A Detailed Guide on How to Clean Tungsten Rings and Make Them Last Longer

A Detailed Guide on How to Clean Tungsten Rings and Make Them Last Longer

6th Mar 2022

The tungsten rings are getting fame these days, and there is no surprise at all. First of all, the tungsten rings are attractive stylish and arrive in various designs and styles. Hence, these rings suit everyone irrespective of their style. Additionally, people can wear different tungsten rings daily to match their outfits. One of the main reasons for its popularity is affordability. These rings are less expensive compared to silver and gold rings. If you are also fond of these rings and looking at how to clean tungsten ring, you have landed in the right place.

How to clean your tungsten ring

Things you need

Before starting to clean your ring, gather the below things.

  • Toothbrush
  • Water
  • Mild soap
  • Cotton cloth
  • Cotton swabs

Step one

Pour a little hand wash soap or mild detergent into a water vessel and mix it properly. This is the simple yet most suitable solution to clean your tungsten ring since it doesn't contain any chemicals that harm the tungsten rings. The standard ring or other cleaning chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, or chlorine is most likely to damage your tungsten rings.

Step two

To create lather, swish the cotton cloth into your solution. Then take the wet cloth and wash the exterior parts of the tungsten ring. Ensure to put a little bit of elbow grease to remove the stubborn dirt.

Step three

Now take the cotton swab or toothbrush to reach the nooks and crannies of the ring. Even after this, if there is some stubborn dirt left on the ring, leave it to soak for approximately 15 minutes; it will make it easy to scrub and remove the dirt.

Step four

Now all the dirt should be taken out of the ring. Now inspect the ring and if you feel all the specks of dirt are removed, rinse the ring with warm water. Next, use a cotton cloth to dry it.

How to polish a tungsten ring

How to polish a tungsten ring

Sometimes you can see your favorite tungsten ring seems dull even after cleaning for a few years. So, in this situation, you can try to polish and restore the shininess of the tungsten ring. Hence, just knowing how to clean tungsten ring is not enough. You must know how to polish and provide the best shine.

Step one: Gather the tools

Before beginning the polishing, you must arrange the below things and prepare.

  • Safety eyewear protects your eyes against the paste that flies off the wheel.
  • The polishing compound you can get for about $5. Ideally, you should get a high-quality compound (0.5 microns). The polishing compound should be like the ones used to polish the loose diamonds in the final stages.
  • A pair of thick cotton or leather gloves to protect fingers from burning. This is important since the ring will get hot during the polishing.
  • One handheld rotary tool with arbor and a felt pad.
  • A polishing machine.

Step two: Apply some paste to your ring

A little paste is enough so, don't pour too much paste.

Step three: Polish

Keep the first half of the ring inside a small piece of paper towel. Then place it inside the machine and gently crimp, so it stays in place. However, don't try to lock too tight. Spread some paste onto the felt pad of the rotary machine and rub. Make sure it doesn't come off while you are working on it.

Now switch your rotary tool & rub it on your ring. Gently apply some pressure and go from one side to another. Polish your tungsten ring for approximately one minute or so. By this time, you can see the pad getting darker. That means the polishing machine is cutting off the dirty part to reveal the natural shine of your ring.

Witch off the rotary tool, apply a little more paste, and repeat the process. After this, remove your ring from the machine and do the same for the other side.

Tips to make jewelry last longer

Tips to make jewelry last longer

It is not a secret that many people love to possess jewelry. But out of which, very few people know how to maintain it, and make them remain in excellent condition for a more extended period. Naturally, all jewelry loses its shine. If you use the jewelry daily, they tend to get dull faster. Hence, if you want to know how to maintain your ring or other jewelry for a longer time, you need to follow the below five steps.

Get good-quality jewelry.

While buying, make sure to purchase good quality and durable jewelry. Many pieces of jewelry last more than a decade with daily usage. If you are using tungsten rings, they are very durable. You can purchase tungsten rings than gold or silver.

Use non-abrasive cleaner

The harsh chemicals should not be used on any of your jewelry. The abrasive cleaner will harm the ring significantly. It can damage the stones and other materials used to make the jewelry. Instead, use the soft cleaners specially made for cleaning the jewelry pieces.

Take off your jewelry before sleep.

This is the main reason every year countless pieces of jewelry get damaged. While sleeping, we are unaware of the body movements, which can damage the rings, necklaces, and other jewelry. Hence before sleeping, make sure to remove them and sleep.

Take your ring off while washing your hands.

The rings and bracelets are often affected by the soap and water regularly. The prolonged effect of these can damage your jewelry. Hence it is recommended to remove the rings and bracelets while washing your hands.

Store it properly

If you want your jewelry to last longer, you should store them properly. Many people throw them on a table or boxes. You should place your jewelry in containers designed to minimize air leaks. And the boxes should be kept in a cool and dark place.


I hope now you are free from the question of how to clean tungsten ring and make them last longer. So, stop worrying, follow the steps provided in this article, and proudly wear your tungsten rings. 

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