many options too, with a seemingly endless array of jewelry items in different materials and with different stones and areas that can be engraved. You can buy someone a beautiful bracelet with their name engraved in large letters. Or buy a bracelet with engraving on the inside, so you can include a personal message with your gift. Watches are also a gift that can be personalized with engraving. You can buy a watch that is engraved on the underside commemorating their special day. Or choose a personalized pocket watch, which features special engraving on the inside or outside or both.

Another type of jewelry that is massively popular and made for customization is a ring. Now, you may think a ring is too small to be personalized, but think about your wedding band. It’s unlikely that your rings are not personalized in some way, just look on the inside. The inside is where most engraving would take place. Jewelers are quite talented in working with small jewelry pieces and engraving a small ring is a piece of cake for them. You can have the entire inside of the ring engraved with some special wording. This might include a special birthday message like “To John on your 50th Birthday, Love Pam” or “Best Birthday Wishes to John on his 50th”. A personalized ring is a great gift to give between lovers or married couples on their birthdays.

Yet another type of popular birthday gift in the jewelry category is a personalized necklace. There are many ways a necklace can be personalized. You can find necklaces with pendants or lockets which can be engraved on the inside or outside with initials, names or other special wording. You’ll even find necklaces which have a pendant that is their name fashioned into cursive writing or their name engraved onto a bar. The most special type of necklace to give on someone’s birthday would be a locket necklace, which consists of a locket which can be opened to reveal a small photo and some engraving. Imagine giving your sister, friend, mother, grandmother, aunt or niece a beautiful locket with a treasured photo of you and them together, and then engraved with their name and the date of the birthday. What a cherished gift that would be!

Home Accessories

When it comes to home accessories, there are many items you can have personalized. Choose from blankets, throws, pillows, pillow cases, barware, towels, linens, coasters, wine accessories and just about anything else you might find in a home. Nowadays, you can have things like linens and textiles monogrammed with their initials or even embroidered with their name.


There are so many options now when it comes to personalized clothing. Personalized t-shirts have been around forever, but now you can buy just about any type of clothing with some personalization. Even underwear can be monogrammed. It isn’t just their name that can be personalized either, you can have clothing printed with a photo of just about anything. Imagine giving your loved one a beautiful t-shirt or other piece of clothing with a photo of their beloved pet or a cherished family photo.


For someone with a sweet tooth, there’s nothing they love getting as a gift more than candy. Whether it’s hard candies, gummy candies, chocolates, truffles, caramels or something else, you can get many types of sweets personalized. For example, you can have those popular candy coated chocolates M & M’s personalized with their name or some wording on them. While these little candies seem tiny, it’s pretty amazing to think that something personal can be printed on them, but yes, you can purchase this right now. What a fun birthday gift for someone who loves M & M’s candies. This is just one example of personalized candies. If you want to personalize a box of chocolates, you may need to special order from a chocolatier, or visit a store that specializes in chocolates. You can create a custom box of chocolates just for them by choosing the exact chocolates that go into the box. For example, the Sees Candies chocolate company allows you to visit their stores and create a custom box of chocolates. They will also wrap the box and you can create a personalized card to make it even more special.

For many other types of sweets though, your best bet at personalization will be to make something yourself. There are few things more special than receiving a gift that someone has made for you with their own two hands. Some great sweets you can make for your loved one for their birthday might include hard candies, chocolate truffles or even cookies or a cake.


What’s a birthday without balloons? Balloons are a mainstay for birthdays whether you’re young or old. Nowadays, you can have balloons specially printed with your loved one’s name, age or some other fun wording that might mean something to them.

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