​Father's Day Gift Ideas for Special Dads

28th Apr 2017

Father's Day Gift Ideas for Special Dads

With Father’s Day coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking about what to get Dad for Father’s Day. You might be wracking your brain for ideas of gifts you haven’t given him before and might be coming up empty. Dads are often so hard to buy gifts for. Many times, they already have everything they want. What can you possibly give them that would mean something and show Dad how much he really means to you? One possibility is a customized or personalized gift. This is a gift that can’t be duplicated, as when a gift is personalized, it becomes a one-of-a-kind gift. This is the type of gift you should consider for your special Dad, and here are a number of options to choose from:

Personalized Pocket Watches

A pocket watch is an old fashioned style of watch that’s been around for hundreds of years. When watches were invented, the inner workings could not be made small enough to fit around the wrist. So for hundreds of years, men were able to tell the time when out and about by carrying a pocket watch. The pocket watch would hang on a chain that is attached to their vest. You’ve probably seen them in movies about the Old West or earlier times. Pocket watches are available in many styles and materials. These days, a pocket watch can be relatively simple or be quite fancy with cutouts on the face to reveal the impressive inner workings of the watch. You can choose to spend as little as $20 on a simple personalized pocket watch with engraving on the outside. Or choose to spend hundreds on a designer pocket watch made from higher grade materials with more fancy embellishments. Regardless of what style you choose, Dad is surely to be impressed with a gift of a personalized pocket watch.

Personalized Flask Sets

For Dad’s who enjoy drinking, here’s a great gift idea for Father’s Day. Get him a personalized flask set. A flask is simply a container for liquids. It’s usually used to carry around hard liquors like scotch, bourbon or whisky. Traditionally, they were carried around by farmers or hunters so they can have a drink when they are out and about. This can be a great gift for a Dad who enjoys drinking or is an outdoorsman especially if he already has a plain flask. You can have his flask engraved with his name on the outside in nice big letters. When he drinks from it, he’ll think of you.

Personalized Zippo Lighter

For Dad’s who smoke cigars or cigarettes, a lighter can be a good gift. A Zippo lighter is the best and most famous brand of all the makers of lighters. Zippo lighters can be quite simple and plain or they can be quite fancy. There are even special licensed Zippo lighters for sports teams. Imagine your Dad’s face when he opens the gift of a Zippo lighter emblazoned with the logo of this favorite sports team and with his name also engraved. He’ll surely be impressed.

Personalized Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a typical Father’s Day gift, one that is reliable and useful, especially for men who go to work in a suit and tie every day. You can make cufflinks extra special by having them engraved. There’s a wide range of cufflinks available that can be engraved. They can be simple round or square with a smooth face which can be engraved with his initials. Or they can be a little fancier with embellishments and different colors of metal. Since most cufflink sets come in a nice case to keep them when they aren’t being used, the case makes for a nice gift presentation. Just wrap it in a bow, no need for wrapping paper.

Engraved Barware

For Dad’s who have a home bar or simply enjoy entertaining at home, some nice engraved barware would be a good gift. Barware that can be engraved includes beer mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, tumblers and pint glasses. These items can all be engraved with his first name, last name or something humorous like “John’s Olde Time Bar”. Pair this with a gift of a personalized sign which shows the name of his home bar for an extra special gift package.

Personalized Coffee Mugs and Travel Mugs

Just about every Dad drinks coffee and many are hooked on having coffee every day before and during work. For these coffee obsessed Dad’s you can give them a personalized coffee mug or engraved travel mug. When he’s at work, he won’t need to worry about losing his coffee or getting his mug confused with someone else’s now that he has a personalized one.

Personalized Pocket Knives

A pocket knife is a handy tool that most Dads’ carry around in their pants pockets. Get him a special one by having a new one engraved with his name. A personalized and engraved pocket knife that has been personalized with his name is sure to be treasured.

Personalized Money Clips

For Dads who deal with cash or carry around cash quite often due to their jobs, a terrific gift idea for Father’s Day would be a personalized money clip. A money clip is simply a clip that is used to keep paper currency flat, folded and neatly organized when in a pocket. Without a money clip, you’d have to roll bills up and fasten them in place with a rubber band. A money clips eliminates this problem and does so in a particularly stylish way. The money clip can be engraved with his name, whether first, last or his full name. Or you can even just choose “Dad” for the engraving.

Personalized Business Card Cases

For Dad’s who have a job that requires them to carry around business cards, then a handsome personalized business card case would be a great idea. These handy and slim cases provide ample room for plenty of engraving. Some business card cases even have the option of featuring your Father’s company or business name or logo.

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